(Clearwisdom.net) In February and March 2007, the Jilin City Police Department arrested 19 practitioners. Policeman Di Shigang was one of the perpetrators. Officers Du Xingze and Di Shigang continue to interrogate the detained practitioners. One of the practitioners, Ms. Zhao Yingjie, was force-fed five bottles of mustard oil, which caused severe damage to her face and mouth. In addition, the police sexually assaulted her with a baton. Practitioner Ms. Wang Liqui was force-fed eight bottles of mustard oil and lost consciousness. Officers poured cold water on her to wake her up to continue the torture. Due to the severe persecution, Ms. Wang is having heart problems and her health has deteriorated. Ms. Liu Yu, a practitioner from Huadian City, Jilin Province, was tortured so severely that she is not able to walk. Practitioners Ms. Mu Chunhong and Mr. Zhao Xinguo were also severely persecuted. An insider reported that all of the practitioners firmly hold onto their beliefs, and the police said that none of them could be "transformed."

Several practitioners went on hunger strikes and were subsequently brutally force-fed. The police force-fed Ms. Wang Liqui by inserting a tube through her nose and covering her mouth with their hands. When the tube was pulled out and their hands removed, she threw up everything that she had been forced-fed. The police continued to force-feed the practitioners without considering the consequences.

On August 24, 2005, Di Shigang, the Third Division head of Jilin City Police Department at the time, and other police officers arrested Ms. Yang Lijuan, a practitioner from Jilin City. They took her to the Third Division building in Guojiao (Fruit Storage) area of Jilin City, where she was interrogated and tortured. They force-fed her with mustard water, forced her to sit on a steel chair, handcuffed her hands behind her back with one hand over her shoulder, pulled her hair, struck her in the face, shocked her in the face with an electric baton, stepped on her head, stepped on a stick on her legs, and stepped on her ankles. Even though Ms. Yang was in shock and was shaking from all the torture, she still did not cooperate. Di Shigang told Ms. Yang's 83-year-old mother, "Remember my name: Di Shigang. I was the one who arrested your daughter."

In August 2005, Di Shigang also participated in the arrest of practitioners Ms. Zhang Guizhi and Ms. Zhao Shuyun.

Many detained practitioners are still under torture and interrogation by Du Xingze, Guo Rui (male) and Di Shigang. Practitioners have clarified the truth to these perpetrators many times, but they still continue to do evil deeds for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and for their own personal gain, and are devoid of any morality. Fellow practitioners, please help send forth righteous thoughts to wake these people up, and thus help them to stop committing these horrific deeds. Let us eliminate the meddling deities and the CCP evil specter, support the detained practitioners to walk out of the evil dens, and end the persecution in the prisons and detention centers.