Dear Master,

Dear Fellow Practitioners,

I am a Dafa practitioner from Los Angeles. I would like to share a miracle that happened to me. More than two months ago, I was involved in a very serious car accident. I passed this tribulation.

November 9, 2006, is for all those present an ordinary date, but that day is for me of great significance and etched into my mind. My car was hit by a big truck that ran a red light at noon that day. I fainted and was bleeding everywhere.

Just before then, after I had finished some work in the office, I decided to go to visit nearby companies and distribute flyers about the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular and let people know how wonderful this Chinese New Year show is.

After distributing the flyers, I got back into my car and drove away. I was hit by a someone talking on a cellphone while driving through an intersection. My car was totaled. It had made a 90 degree turn and come to a stop at the other street corner.

At that moment, I cried out in fear, and then I fainted. I don't know how long it took me to open my eyes again. I saw that my car window broken. Outside my car I saw police, doctors, nurses, people, and cars. The wound on my forehead wouldn't stop bleeding. I got out of the car and was taken to the ambulance. On my way to the hospital, the paramedics kept talking to me, because they wanted to prevent me from fainting again.

At the emergency center, I gradually became more clearheaded. Then I began to send forth righteous thoughts and completely deny the persecution by the old forces. In the meantime, I asked Master to strengthen me. Immediately after they removed the bandage that stopped the flow of the blood and that held my hands and head immobilized, I sat up and held one palm erect to send forth righteous thoughts. I felt strong energy spreading throughout my body and tears streamed down my face. Merciful Master bore everything for me. I do not have the words to share how much I appreciated Master in my heart at that moment. The only thing I can do is to ask Master to forgive this not diligent disciple. Later, one nurse asked me if I was in pain. I said, "I don't feel any pain anywhere except the wound." My blood pressure and temperature were normal.

A nurse saw me sitting up and was curious about what I was doing. I said that I was sitting in meditation. She said that she also liked meditation. After the doctor checked my wound, he said that it still needed some antiseptic and a tetanus injection. He said he needed to use an anesthetic so he could sew up the wound. Then, something would have to be done so it would not leave a scar. I told him that Falun Gong practitioners believe that everything has its reason. I said that we don't need any injections or medicine. The doctor considered my words and expressed his respect regarding my belief. However, hospital regulations required that a brain scan be done to make sure that my skull was not fractured. On my way to the x-ray room, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The results were normal.

If this accident happened to an ordinary person, most probably it would have been life threatening.

In the afternoon the doctor said I could go home after signing the required documents. I expressed my appreciation to the doctors and nurses in the emergency center for their help. At the same time, I didn't forget to give every one a flyer about Falun Gong and Zhen Shan Ren�"Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance�"as well as a small card with Dafa website information. In the evening, I sat in meditation, studied the Fa and practiced the five sets of exercises.

On the second and the third day, I pushed myself to complete interviews I had promised people. Several days later, the left side of my face and my legs were black and blue. Especially the part between the knee of the left leg and my instep and ankle were dark black. My knee had swelled like the big steamed bread we eat on Chinese Lunar New Year. I even couldn't bend my leg. Following the accident I needed to be involved in two important tasks. One was the Hollywood parade at the end of the month as well as the costume design and dance practice. The other was the promotion of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular. Additionally, we had promised some people in the community to perform some dances.

I called the dance team to come for rehearsal. That day I felt as if I would go into physical shock at any moment. However, strong righteous thoughts and a powerful strength told me to complete the mission, so we finished the practice on schedule. The design of the costumes was also finished after some problems. We participated in the parade and presented the wonder of the pure righteousness and pure compassion of Falun Dafa to people. While promoting the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, I had to walk and stand for long periods of time while performing the dance. We wanted to present the wonderful Chinese culture and arts to the people, so I had to bear the inconvenience caused by my leg. However, I overcame all these difficulties.

My car was declared a total loss. However, I didn't ask for compensation, because I knew that the driver didn't hit me on purpose. In Lecture four of Zhuan Falun, Master said:

"Even the bystanders thought it was strange that this lady didn't extort money from the driver. 'Ask him for money.' People's moral standards these days are all perverted. Sure, the driver was going too fast. But he wouldn't hit somebody on purpose. He didn't mean to do that."

I also enlightened to the realization that the persecution from the old forces and cultivation issues were also involved in this accident.

After this accident, I enlightened that we should look within to find out the fundamental reason when something happens to us. "Cultivation is a process of getting rid of attachments." My own attachments also caused this car accident. One is the attachment of fear and the other is the attachment of zealotry. The evil took advantage of my loophole.

At our practice site, one practitioner appeared to suffer very serious "sickness karma." I went to visit him. He looked in terrible pain and I really couldn't bear it. Just two days before the car accident, one thought suddenly occurred to me: "If this happened to me, could I pass the tribulation? I cannot let it happen to me." It was only one thought, and then I reminded myself not to think that way. However, cultivation is serious, and the closer to the end, the more severe and the stricter it is. Even one thought cannot be neglected. Just because of this one thought of fear, I was taken advantage of by the evil. One more reason is that I developed the attachment of zealotry after doing some Fa-rectification work. After promoting the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, I felt that Master had created another opportunity for us to cultivate. I seemed to go back to the state of cultivating at the very beginning. However, as to how great and profound this show is, the deep meaning of it, and how much painstaking effort was put into it--is that how much I understand it? The tickets were sold, but I developed the attachment of zealotry. I asked myself, "How much did I do in clarifying the truth?" If I did not have a deep understanding of the show, if I didn't improve my xinxing, then how could I guide people to change their thinking? However, I developed the attachment of zealotry, which was taken advantage of by the old forces.

"The paths of cultivation are varied
But none is outside the Great Law
When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth"

"Unimpeded" in Hong Yin II

With so many attachments and so many human notions, how come the evil doesn't take advantage of the loopholes?

After experiencing this car accident, I enlightened that "with the master and the Fa here," Falun Dafa disciples are solid like diamond. While I was in the emergency room, one practitioner text messaged me, "Believe in Master, believe in the Fa." I was so moved.

Master said:

"There are a lot of examples like this, they're countless, but nobody has experienced any danger. It's not like all of us have to go through these kinds of things, but some of us will. Whether you run into them or not, I can guarantee that you won't be in any danger�"I can guarantee it. Some students' actions don't meet our character requirements, they just do the exercises and they don't cultivate their character, so you can't call them practitioners. " Zhuan Falun

As Fa-rectification period disciples, only by studying the Fa well can we keep every word and every action consistent with the Fa. Only by studying the Fa well can we walk our own path well and do well the three things that Master asked us to do. All the evil will be eliminated; all the tribulations will pass.