(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I recall the days and nights that Master was spreading the Fa and giving lectures in Changchun, Dalian, Harbin, and Yanji in 1994, I am always full of gratitude and tears come to my eyes. To celebrate Master's birthday and the anniversary of Master spreading the Fa for 15 years, I am writing down what I saw, heard, and felt during the days when Master taught five classes in these four cities from the end of April to early May 1999.

My oldest daughter and I attended the seventh class in Changchun from April 29 to May 8, 1994. More than 3000 people registered for the class, and the Mingfang Palace could not accommodate such a big group, although the facility was quite large. In order to teach the Fa to all the students, Master divided the class into two; one during the day and the other in the evening. It was hard work to teach twice in a day, but Master was very nice to all of us.

It was my first time to attend one of Master's classes. My first impression of Master was that he was warm, approachable, and understanding, a model for all cultivators. In this class, I saw divine beings from other dimensions sitting beside or behind Master listening to him teach. After the third day, I saw colorful wheels in front of my eyes and I felt very light as I walked and didn't feel tired at all. I can still see Master's merciful face and hear his voice teaching the Fa as if it were yesterday.

When teaching in the class, Master only had a small piece of paper in front of him with a few topics written on it, which I could see from a distance. Usually one session lasted for two to three hours and Master talked without pauses or hesitations. His teaching covered different disciplines but was easy to understand. All of the students felt comfortable, relaxed, and integrated into the peaceful energy field soaked in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, the highest law of the universe. From the teaching, students learned how to become good people and people above the ordinary level. I felt that my xinxing and state of mind were constantly improving. Just to recall this makes me feel very grateful and tremendously happy!

In the class, the idea of spreading the "Fa" in my hometown occurred to me, so I talked to Master and received a positive response and instructions on what to do. More and more people joined us in practicing Dafa and there were thousands of us.

Master was very accommodating to the students. On May 1, students arranged to have pictures taken as a memento of the class. Students divided into several groups for the pictures because there were so many of us. In my group, I was standing behind and to the left of Master and my oldest daughter was standing right beside Master. Then Master switched to the next group when their picture was being taken, and then group after group. I accompanied Master the whole time and felt sorry for him that he had to do all of that and worried that he might feel tired. However, Master smiled from beginning to end and tried to accomodate every student. The students were so touched that we all put our hands together in heshi for Master. The whole scene was illuminated by the Buddha light.

Before the class was over, Master filled in and sealed all of the certificates for the 7th Falun Dafa Class in Changchun, then passed them to us.

From July 1 to 8, 1994, my older sister, younger sister, niece, my oldest daughter, and I went to Dalian to attend Master's class. At the graduation ceremony on July 8, my daughter and niece dedicated a banner to Master that said, "Cultivate diligently with Master's guidance; Spread the Fa all over the world." On the stage during the ceremony, Master received many banners dedicated by the students and shook hands with them. I was moved to tears, and all the students put their hands together. On the train ride home, I fell asleep. Later, I suddenly woke up and saw a shining ball of light in front of my eyes which lasted for a long time. I was surprised and happy to see this and told my older sister. My sister said that Master was also on this train going back to Beijing, so what I had seen was caused by Master's supernatural abilities and energy. Master's mighty virtue and wonderfulness encourages me all the time.

August 5, 1994, was another happy day for my family. My spouse, older sister, older daughter-in-law, my grandson of my son, my oldest daughter, and my grandson of my daughter all attended Master's class of four thousand people held at the ice hockey stadium in Harbin. On August 20, 1994, my oldest daughter attended Master's class in Yanji City. We all feel honored to have been able to participate in Master's classes.

The Chinese Communist Party began the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, and tried to defame Master by saying that Master had been collecting money. Actually, the 10-day classes only cost 40 yuan each, which was the lowest among all kinds of qigong classes at that time. Moreover, Master did not receive the class fees but rather, the local qigong association did. Master donated the 7000 yuan from the Yangi class fees to the local Red Cross. Master did not require any fame or benefit for saving sentient beings.

On December 30, 1994, 40 local practitioners and I went to Dalian to attend the Dafa conference of 6000 people run by Master in the stadium. During the conference, Master adjusted the participants' bodies like he had done in every class. He told us to think of one of our diseases or of one of our family members' diseases. Then he told people to stamp on the floor on his order and wave. Master did this to students in two groups. Most participants felt that their bodies were light and that their diseases were gone. We put our hands together for a long time and everyone was happy, feeling bathed in the wonder of Buddha mercy.

Fifteen years have passed, but the scenes from Master's classes as he spread the Fa in Changchun and Dalian are still very fresh in my mind.