(Clearwisdom.net) Under the direction of the Jilin City and Jilin Province State Security Division, the police departments of Changyi District and Chuanying District recently launched a mass arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners in Jilin City. The practitioners who were recently arrested include Mr. Wu Jianmin, Ms. Zhang Xiuzhi, Ms. Zhang Shuhua, Ms. Zhang Shulan, Ms. Du Hongfang, Mr. Guo Yunqing, Ms. Guo Fengqing, Mr. Xie Lin, Mr. Jin Sanzhou, Ms. Wang Minli, practitioner Wu (gender unknown, first name unknown), Mr. He (first name unknown) and his wife.

During the interrogation, the police used a stick to poke the genital area of practitioner Ms. Zhao Yingjie (unmarried). Ms. Zhao reported the incident to other police involved in the case, but no one paid any attention.

Practitioner Mr. Liu Hongwei could not walk due to torture and is now in a wheelchair. Practitioner Ms. Zhao Yingjie was force-fed with five bottles of mustard oil. Her mouth and cheeks were severely damaged.

Among the 19 arrested practitioners, a practitioner whose name is still unknown was tortured even more brutally and has been sent to the hospital at the police department of Jilin Province. According to people who witnessed the torture, practitioner Liu Yu from Huadian City was tortured so badly that he could not walk anymore, and could only crawl after the interrogation. The mother of practitioner Ms. Wang Liqiu from Jilin City received a call from a kind person who said that Ms. Wang Liqiu was on a hunger strike and her heart disease had recurred. Her illness is very serious.

A brainwashing class was also held in Jilin City, Tiedong Area.