(Clearwisdom.net) On February 24, Falun Dafa practitioners Xi Zhaojun and Zhang Decai from Kangbao County were reported by Communist Party Village Committee Secretary Feng Quan as they were clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa in Gaojiagou Village, Mandetang County. They were arrested afterwards and detained in the Kangbao County Detention Center. Xi Zhaojun went on a hunger strike for over two months to protest the illegal detention.

The superintendent of the Kangbao County Detention Center Wang Zhong designated criminal inmates to beat Xi Zhaojun. A doctor from a private hospital was also recruited to forcibly inject Xi Zhaojun with a dense saltwater solution and another unknown drug. Xi Zhaojun struggled to get away from his tormentors because of the pain, but they tied him up with rope and continued the brutal persecution.

Xi Zhaojun was persecuted to the point of being disfigured, losing the ability to take care of himself and being on the verge of death. When his family found out about his condition, they went to the detention center and asked for his release. However, Wang Zhong said they would not release him and also said that the Falun Gong practitioners who died in detention were all recorded as suicides. Mr. Xi's family members asked many times for Xi Zhaojun to be sent to the hospital, but Wang Zhong said that he was not dying at the time and that they would send him to the hospital when he was dying. At most they could ask the hospital to give them a certificate. Wang Zhong extorted Xi Zhaojun's family out of 1,000 yuan, on top of the 500 yuan they had already given him.

At 3:00 p.m. on April 17, several people from the Kangbao County Court in Zhangjiakou City put Dafa practitioner Xi Zhaojun through an illegal trial for the second time since his incarceration. That very morning Xi Zhaojun's family went to the detention center, but Wang Zhong lied to them, telling them that the trial would be held one or two days later. However, that afternoon his family members happened to see the illegal trial. They saw that Xi Zhaojun was very thin, and looked much older than his age. He was wearing a hat and sweating profusely. Xi Zhaojun was not clear-headed, his eyes stared vacantly into space, his mouth was swollen, his lips were purple and he was laughing irrationally -- totally different from his usual self. The court made up some evidence and asked Xi Zhaojun to press his fingerprint to a document, which he did.

After the trial, Xi Zhaojun told his family, "I could not get up yesterday, but I was able to get up today." His family members suspect that Wang Zhong and others had given him toxic injections. It was said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) prisons inject a kind of nerve-stimulating drug into prisoners, causing them to suffer a mental collapse. Even when in a conscious state, those prisoners sweat a lot. After the medicine starts to lose its effect, the prisoners feel terrible pain.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, the superintendent of the Kangbao County Detention Center Wang Zhong has actively persecuted Dafa practitioners, following the orders of the CCP. Many local Dafa practitioners have been persecuted by Wang Zhong when they were held in the detention center. At the end of December, 2003, eleven Dafa practitioners from southern China went to Beijing to appeal for justice and were illegally detained in the Kangbao County Detention Center. Wang Zhong, along with some other policemen, brutally tortured the practitioners. One practitioner from the south only wore two pairs of thin trousers, but Wang Zhong forced him to stand outside for more than two hours when the temperature was lower than minus twenty degrees Celsius. As a result, this practitioner was stiff all over and could not walk. Over the past few years, although many Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to Wang Zhong many times, he still showed no regret, nor did he correct his wrong deeds.

During the period in which Xi Zhaojun was illegally detained, many Dafa practitioners continued to write letters to Wang Zhong, yet he still continues to persecute good people. Such behavior will not be tolerated by the world.

Detention Center superintendent: Wang Zhong, 86-13931324716(Cell)