(Clearwisdom.net) In the winter of 1997 my sister was reading the book “Zhuan Falun” while riding on a bus. The lady next to her asked what she was reading, and she told her it was Zhuan Falun. My sister also explained that Falun Gong had spread all over the country and that it taught people to be good, and that it helped improve people’s health and uplift their moral character. A man sitting beside the lady said that he'd never heard of such a good practice in his hometown.

My sister learned that the lady was a schoolteacher and the man was a business owner. Both of them lived in a remote town in the northeastern part of the country on the border of a river. The residents were mostly demobilized military personnel. The town was a regimental headquarters and there were companies under it. It was a difficult place to get to. The only way was by country bus. They asked my sister to go there to teach the practice, and exchanged contact information. In this way their predestined relationship with Dafa was affirmed.

After she returned home my sister told us the story. We three sisters discussed the matter and felt that it was a perfect hongfa opportunity, and that we shouldn’t leave a single person with a predestined relationship to Falun Dafa behind. This was the hint that Master had given us. We contacted the assistance center and arranged a time. On February 15 the three of us departed with videotapes of Master’s lectures, Dafa books and a video player.

When we arrived at the frontier station every passenger on the bus had to be checked before entering the town. We were a bit nervous because there was a rule against bringing audio/visual equipment into the town. If they didn’t let us bring the video player it would affect our hongfa. Contrary to our expectations, however, the searchers walked right past us as though they didn’t see us. Our hearts were then at ease. With Master’s protection we left the frontier station and arrived safely in town.

It was getting dark when we arrived, and the couple my sister had met on the bus were waiting for us. They had arranged everything. People with authority, including regimental officials, Health Department officials, teachers, and owners of private businesses participated. They were very hospitable. Our classroom was set up in a vacant restaurant. That very night they informed every household about the Falun Gong classes through a town broadcast, and they placed posters on bulletin boards around town. They had arranged everything and made a good start. We were so grateful to Master, who had arranged everything for us. We started the nine-day lectures as scheduled. Every morning we played one lecture and in the afternoon we taught the exercises. For the tenth class's content, we had experience sharing.

On the first day there were only five or six people, but more and more people came each day, and by the last class we had fifty to sixty people. The people were very pure and kind. They said that the officials were very supportive. Town officials, teachers and doctors all came to attend the classes. Because it was free of charge, they thought it must be a good practice, so they came to learn. After several days of listening to the lectures they came to understand what Falun Gong was. As the word spread, more and more people came.

During the classes many miraculous things happened. One class member was the mother of a business owner. She was suffering the final stages of cancer and couldn’t walk following an operation. After listening to the lectures she was in good spirits and could do the exercises for one hour without feeling tired. People were inspired by such stories and proclaimed the wonderfulness of Dafa. An older lady who had smoked for thirty years quit smoking after listening to the lectures. A lady with endometrial carcinoma recovered on the spot. She was moved to tears. Another older lady in her seventies saw numerous lotus flowers when she did the exercises. She was so excited, she said, “Tang Seng walked tens of thousands of miles and bore tremendous hardships in search of the real scriptures. We didn’t even have to leave our homes and the true scriptures were delivered to our doorsteps. We shouldn’t miss such a good practice, which one may not encounter in tens of thousands of years.”

We three sisters were amazed by these events. Master gave so much to the people there. We could not find words to express our gratitude. It was Buddha’s immense compassion for sentient beings to not let a single predestined person miss out.

We returned to the hotel at around 10:00 p.m. one evening after we finished teaching the five sets of exercises. A young man from the class came with us. He said he had studied anaesthesia at a university in Harbin City. We shared our experiences about practicing the exercises and studying the Fa over the previous several days. He told us that when Master was lecturing (on the video) he saw that beings at different levels in different dimensions were all listening. He said he was born with his celestial eye open. He knew that he was a senior abbot in his previous life, but because he made mistakes on the issue of sexuality he was punished and fell down, reincarnating at his present home. He was very clear on how he came, and was determined to practice Falun Gong and teach his classmates the exercises when he returned to the university.

That night we did the meditation together. I sat with him against a bed. My elder sister and younger sister sat facing each other. About ten minutes later I felt a chilly gust come over me. All of a sudden I felt icy cold all over my body, and I was trembling. I knew bad things were coming towards me. I saw the eyes of a big python that possessed the young man become as big as bulbs, and the snake ran amok toward me. Master protected me by placing a protective shield around me, so the thing was unable to touch me. My younger sister saw that the situation wasn’t very good, and she grabbed a Falun badge from my elder sister’s chest and pinned it to the young man’s shirt. Suddenly a golden light flashed and the Falun spun quickly, turning the monkey, fox, yellow weasel, snake and big python that possessed him into primordial qi. Falun saved this young man. He was so grateful and said with tears in his eyes, “Master saved my life. Those things were too unsettling. I would have been ruined if Master hadn’t saved me. I would have been prevented from studying and may have died a painful death. I’ll take my studies seriously and try to be a qualified anaesthetist. It was Master who protected me.” It was a heart stirring and breathtaking battle. The next day half of his face and mouth were black, but he again wanted to express his gratitude to Master.

There was another person who was a coordinator for a health organization. She worshiped a fox and a yellow weasel on the family shrine. In the evening she came to our hotel and asked us what she should do. We told her to do what Master told us, to throw all those things away. She said she couldn’t afford to disturb those things. She told us that in the beginning the fox and the yellow weasel interrupted her and she ignored them, and then they came to bother her child. She said she had no other choice but to worship them. I quoted Master’s Fa from Zhuan Falun to her,

“Actually, I say that they are not formidable and are nothing before a true practitioner. Though you may find one that has practiced cultivation for nearly one thousand years, a tiny finger will be more than enough to crush it. (“Spirit or Animal Possession,” Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun, 2000 English Translation)

I told her to believe in Master, gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun and told her what to do. As soon as she got home around midnight she threw away all those things and everything was okay. Later she helped organize the practice site and Fa study group and played an important role.

During our hongfa activities Master watched over us every minute. Whenever we encountered difficulties Master gave us hints and enlightened us. Master was always beside us. One day around noon my younger sister was very hungry and grumbled to herself that she only got two meals a day, while others had three, and the time between meals was so long, and that she had to work from early morning until very late at night, etc. She was in charge of teaching the exercises and needed more energy. The next day people asked us if two meals a day were enough. They said that if we were hungry they’d supply us with another meal. We were very surprised. We’d only mentioned it the day before, and yet they knew. Master was indeed taking care of us in every possible way, though we didn’t ask for another meal.

The above are only a few examples among the many stories about the nine-day lectures. We held an experience-sharing meeting at the end of the classes and set up a Fa study group and exercise practice sites, and appointed coordinators. They intended to spread the Fa to all the nearby villages and let everyone come to learn Dafa.

One year later they held an experience sharing conference and the three of us attended. There were more than one hundred people at the conference. We were moved by each story about how they’ve benefited from practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. One female practitioner suffered from an unknown disease and was on medication all the time. She couldn’t do any housework, and she couldn’t even lift her head. Her husband was a doctor, but he wasn’t able to cure her disease. After several days of practicing Falun Gong she recovered. Then the whole family came to learn the exercises. There was a high school teacher, and a white snake had possessed her and her child. After practicing Falun Gong they were no longer possessed. Master saved her and her child.

Every one was so grateful to Master and the sharing was very touching. Falun Dafa has truly spread and blossomed in this remote border town.