(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts from New York brought the first two shows in New Zealand to Auckland on April 5, 2007. The audience responded warmly to the performance and thanked the artists with long-lasting rounds of applause at curtain calls, as the artists bowed to the audience three times.

Founder of Tiangle TV James Blackman told the reporter that the Chinese Consulate had asked Tiangle TV many times to stop carrying Falun Gong TV programs

Waitomo Mayor Mark Ammon (second from left),Kaumatua Philip Crown (sitting in the middle) and other VIPs watched the show.

The audience enjoys the wonderful performance.

People from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Maori, Sri Lanka and other places of the Pacific region enjoyed the show. Throughout the show, the audience expressed their recognition of divine culture in accordance with their own cultures. In particular, the dance “Creation” received the audience's warm applause.

Ms. Robin Lewis, a lady from Whangarei, took her four granddaughters to the show. She praised the beautiful performance, costumes, hair decorations and dance movements. She came to see the show after hearing about it from a newspaper. She said, “I want to give my grandchildren a beautiful memory that they will remember for life.”

Mr. Chen from Taiwan told the reporter, “I nearly shed tears when I saw the dance 'Creation'.” He said excitedly that he would like to find a ticket for the evening show so that he could watch it again.

Waitomo Mayor Mark Ammon told the reporter that he loved the program, especially the last performance, “A Dunhuang Dream.”

Philip Crown is a leader of the Maori tribes, and he has made great efforts in spreading traditional culture. He told the reporter that he thought all of the performances were great. He especially like the Erhu performance and “A Dunhuang Dream.” He said that there were stories about Buddha in Maori tribes, too. He showed a great understanding of the stories in the show. It was the first time that he had heard about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He was very saddened and didn't know such things were still happening. He said that he had learned the true story of Falun Gong.

Renowned writer Ms. Liu Weijuan said that it was a great show and that she would recommend it to many people.

Tenor Guan Guimin of Divine Performing Arts said that they had given the performance more than seventy times, and the audience was moved to tears in every show. This year's show is different from the past in how moving it is for the audience. It was because they saw the spirit of the 5000-year Chinese culture, experienced the true beauty and the true compassion, and were brought to deep thought. It was a very special show. He hopes many more people would be able to experience it.

Chinese Consulate's Interference Ended Up Promoting the Show

Divine Performing Arts has received congratulations from ministers, political party leaders, consuls and mayors. The show was a highly anticipated event. The Chinese Communist Party attempted to block the show by indecent means. Some mayors in the Auckland area had received phone calls from the Chinese Consulate, asking them not to attend the show. After these attempts were exposed, Divine Performing Arts became a topic of discussion for many people in Auckland.

On April 5, Green Party MP and spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Keith Locke wrote a letter to the sponsor of Divine Performing Arts to congratulate them on the upcoming show and condemn the interference by the CCP. MP Locke wished Divine Performing Arts great success in Auckland and that they would be free from outside interference.

MP Locke was strongly against the pressure that the Chinese Consulate had exerted on the local community leaders. He said that they lived in a democratic society. He was strongly opposed to attempts by foreign agents to stop them from watching an art performance.

Former MP of United Future NZ Party Bernie Ogilvy said that New Zealand was a free country. Everyone had the right to decide what he wanted to do. It was not China. The founder of Tiangle TV James Blackman went to the show in Tang Dynasty attire. He told the reporter that his TV station had received interference from the Chinese Consulate many times, asking them to stop carrying Falun Gong programs.

TV One reported about Falun Gong and Divine Performing Arts twice in prime time. The interference from the CCP ended up giving Divine Performing Arts more attention. A local resident said that he went to watch the show after hearing about how the Chinese Consulate tried to stop mayors from going to the show.

The last show in Auckland ended at 10 p.m. on April 5. The whole group of performers answered curtain calls amidst warm applause. The next stop of their touring performance will be Taiwan.