(Clearwisdom.net) Between April 21 and 25, 2007, the police "iilegally arrested" the following Falun Dafa practitioners in the Daqing area of Heilongjiang Province: Chen Qingli, Ms. Lu Guilan and her son Yan Jiaohui, Mr. Liu Bo, Liang Yahui (released), Hong Lanying (released), Hu Guizhi (released), Shi Baosheng, Li Chunying (from the Fourth Factory), Ms. Li Guixiang, Li Hui (has walked away from the detention center), Ren Xiuping, Zhou Wenyan, Chen Qi, Zhao Shukun, Ms. Yang Jinfeng, Jiang Pai, Li Chunying (from Longnan District), Hong Meiying and daughter, and Ms. Yin Guirong.

On April 24, 2007, practitioners Ms. Li Guixiang and Li Hui, employees of the Daqing City Materials and Equipment (Group) Corporation, were eating lunch in the dining hall. Yuan Jun from the corporation's Security Office led police officers from the National Security Department Daqing Branch and the Armed Police Forces to ransack the two practitioners' homes; they confiscated a computer. On the morning of April 25, 2007, the officers arrested Ms. Li Guixiang and took her to the Daqing City Detention Center.

On the afternoon of April 24, 2007, officers arrested Mr. Liu Bo from the Longnan neighborhood. The circumstances of the arrest have not been investigated.

Some time after 8:00 a.m. on April 25, 2007, police officers from the Tieren Police Station in Daqing arrested practitioners Ms. Yin Guirong and Mr. Cao from Jingxiadengfeng Village as they left their building. Ms. Yin's home was ransacked that afternoon. The persecutors confiscated Dafa books, a computer, a printer and 2,000 yuan in cash. Ms. Yin's 80-year-old husband was so frightened by the police officers' violent behavior that he lost consciousness. Ms. Yin and Mr. Cao are being held at the Daqing First Detention Center.

Ms. Cao Fengqin, 71, Ms. Yin Guizhi, 70, and Ms. Yang Jinfeng are from the Dengfeng neighborhood in Sa District, Daqing City. Around noon on April 25, 2007, police officers from the Daqing Police Department's Tieren Police Station broke into their homes and took them to the Daqing First Forced Labor Camp.

Also around noon on April 25, 2007, Ms. Lu Guilan from Dongfengxin Village in Daqing City was arrested and taken from her home, along with her son and younger sister, who do not practice Falun Gong. Ms. Lu's home was ransacked and some articles were confiscated. Further details are not known.

Note: Due to the information blockade, the names of the practitioners were first erroneously reported. Their correct names have now been verified.

April 29, 2007