(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, all the TV satellite dishes installed by local residents within several counties and districts of the Zhoukou Area, Henan Province were forcibly removed and immediately destroyed on the spot by local policemen and officials from the local court and Procuratorate. These agents even extorted money from the people by fining them heavily for installing the satellite dishes, eliciting strong protests from the local residents. Many people have been frightened by the terrible crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the past several decades, and feel infuriated inside but dare not say anything about it. However, facing the policemen, some defended themselves rationally and convincingly and refused to remove their satellite dishes. Unfortunately, more than twenty people were arrested and detained by the police, including several older people. This illegal behavior on the part of the police not only occurred in the Zhoukou Area, but also took place to various extents in different areas all over China.

It is well known that satellite dishes are not manufactured secretly by any private local residents, and the sales and process of manufacturing them are approved and monitored by the related departments of the CCP. So why did they forbid people from purchasing them? Doesn't it violate logic and rational principles? The installation of satellite dishes in Western countries has been extensively promoted, a situation in countries where people enjoy democracy and human rights. However, since the CCP has deprived the Chinese people of basic human rights and tightly controlled the freedom of the press, some people have been sentenced as "counter-revolutionaries" just because they listened to overseas broadcasts. How can they watch TV programs from outside China? All channels for Chinese people to receive information from outside China have been blocked by the CCP regime, and more than a billion Chinese people have been deceived, brainwashed, intimidated at will and punished without restraint by the CCP in a closed environment.

After the so-called "reforms and opening up," in order to keep pace with technological improvements and to deal with international pressure, the CCP has had to loosen its tight control over the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. As a result, satellite dishes for homes have quietly spread throughout China. People can buy them for only about 200 yuan and can receive several dozen TV channels, including overseas stations. The Chinese people have become annoyed and bored watching CCTV news and all the false reports everywhere inside China and listening to the propaganda from the CCP's "party culture." Therefore, objective and timely news and pure and positive cultural and literary TV programs from overseas are very welcomed, especially by rural residents who live in remote areas where they do not have access to cable TV. However, right now the CCP has issued the statement that no one is allowed to install the satellite dishes, and all satellite dishes that have already been installed should "immediately be removed." This pronouncement has confused people.

Upon further analysis, it's not hard for us to see that the Chinese Communist Party is not able to sustain itself and is extremely frightened. This explains its irrational actions. It is well known that the widespread distribution of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party published by The Epoch Times newspaper has given rise to the wave of more than 21 million Chinese people quitting the CCP. This has caused the CCP to be frightened to death. The CCP could not and dared not refute the fact that because of its inherently evil nature, it will never give up evil and embrace goodness. Therefore, it will certainly make any last-ditch efforts to preserve itself right up until its demise.

The trick always used by the CCP was to spend a lot of money and police forces to block the Internet and stop the spread of the truth in China and overseas. It also continues to brutally persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Even using all of China's resources, the CCP still cannot stop the spread of the Nine Commentaries, nor can it stop the satellite signals of New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV), which covers the whole earth, and makes it possible for the people in China to receive clear images using simple receiving equipment. NTDTV is an overseas independent television network with a mission to provide accurate, timely and objective information to inform, inspire and enrich Chinese people worldwide. After watching the NTDTV programs, Chinese people realize that they have been deceived by the deceitful, cruel, and violent CCP. Once the Chinese people see clearly the malicious essence of the evil cult -- the CCP, they will definitely abandon it, and will no longer obey and go along with it. They will no longer help the tyrant to do evil. Therefore, the CCP will no longer have the means to exert itself and commit evil, and thus it will fall from power very soon. This is the real reason why the CCP forcibly removed all the satellite dishes, despite the people's strong objections.

The CCP's recent activities are a serious violation of the law. According to the Chinese Constitution, which the CCP itself established, Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of speech and religious belief, the personal property of citizens is protected by the government, and every citizen has the right to know the truth. The CCP's forcible destruction of satellite dishes constitutes a crime and a purposeful neglect of the law, and impairs the legal rights of citizens and violates human rights. Such action severely undermines the normal social and economic order and harms the Chinese people. Initially, people hated corrupt CCP officials because the CCP promoted "planned pregnancy," set up abortion policies, forcibly tore down homes against the wishes of residents and expropriated land. Such atrocities stirred up the wrath and complaints of the Chinese people. The recent act of destroying satellite dishes will further deteriorate the CCP's relationship with the people. Nowadays there are voices condemning the CCP everywhere on the streets, and the people anticipate and support the CCP's collapse.

The local police and unlawful officials from the local courts and Procuratorate united as one and participated in the action of removing the satellite dishes. In this event, the CCP pushes all the participants to the opposite side of the Chinese people. The CCP always uses police and judicial officials as its weapons whenever there are people who are unsatisfied with what the CCP has done, or who gather to appeal to higher authorities to protect their legal rights or protest the CCP's actions against them. Even worse, the CCP currently uses them as its scapegoats. Under normal circumstances, most of these agents wouldn't act against their conscience and treat people rudely, however in order to keep their rice bowls, they have to follow the orders from their supervisors. Most wouldn't readily do whatever the evil CCP told them to do, except for those individuals who only seek self-interest and profit and ignore their conscience.