(Clearwisdom.net) On April 14, six local Falun Gong practitioners from Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province were illegally arrested by rogue police officers. On April 28, the couple Mr. Liu Changfu and Ms. An Yumin, Mr. Yang Xiaoyong, Mr. Wei Danquan, and Ms. Cheng Chao, were sent to a forced labor camp. Meanwhile, Mr. Zheng Zhicheng, the husband of Ms. Cheng Chao is still being detained at No. 1 Qinhuangdao City Detention Center, and it is reported that the authorities plan to send him to prisonAfter the policemen of Shanhaiguan District arrested the practitioners on April 28, they informed the relatives of the practitioners that they must sign relevant documents for the judicial procedures. Their intentions and tricks were extremely contemptible. Without any conscience, they even held a party to celebrate their "accomplishment" and received bonuses. It is said by an insider of the police establishment that the higher authorities (here referring to Hebei Province) appropriated funds of 100,000 yuan for them in order to stop practitioners from utilizing satellites to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa before the 17th Party Congress and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore, the police had gone on patrols and monitored practitioners for two days before they finally arrested and fabricated a case against them. It is also possible that Zheng Baoliang, the Secretary of Shanhaiguan District's Committee, Guan Xiyou, the Head of the 610 Office at Shanhaiguan District, and other unlawful officials from Qinhuangdao City and Hebei Province all participated in the arrests. Furthermore, the 17th Party Congress and the Olympic Games have been frequently used an excuse for the CCP to escalate its persecution of Falun Gong.

It was also reported that Mr. Liu Changfu, Mr. Yang Xiaoyong and Mr. Wei Danquan are being severely tortured. It is likely that they were abducted from a hospital and taken to Baoding Forced Labor Camp, where they are going to be held for one and a half years. Ms. An Yumin and Ms. Cheng Chao are being detained at Kaiping Forced Labor Camp of Tangshan City. Ms. An Yumin is going to be kept there for one and a half years, and Ms. Cheng Chao for fifteen months.

On April 14, 2007 Zhang Deyue and Fu Yong, the policemen of Shanhaiguan Police Station, together with several other policemen from the Xiguan Police Substation and Daonan Police Substation arrested the couple Mr. Liu Changfu and Ms. An Yumin, Mr. Yang Xiaoyong, Mr. Wei Danquan, and the couple Mr. Zheng Zhicheng and Ms. Cheng Chao. At the same time, the police searched their houses and confiscated their property, including their personal computers, printers, and the materials for truth-clarification. Afterwards, Mr. Zheng Zhicheng was detained at No. 1 Qinhuangdao City Detention Center, and other practitioners were detained at No. 3 Shanhaiguan District Detention Center.

On the morning of April 23, relatives of the practitioners went to the Shanhaiguan police station to inquire about the case and to request the release of their innocent family members; however, the head of the police station, Zhao Ran, evaded their requests with the excuse that she was recently appointed. Later the guard at Shanhaiguan police station said he was ordered to keep the family members from entering the station. As the family members were making their request, officers Zhang Deyue and Fu Yong, who were involved in the arrest of Falun Dafa disciples, began to equivocate and act rudely. Finally they became speechless and left sheepishly. This was sufficient to explain that the police at Shanhaiguan Police Station themselves knew that it's unreasonable and cruel to persecute Falun Dafa disciples. However, with the excuse of reinforcing the implementation of the laws, they wouldn't distinguish the good from the evil and simply regarded the truths and benevolent words of Falun Gong practitioners as committing a crime without any solid evidence. Even worse, they wouldn't think for themselves to differentiate between right and wrong rationally and only tried their best to cruelly persecute the Falun Gong practitioners.

The policemen even deceived the relatives of Falun Gong practitioners by telling them that they were going to release Mr. Yang Xiaoyong and Ms. Cheng Chao after their detention terms of 15 days expired. On the evening of April 28, the officer Fu Yong secretly and unlawfully transferred them to a forced labor camp.

Phone numbers of related offices and persons:

(Postcode for Qinhuangdao 066000, Shanhaiguan 066200, area code for Shanhaiguan 0335; numbers started with 505 can also be switched with 515)

Shanhaiguan Public Security Bureau
Address: No. 61 Wenhua Road Haigang District Qinhuangdao City

Shanhaiguan Public Security Bureau director, Chen Guangtai: 86-335-3034919 (Office)
Local Police Station: 86-335-3631722, 86-335-3631723
Public security division: 86-335-3034887

No. 1 Qinhuangdao City Detention Center
Former head of detention center, Zhao Baogui
Head of detention center, Gao Bo
Police, Li Jianguo, Chen Shujun, Li Xiaomei, Li Qiaolan: 86-335-3648207, 86-335-3062419, 86-335-3078244
National Security Team, Lu Ping: 86-13833589652 (Cell)

Shanhaiguan District's Committee of the CCP at Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province
Secretary of Shanhaiguan District's Committee, Zheng Baoliang: 86-335-5051052, 86-335-5052602 (Office)

Shanhaiguan Police Station
Director of the Shanhaiguan Police Station, Zhao Ran: 86-335-5052196, 86-335-3060933

Political Commissioner, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, Head of the 610 Office, Liu Guansheng: 86-335-5062814, 86-335-3088933, 86-335-5052421, 86-335-5052315 (Office), 86-335-5057838 (Home), 86-13930385885 (Cell)
Head of First Division at the Police Department of Shanhaiguan, Zhang Deyue: 86-335-5052464 (Office), 86-335-5076600 (Home), 86-13930326695 (Cell), 86-13930321117 (Cell)

First Division of the Police Department at Shanhaiguan, Fu Yong 5052464,8664332
The Detention Center at Shanhaiguan: 86-335-5051427
Head of Detention Center, Zhang Haiqing: 86-335-5051168 (Office)
Director, Wang Hongbing: 86-335-5051167
Former Head of the 610 Office at Shanhaiguan District, vice Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Ding Guolai: 86-335-5037277 (Office), 86-335-5053296 (Home)
Head of the 610 Office at Shanhaiguan District, Guan Xiyou: 86-335-5051072 (Office), 86-335-5050267 (Home), 86-13903345303 (Cell)

May 4, 2007