(Clearwisdom.net) On April 14, 2007, Falun Dafa practitioner Wei Danquan was arrested and his house ransacked under the command of Zhao Ran, the new head of police in Shanhaiguan. Wei Danquan's family inquired at the Shanhaiguan Police Station for reasons why Wei Danquan was arrested and asked for his release. However, the police still have not replied.

Mr. Wei Danquan, who is in his forties, was a military officer at Shanhaiguan airport. He was dismissed from his military position because of his belief in Falun Dafa, and had suffered from illegal imprisonment and torture on many occasions. Thus, he suffered from phthisis and haematemesis.

After Wei Danquan's arrest, his family became worried about his health. In the morning of April 23, Wei Danquan's wife, parents, younger brother, and uncle traveled great distances to Shanhaiguan to visit the Shanhaiguan Police Station and again request for his release, as the police station still has not provided any reason for the arrest.

Shanhaiguan Police Station security personnel said that they could not let them in because of "orders". However, after the family told the guard about Wei Danquan's persecution, he left silently. Zhang Deyue entered the room with another official and interrogated the family. The family then asked him many questions. Where was Wei Danquan arrested? Why wasn't the list of seized items provided? Money totaling more than 2000 yuan taken from Wei Danquan needed to be returned. What were the grounds of Wei Danquan's arrest? Why were his family members not notified of his arrest?

Zhang Deyue refused to reply to these questions and became extremely rude. The family was speechless. When Wei Danquan's wife revealed her fears about the persecution of Wei Danquan, she became too emotional to breathe. Zhang Deyue and other officials suddenly left the building and never came back. Wei Danquan's parents waited at the doorway. Zhang Deyue dared not stay in the room and did not go home until night. When deputy Mr. He said that it should be dealt with by the Xi Jie police station, Zhang Deyue escaped.

On April 25, when Wei Danquan's family returned to the police station, the Mr. He asked them to go to Xi Jie police station. However, when they arrived, they could not find the head of the station. One official did not return after going out and looking for the leader. On April 26, with posters and banners in their hands, Wei Danquan's parents again asked for his release, but the posters were seized by a police officer and his protesting family was asked to leave the police station.

With strong righteous thoughts and letters sent to the police station from fellow practitioners in the area, we can hasten the release of Wei Danquan and other illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners.

April 28th, 2007