(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Su Anzhou, 56, a retiree from Lanxi Locomotive Depot, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Province, lives in the residential area of the Railway Material Factory. His wife, Ms. Geng Cuifang, ran a successful small business. Their son, Mr. Su Wei, a handsome boy at five feet nine inches tall, was born in 1985. They lived a very happy life until July 20, 1999, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong. Their family was torn apart by the CCP and police. Torture claimed the lives of Mr. Su's wife and son. Mr. Su Anzhou developed colon cancer after being tortured at the Eleventh Division of the Lanzhou Prison, Gansu Province. He is currently at the forced labor hospital for treatment.

Wife Pressured to Death

In late December 2000, Mr. Su and Ms. Geng went to Beijing to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. After they were sent back to Lanzhou by the CCP, Ms. Geng was illegally imprisoned at the 15th Division of the Xiguoyuan Detention Center in Lanzhou City. She was released in October 2001. Mr. Su was illegally imprisoned at the Railway Detention Center for 15 days and then sent to Pin'antai Forced Labor Camp in Lanzhou City for a year. During that time, their 16-year-old son had to stay at home by himself.

In 2002, Mr. Su tapped into television broadcasts to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. The police then went after him. On June 13, 2002, under the direction of the 610 Office, Party secretary of the Lanxi Locomotive Depot Sun Binzhou, Deputy Party Secretary Tang Deyue, and Chang Guohua ordered security guards Liu Jicun, Han Rong, and Shang Min to monitor Mr. Su's home. After monitoring for an entire night, they saw him return home at 6:00 a.m. They arrested him and took him to the security office of Lanxi Locomotive Depot.

Afterwards, these officials and police from the Lanzhou Railway Police Department, including policeman Guo Guangxian, knocked on the door of his apartment on the sixth floor. Ms. Geng refused to open up. Pressured by police presence, she tried to escape by climbing down a rope, but the rope broke and she fell to the ground. She was severely injured.

If she had been taken for emergency treatment, Ms. Geng Cuifang could have been saved. But the police did not do anything for her. They just shut down the whole building and did not allow anyone to approach her. Then they took her keys from her pocket and opened the apartment door to ransack it. They took the couple's personal deposit book that had over ten thousand yuan in it, a salary deposit book, and jewelry. Ms. Geng was left laying on the ground, exposed to the baking sun. She eventually died in great pain. She was only 48 years old.

Four days later, the Railway Police Department cremated her body to destroy any evidence of their evildoing. They did not allow family members to take a picture or examine her body. At the cremation site, her sister said sorrowfully, "She practiced Falun Gong only for healing illness, being fit, and being a good person. Why was she treated like this?" But even before she could finish her sentence, the police dragged her away. The cremation process was completed in less then seven minutes.

Faxed instructions from Deputy Governor Xu stated that "Lanxi Locomotive Depot is responsible for the funeral," and Sun Binzhou, Tang Deyue, Chang Guohua, Liu Jicun, and Guo Guangxian, forced Mr. Su Anzhou, who was temporarily released to go home to take care of his wife's funeral, to pay six thousand "yuan" for the funeral expenses. His family members were threatened and prohibited from talking about Falun Gong. Their wreaths were not accepted for the funeral, and they were not even allowed to attend the funeral. On top of all this, Sun Binzhou and others used the funeral money to treat themselves to a banquet.

Ten Years in Prison

In August 2002, the CCP arrested Mr. Su Anzhou again. The Qilihe Court in Lanzhou City sentenced him to prison for his involvement in tapping into television broadcasts.

In mid September, he was imprisoned at a location in Lanzhou City, where he was brutally tortured. Policemen He Bo and Wei Dong bound him into an iron chair, put a steel helmet on his head, and locked his wrists in two customized handcuffs that could be tightened by adjusting screws. As they tightened the screws, the handcuffs became so tight that they severely distorted his wrists. They also kept putting more thick books under his arms, which caused him great pain.

Mr. Su was tortured like this for 72 hours. The torture could barely be seen by looking at his wrist: There were only some marks left by the handcuffs and swelling. But deep in his bones, the pain was unbearable. After the torture, he had severe pain for a month, followed by numbness for several months.

Their son, Mr. Su Wei, who was less than 18 years old at the time, was left at home alone. As he could not manage by himself at home, he left home. He eventually became sick with lung cancer. In June 2006, his situation became very bad. Relatives and neighbors voluntarily donated money and cared for him. They requested compassionate medical leave for Mr. Su Anzhou, so that he could care for his son. Mr. Su Anzhou was at the forced labor hospital for treatment for colon cancer at that time, so he met the requirements for compassionate medical leave. However, the Lanzhou Prison refused to release him because he did not give up Falun Gong practice. The prison sent a few wardens to guard him when he went home on July 26, 2006, to check on his son. Mr. Su Wei's whole body was swollen and disfigured. His legs were full of water, which kept oozing out. He could not walk, and there was a terrible smell in the room. Seeing his son like this, Mr. Su Anzhou said nothing but just used his hands to touch his son's head. Mr. Su Wei said to the wardens, "Please, I beg you to release my dad." Everyone watching this was in tears, but the wardens still took Mr. Su Anzhou away. Mr. Su Wei died at home on August 4, 2006.

Mr. Su Anzhou's family was broken apart by the CCP simply for practicing "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance." In addition to enduring the pain of losing his wife and son, Mr. Su Anzhou also had to face physical torture and the mental pressure to give up his belief. The long-term torture damaged his health. He was taken in and out of the forced labor hospital in 2005 but has been there since 2006. According to people who are familiar with his case, he has colon cancer, but the warden claimed that it was a colorectal polyp. Mr. Su Anzhou remains in the forced labor hospital.

Lead warden of the Eleventh Division, Lanzhou City Prison: Liu Jianghui
Section chief of the Eleventh Division, Lanzhou City Prison: Zhao Jun
Political instructor Jiang: 86-931-3517544

April 25, 2007