(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past seven years, driven by profits and self-interest, 610 Office officials and Yaozidian Township government agents have been tarnishing the laws of China by following orders from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan. Led by the head of the 610 Office, the secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee Wang Sike, Wang Zhaocai, and Qiu Chunbiao ordered over 50 people from the Yaozidian Township Police Station, the Land Management Office, the Industrial and Commercial Office, a birth control office, the broadcasting station, the cultural station, the educational committee, and hospitals to form six groups. Each group was sent to put pressure on officials in 18 villages, and harassed over 100 Falun Dafa practitioners, including new practitioners and seniors.

Under the CCP's mandate with regards to Falun Dafa practitioners to "ruin their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and annihilate them physically," and the policy that, "If they die while being beaten, we'll just say they killed themselves," well-planned brainwashing sessions were set up to try to force practitioners to give up their beliefs, and write the Three Statements. The CCP used propaganda from CCTV and other media to deceive people and incite those who do not know that Falun Dafa is good to commit crimes against practitioners. The CCP has connived and instigated people to ambush practitioners in their homes, and to monitor, follow, and report on practitioners. Such activities will eventually cause physical and mental breakdown.

When practitioners are arrested, the torture they suffer is brutal. Many methods are used, such as making threats, terrorizing, sleep deprivation, forcing practitioners to stay in one position for a long time, beating them with wooden batons, rubber batons, or batons studded with nails, leaving them exposed to the hot sun, pouring cold water on them in freezing temperatures followed by exposure to cold air from an electric fan, forbidding practitioners to use the bathroom, forcing them to endure brainwashing sessions, and making them do forced labor. In addition, practitioners' homes are ransacked, and their families are fined and terrorized. After they return home from detention, they have to report to the head of the village every day. People in charge of the village often break into practitioners' homes, which disturbs the practitioners' neighbors.

Since the persecution began in July 1999, this group of people in Yaozidian Township has organized brainwashing sessions twice, sent 21 practitioners to brainwashing centers located out of town (eight were sent to Linyi Brainwashing Center, five to Fengjiazizhuan, one to Huangshan, and seven to Wangcun), and sent 6 people to forced labor camps (three to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp and three to Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp). Twenty-five practitioners were sent to Linyi Detention Center, over 30 were detained at Yaozidian Police Station, and over 100 practitioners were taken from their homes. Practitioners' homes have been ransacked numerous times and cash has been confiscated (one estimate of the total amount taken is 182,090 yuan, of which only a small portion was returned). Under the CCP's rule, five practitioners in Yaozidian Township have died after giving up cultivation out of fear, whereupon they experienced a relapse in serious health problems. Many of the local practitioners used to suffer from many illnesses, and spent a lot of money on treatments, but could not be cured. Their illnesses were only cured after they began practicing Falun Gong. The financial losses suffered by families and the mental strain as a result of the persecution are immeasurable. One practitioner, Zhang Zhiyi from Fengtaizhuang Village, is being illegally detained in a forced labor camp.

All of these accounts are only the tip of the iceberg in the persecution; there are many more truths waiting to be exposed.

Yaodianzi Brainwashing Center

The main person in charge at the Yaodianzi Brainwashing Center is Wang Sike. When the persecution first began in 1999, he was the secretary of the Yaodianzi Township Political and Juridical Committee and head of the 610 Office, Gao Zhenguo was the secretary of the Yaodianzi Township CCP Committee, and Jiang Shudong was the head of Yaodianzi Police Station.

On July 20, 1999, Wang Sike and Gao Zhenguo actively participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners when they brought together 50 people from different subsidiaries and divided them into groups. One group of over 20 people was led by Wang Sike, a group of 12 was led by Xiang Tianrui, and a group led by Wu Guangchang included Wang Fuwen, Liu Zhisheng, He Naijun, and others. They broke into and ransacked practitioners' homes in over 10 villages including Qian Village, Dongshuiwang Village, Fengtai Village, Jizishang Village, Huangjiazhuang Village, Pozi Village, and Haizi Village. If the practitioners were not at home, the perpetrators broke in and confiscated Dafa books, Teacher Li's portraits, cassette players, VCRs, sitting mats, and other items. They also set up a brainwashing center at Yaodianzi Township Central School that ran for seven days and held over 40 practitioners from across the township.

At the same time, cadres from the township and local villages went to other villages and harassed senior practitioners who had reduced mobility, were illiterate, or had only been practicing Falun Gong for a few days. The perpetrators swore at the elderly practitioners, beat them, or forced them to write a Guarantee Statement. Every practitioner was fined from 200 to 500 yuan.

At the brainwashing center, Wang Sike led Zhang Yudong, Shi Jun, Lin Shuzheng, Liu Zhen, Wu Gang, Cai Chengguang, Jiang Shudong, Lei Fudong and others to force practitioners to watch videos that defamed Teacher and Dafa. They swore at the practitioners and used every means to torture them.

Following orders from Wang Sike, two people beat practitioner Mr. Li Shufang until he was unconscious. Afraid of being held responsible, they hastily called a hospital to send emergency service and said that someone had just had a heart attack.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Shengjuan was beaten and terrorized by four people recruited by Du Jifen. When Shi Jun saw Ms. Zhang's face trembling, he slapped her and said, "Do you dare to shake again?" After she was sent home, Ms. Zhang was continually harassed and was terrified, which eventually resulted in a mental collapse, from which it took a year for her to recover. Ma Na, who was only 16, was forced to stand in the baking sun because she refused to read a paper that defamed Dafa.

Practitioners Wu Guangyu, Yuan Chunjie, Ma Xingxiang, and Huang Changming went to Beijing to appeal to the government but were sent back home. Later, they were held at Qishui Detention Center for three days, where they were each fined 50 yuan. They were taken to Yaozidian Police Station, where Zhang Yudong, Wuguang, and four people from the Land Management Office, under the direction of Wang Sike and Gao Zhengguo, took turns beating the practitioners, prevented them from sleeping, and tried to force them to write the Three Statements. Mr. Ma Xingxiang was hit in the face by Jiang Shudong, and his mouth bled a lot. After being tortured for three days, he was transferred to the Central School Brainwashing Center for more abuse. Before that, practitioners Zhang Shengfen and Huang Chuanjun were detained at the police station for seven days, where they were deprived of sleep and beaten. Practitioner Mr. Li Shanying was taken to the police station for one night, after Zhang Yudong and Chen Shibo took turns beating him. Mr. Li was transferred to the Central Brainwashing Center for further torture.

Over 40 practitioners were fined as much as 2,000 yuan, and also paid 30 yuan a day for living expenses, for which they received two small buns and one small block of processed vegetables. After they were sent home, officers kept harassing and taking pictures of them, and made them report to the village management team. Often, the perpetrators broke into practitioners' homes after midnight to conduct searches, which also disturbed their families. After arresting practitioners and holding them for many days, causing anguish and financial losses to their families, officers spread false rumors that said, "Look, people who practice Falun Gong don't care about their families, elders, or children, and nobody takes care of their land."

Yaodianzi Education Committee Brainwashing Center

Those in charge of the Yaodianzi Education Committee Brainwashing Center are Wang Sike, Gao Zhenguo, Jiang Shudong and others.

On the afternoon of October 8, 1999, Wang Sike led 20 people in 6 police vehicles to Jizishan Village, where they arrested over 40 practitioners, who were sharing experiences in Falun Dafa cultivation at the time, and took them to Yaozidian Education Committee yard, where they held the second brainwashing session.

On the same night, Qishui practitioners Yan Peiguang and Su Li were kicked repeatedly by a few people wearing leather shoes, and beaten until there were bruises all over their bodies. After practitioners Zhang Shengfen, Huang Chuanjun, and Tan Jikun were separately interrogated and beaten, they were taken to Qishui Detention Center and held for a month. After they returned, the practitioners were mistreated at the police station for many days, forced to write a Guarantee Statement, and fined 1,500 yuan.

Practitioners Huang Changming, Tan Shengzeng, and Qi Guiling refused to give up their belief. After being detained for many days, they were taken to Qishui Detention Center for 15 more days of detention. When they were taken back to the police station, they were beaten, and Huang Changming was forced to hand over 1,800 yuan.

Practitioner Ms. Tang Jikun's daughter Pan Jing was brutally tortured. Her hair was yanked so hard that clumps came out and her head was knocked against the wall. She was forced to hold a basin full of water on her arms and was made to stay in that position for a long time. After that, her legs were beaten with a board full of nails, which left her injured, bleeding, and unable to walk for days. Ms. Tang's husband, who is a non-practitioner, was detained for one night as well. Seeing that his daughter had been tortured and his wife was detained, he felt great despair and wanted to hang himself when he returned home. Luckily, a kind-hearted person rescued him, and he did not die.

In front of four CCP officials, Zhang Yongsheng beat practitioner Huang Chengmei on the hand until it swelled to the size of a softball, then he pulled Huang's hair, and said in a vicious way, "I will make you die tonight."

Practitioner Mr. Zhuang Shenfa was kicked by Lei Feidong numerous times. Mr. Zhuang became very dizzy when he was kicked in the head. Even so, Shi Jun forced him to hold a basin full of water and stand in a "horse step" position. If he moved or dropped the basin, he was beaten. When his daughter, who is not a practitioner, went to visit her father, she happened to see him being beaten, which caused her to scream. She was dragged away and beaten.

After practitioner Ms. Zhang Shengfen was kicked and beaten by Wang Kesi, she was kicked and beaten by Lei Fudong, Wu Gang, and a few others. They slapped her in the face, leaving her bleeding in her mouth and nose. After practitioner Mr. Ma Xingxiang was badly beaten by Zhang Yudong, Shijun, and others, he was beaten on the legs with a metal plate full of nails and also suffered all kinds of other physical abuse. Sixteen-year-old Ma Na was beaten by seven people, including Wang Sike, Zhang Yidong, and Cheng Shibo, until she fainted. She did not wake up for a long time.

At this brainwashing center, practitioner Zhang Yizhi was hit on the side of his body by Fangda Station staff member Wu Gang. Consequently, he could not move his torso. When Zhang Yuzhe was interrogated, Lei Fudong forced him to stand in the "horse step" position, and slapped him in the mouth with strips of bark from a tree. Practitioner Huang Yongcheng was beaten by Wu Gang, Zhang Yudong, Lei Fudong, Zhao Jiamei, and others. The practitioners had wounds all over their bodies, and were spitting up blood. They were also fined 1,200 yuan. Fifteen days after they were released, they still could not move about as their injuries were so severe.

Practitioner Yuan Chunjie was forced to stand in the "horse step" position for more than an hour, causing him to sweat a lot from fatigue and his body to shake. Practitioner Wu Guangyu, who had only been home for a short time, was taken by Jiang Shudong from the police station to a brainwashing center, where he was pushed to the ground by Wang Sike and beaten by another person. After that, Wang and Gao Zhengguo forced him to reveal that practitioner Huang Chuanju had been sharing with fellow practitioners. Then, they dusted off his clothes and said, "Don't let other people know that you were beaten, it would be shameful."

Over 30 practitioners suffered physical abuse to varying degrees. Everyone was fined, from 1,000 to 2,400 yuan, and no one was spared.

At the brainwashing center, six practitioners from Yuandongtou Village were picked up by people from their village and detained at a school for further mistreatment. One of these people said in a brutish way, "I'll bring you home and cook a meal with your flesh."

Year 2000, Continued Persecution at the Turn of the Century

On January 16, 2000, practitioners Mr. Zhang Yizhi and Mr. Zong Guiyun put small banners on their walls for the Chinese New Year. The banners read, "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities." After people saw the banners and reported them, Wang Sike, Tian Xiangrui, Cai Chenggang, Liu Peiyu, and others led a group of people to take the practitioners to the police station. Without saying a word, they pulled Mr. Zhang from the vehicle and started to beat him. Inside the Township Police Station, Wang Sike ordered Dou Yutan to beat Mr. Zong in the legs with a rubber club, which left his legs covered with bruises. Practitioner Ms. Qi Guiling was beaten in the legs with a metal shovel, and her whole body was beaten and bruised. While beating her, the perpetrators shouted, "You really can endure hardship!" They didn't release her until the following day.

Practitioner Ms. Zhang Shengfen was deceived into going to the police station. At the station, an officers hit her with a rubber baton over 20 times and slapped her face a dozen times while Wang Sike sat and watched.

In January 2000, one month after practitioner Mr. Zhao Luquan was persecuted in Qishui Detention Center, wicked people from the township took him to Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center. On the way, the 80 yuan he had in his pocket was taken by Wu Gang, who spent it on alcohol. One month later, Mr. Zhao was fined 4,200 yuan. Because the people from the township would not share the money, Wu Gang beat and kicked Mr. Zhao. While taking him back, Wang Sike, Jiang Shudong, Lin Chunqing, and others pulled him out of the vehicle, shoved him to the ground, and began beating him. They said, "If your daughter were not in the car, we would end your life here."

In June 2000, practitioner Ms. Huang Chengmei was deceived into going to Yaozidian Police Station by officer Sun Yongsheng. Ms. Huang was forced to sit on the floor, and was then shocked with electric batons over 40 times. After being tortured all night, she was taken to Qishui Detention Center for 15 days. In October, she was taken to a brainwashing center in a school in Huangshan Township of Qishui by a group of people, including Ma Shuaishuai, led by Wang Sike.

On September 28, 2000, when practitioner Ms. Tan Shengnuan from Qianwujiazhuang Village went to Yuandongtou Village to visit her parents, five or six people, including Guo Jinghu, Zhang Zaiming, Huang Jinliang, and Zhang Yongqiang from the Comprehensive Management Office, broke into her brother's home at about 10:00 p.m. and ransacked it. They found Dafa books and truth-clarification materials, they beat and kicked everyone there, and they handcuffed the siblings and pulled them into a vehicle. That night, the practitioners were detained at the township government office. On September 29, without notification to their family members, the siblings were sent to Qishui Detention Center. Fifteen days after they were detained, on October 15, 2000, Ms. Tan was taken to Zibo City Wangcun Detention Center, where she was held for two years. She was sent home in May 2002, but her brother was taken to Jinan Forced Labor Camp for one year of detention.

Truth Appears at the Roadsides, Authorities Appear Panicked

One night in 2001, painted phrases, such as "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa," appeared on electricity poles along the road from Yao Zidian to Huangjiazhuang, causing the authorities to panic. Wang Sike took Liu Zhiguo, Liu Jiming, Ji Changchun, Zhang Yudong, Wu Gang, and others to remove the words. When they reached Xihuangjia Village, they had the secretary of the village CCP Committee call on practitioner Mr. Huang Chengyong, who was halfway to his field to harvest some corn. Five people surrounded him and began to beat and kick him. They then took him to the village office where he was beaten for about 2 more hours. They confiscated his keys, then went to his home and found Dafa books and banners. The authorities then made Wang Weige from the village lead people from the township to Mr. Huang's field and take his wife to the police station. At the police station, Mr. Huang and his wife were held in a room and beaten by six people, including Zhang Yudong, Cai Chenggang, Ji Changchun, Liu Zhizhi, Liu Jiming, and Wu Gang. The practitioners were kicked, whipped with strips of bark from trees, and had ropes tied around their necks. The abuse lasted for eight hours. Wang Sike yelled, "I would rather ruin your family than break apart a country." After the couple had been tortured for three days, they were forced to pay 1,200 yuan and released.

Wang Zhaocai Commits Crimes

In January 2002, Wang Sike was transferred to another location, and his successor, secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee Wang Zhaocai, led people to commit sins against Falun Dafa and practitioners.

In March 2002, Wang Zhaocai, along with Cheng Shibo, Wu Gang, and others, went to practitioner Mr. Li Shancheng's home in Jizishan Village. They forced him to hand over 5,000 yuan. Mr. Li then left home to avoid further persecution. His wife Xu Angui was detained at the police station for 15 days. During the period that Ms. Xu was detained, Guo Qingfeng from the township ransacked the couple's home to look for books, and ended up destroying the wooden drawers in the home. After Mr. Li returned home in June, he was taken to Linyi Brainwashing Center and held for one month. After that, his wife was detained for over 10 days at the township office.

In May 2002, practitioner Mr. Tang Jiwei was arrested and taken to the Township CCP Committee, where he was interrogated and sworn at by members of Qishui Police Bureau. Ten days later, he was detained, taken to Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center, and held for one month of abuse. In June, he was sentenced to three years of forced labor. He was taken to Jinan Province Jiangshuiquan Forced Labor Camp but was not admitted when he failed the medical examination. In August, Mr. Tang was arrested again and taken to Linyi Brainwashing Center where he was held for 33 days. In January 2001, Mr. Tang's daughter Pan Jin and son Pan Shubao were taken to the police station and beaten by Ding Zuowen and Ma Debiao. In May 2002, Pan Jing was sent to Qishui Detention Center where she was detained for eight and a half months. Ten days after Pan Shubao was detained at the township, he was taken to Linyi Brainwashing Center and held there for one and a half months.

Practitioner Peng Zuoyu was taken to Qishui Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center the same year.

In July 2002, practitioners Qi Guiling and Li Shanying were taken to Wangcun Brainwashing Center and held for one month of brainwashing and torture.

Qiu Chunbiao Becomes Third Secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee

In January 2004, secretary Wang Zhaocai was transferred to Qishui County Ethnicity Religious Bureau. Qiu Chunbiao became the secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee, and his approach in persecuting practitioners was no less cruel than Wang's.

On December 9, 2004, Qiu led a dozen people in police vehicles to Fengtaizhuang Village, under the guidance of the head of the village, Zhang Jingpeng. They broke into and ransacked the homes of practitioners Zhang Yizhi, Zhang Yuzhe, and Zhang Jingxi. They arrested practitioners Zhang Yizhi, married couple Zhang Yuzhe and Zheng Xiaolan, and married couple Zhang Jingxi and Pan Xizhen. The five practitioners were taken to the police station, and then at midnight, to Qishui Detention Center. Zhang Yuzhe and Zhang Jingxi were detained for 15 days. After they each paid 420 yuan, they were released. The other three practitioners were detained for one month. Zheng Xiaolan and Pan Xizhen were taken to Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp for two years of detention. The guards abused Pan Xizhen until she became extremely weak; in October 2006 she was released after paying 1,000 yuan. On August 14, 2006, Zheng Xiaolan was released, but practitioner Zhang Yizhi was taken to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for three years of detention. He has not been released yet. Before being arrested, Zhang Yizhi was in good physical condition; now he has symptoms of hepatitis as a result of abuse. Despite this, the labor camp refused to release him, and instead, forced him to do hard labor.

In July 2004, practitioner Ms. Li Kemei from Fengtaizhuang Village was reported while clarifying the truth at Yuandongtou Village. In September 2004, two months after she was detained at Qishui Detention Center, she was taken to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for two years of detention. Within a year, due to torture, she suffered a mental collapse, and her weight fell to approximately 55 pounds (25 kg). The guards were afraid she would die and that they would be held responsible so they let her family take her home. When she was back home, through studying the Fa and doing the exercises, her health was restored.

On the afternoon of October 15, 2006, when she was clarifying the truth, Ms. Li Kemei was reported again by Huang Chuantao from the Yaodianzi Township Land Management Office, for which he was given a secret bonus of 2,000 yuan. Ms. Li was taken to Qishui Detention Center by Yan Yuan from Yaozidian Township Police Station, Wu, Liu, Yang, and others.

While Ms. Li was detained, her husband Zhang Zhizhan, who is an upright person, took his luggage, his son (who has a mental disorder), and his elderly mother to Qishui Police Station and relevant departments in the government and demanded his wife's release. He was sneered at and deceived many times by police officers; they also kicked him out a few times and called the police officers from Yaodianzi Township to take him back home. The officers also abused and beat him.

One month after she was taken to Qishui Detention Center, guards in the detention center deceived Ms. Li by saying that they would let her go home, but took her to the brainwashing center located at a school affiliated with Lanshan District Water Bureau in Linyi City.

At the brainwashing center, when Ms. Li was beaten, she shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!" The harder they hit her, the louder her voice became. Through her righteous thoughts and righteous actions, she finally broke out of the evil den and was reunited with her family.

Recent information on perpetrators from Yaodianzi Town:

Wang Sike: male, over 50, former secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee in Yaozidian Township of Qishui County, head of the 610 Office, and the main person responsible for persecuting practitioners. He has been transferred to Qishui County Political and Juridical Committee. Home address: Qishui County, Changan Street, New Territory. Cellphone number: 86-13508997629

People who are currently at their posts and have participated in the persecution:

Liu Zhuping: male, 48, secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee in Yaozidian Township of Qishui County. Hometown: Qaoqiao Township in Qishui County. Cellphone number: 86-13605395657

Wei Wenshu: male, 45, head of Yaozidian Township in Qishui County. Hometown: Lu County. Cellphone number: 86-13505395955

Wu Yuanping: male, 37, head of Yaodianzi Township Police Station in Qishui County. Cellphone number: 86-13583989188

Yan Yuan: male, 39, deputy head of Yaodianzi Township Police Station in Qishui County. Hometown: Li Village in Xujia Lake, Qishui County. Cellphone number: 86-13563985285

Du Jifu: male, 41, political instructor of Yaodianzi Township in Qishui County, has participated in many persecution activities. Since July 20, 1999, he has been working at Yaozidian Township Police Station. Hometown: Dongtou Village in Qishui County. Cellphone number: 86-13953912387

Wang Jiaxiang: secretary of the Political and Juridical Committee in Yaozidian Township of Qishui County. Cellphone number: 86-13854909058

Guo Qingfeng: secretary of the Management District in Qianwujiazhuang Village, Yaodianzi Township. Cell phone number: 86-13686395660, Home phone: 86-13053926509

Gao Guisheng: secretary of the Management District. Residency: Qishui. Cellphone number: 86-13583920396, Home phone: 2220385