(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of February 19, 2007, officers of the Chinese Communist Party in Huaibin County ordered the Huaibin County Court to sentence five Falun Dafa practitioners, including Liu Jiyou, Jan Wenrong, Lu Hongyuan, Fu Lingyun and Wang Helin, on charges of damaging the social order by passing out Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. The court sentenced Wang Helin to six years of imprisonment, Fu Lingyun got four years, Lu Hongyuan got three years, Jian Wenrong got three years, and Liu Jiyou was sentenced to two years.

The five practitioners filed separate appeals. Judge Bai Junjie of the Huaibin County Court, who was in charge of this case, told the practitioners that he was simply executing the decision of a higher court (the Xinyang City Court), so there was no use appealing. He talked the practitioners into withdrawing their appeals using persuasion and the threat of force. Only Fu Lingyun refused to withdraw the appeal and hired an attorney.

The practitioners were arrested around October 20, 2006. Huaibin County National Security Team Leader Han Dejun and other police officers used several brutal torture methods on the practitioners. They deprived the practitioners of sleep, handcuffed and hung them, used electric batons to shock them, and beat them and injected them with toxic drugs. The brutal torture caused Ms. Lu Hongyuan to suffer a massive hemorrhage, and she was near death. The police sent her to the hospital and then returned her to the detention center after she recovered. Fu Lingyun was brutally tortured and injected with poisonous drugs. The five practitioners are still detained at the Huaibin County Detention Center.

Contact information:

Huaibin County Political and Law Committee (Public Order Office and the 610 Office): 86-376-7761035 (Office Phone and Fax)
Huaibin County Political and Law Committee Party Secretary Yang Chunli: 86-376-7765568, 86-376-7796699, 86-13613979666 (Cell)
Huaibin County Political and Law Committee Deputy Party Secretary and Huaibin County 610 Office Director Tian Zhenghua: 86-13837678579 (Cell)
Huaibin County Court: 86-376-7722708, 86-376-7722879 (Fax)
Huaibin County Court Director Chen Rui: 86-376-7723188, 86-13937666616 (Cell)
Huaibin County Court Deputy Director Chen Hao: 86-13903971286 (Cell)
Huaibin County Court Deputy Director Yi Wei: 86-376-7723166, 86-13903971976 (Cell)
Huaibin County Court Deputy Director Fang Jian: 86-376-7723222, 86-13603976500 (Cell)
Huaibin County Procuratorate: 86-376-7787099, 86-376-7787050 (Fax)
Huaibin County Procuratorate Chief Prosecutor Huang Lipeng: 86-376-7787001, 86-13937666567 (Cell)