(Clearwisdom.net) Officers from the Dongguang Town Police Substation, Yanbian, Jilin Province arrested a practitioner named Mr. Li Wenzhi on April 18 because he practices Falun Gong. As a result, Mr. Li Wenzhi's 10-year-old son has no one to care for him. The police even threatened to send the child to a nursing home for seniors where the conditions are terrible or give him away for adoption.

Mr. Li Wenzhi, 39, was a labor worker from Da'an Forestry of the Tianqiaoling Forestry Bureau. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the local Public Security Bureau, with the local police substation and his employer came repeatedly to Mr. Li's home to harass him, attempting to force him to give up Falun Gong. His parents and wife were worried and scared because of this.

In June 2003, Mr. Li Wenzhi was arrested by police from the Tianqiaoling Forestry Public Security Bureau in Wangqing County, and was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. He was later released, as he had bone fractures in both arms. After Mr. Li was released from the jail, the local Public Security Bureau, the police substation and his employer kept harassing him. As a result, his wife could not endure such great pressure and the two of them were forced to divorce in 2005.

Ever since then, Mr. Li Wenzhi and his son relied on each other for survival. In order for the child to go to school, they moved to Dongguang Town in Wangqing County. However, the Political and Judicial Committee of the Tianqiaoling Forestry Bureau and the Secretary General of his employer drove to Dongguang Town to continue harassing and threatening them.

At around 10:00 a.m. on April 18, 2007, four policemen from Dongguang Town, Wangqing County suddenly broke into his home and forcibly arrested Mr. Li Wenzhi. They illegally searched his home and confiscated his computer, Dafa books and truth-clarifying materials. On the same day, police from the Dongguang Town Police Substation transferred Mr. Li to the National Security Team of the Wangqing County. Currently he is jailed at the Wangqing County Detention Center.

It was learned that Mr. Li Wenzhi was arrested this time because a classmate of Mr. Li's son reported him to the police. The organization that persecuted Falun Gong had gone to the school and publicized, "Whoever reports Falun Gong will be rewarded."

Mr. Li Wenzhi's son is only ten years old and now has no one to take care of him. Under such great pressure, he cries often and yearns for his father's return. He can hardly eat and does not want to go to school.

Some kind-hearted people brought the child to Dongguang Town Police Substation and asked the police to deal with this. The police made no other choice but to take the child to his grandparents' place, which was seventy to eighty kilometers away from Wangqing County on April 23. The child's grandparents are seventy to eighty years old, both are physically very weak, and there is no school in the countryside. When the police tried to force them to take the child, since the grandparents were not financially able to do so, his older grandparents could not keep him. The police then took the child to his mother, trying to force her to take him. However since the mother was re-married and had her own child, her husband's family refused to take care of him. The police could only take the child back. Now the police substation has threatened to send the child to a nursing home or to find someone who can adopt him.

Phone number for Mr. Li Wenzhi's parents: 86-433-8451245
His sister's home: 86-433-8451292

Relevant departments and the individuals involved in the persecution:
Dongguang Primary School at Wangqing County: 86-433-8590528
Dongguang Town Police Substation at Wangqing County: 86-433-8590514
Director Fei
Wangqing County Public Security Bureau:
Director Che Zhongzhe: 86-433-8813104, 86-433-8815559, 86-13844768111 (Cell)
Political Commissioner Qin Xiaoming: 86-13844768666 (Cell)
National Security Team of the County:
Team leader Guan Qingyou: 86-433-8830016, 86-13944770818
Instructor Cui Xiongzhi: 86-433-8829944, 86-13904462303
Wangqing County Detention Center: 86-433-8828400