(Clearwisdom.net) It has been 15 years since Teacher began to disseminate the “Fa,” and the cultivation of Falun Dafa practitioners has turned from individual cultivation before July 20, 1999, to that of Fa-rectification. As Teacher's Fa-rectification progresses, the “three things” that practitioners must do are study the Fa and do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and save sentient beings by “clarifying the truth.” We can return to our true homes following Teacher only if we comply with His requirements, study His teachings, keep each and every one of our thoughts within the Fa, fulfill our vows, and assimilate to the Fa. How shall we rectify our words and actions? We must measure every circumstance with the Fa. Let me share my understanding regarding some “trivial” phenomena.

Respecting Teacher is first and foremost. Everyone knows that treating Dafa books well and not soiling them and not calling Teacher by His name are ways of respecting Teacher. So shouldn't we get rid of habits formed among everyday people, such as sitting with one leg crossed over the other? Teacher's Law bodies are behind each practitioner and they are watching over and protecting us all the time. So when sitting, isn't it disrespectful to Teacher to study with one's legs crossed? Even among everyday people such a gesture is impolite. In my personal point of view, it is not trivial and should be rectified, even though it looks as if it were trivial. Teacher said in his lectures that only we who cultivate in the human world listen to the Fa while we are seated, while all heavenly beings listen to Fa-lectures on their knees.

Compare every circumstance with the Fa and assimilate to the Fa of the cosmos. In Lecture Four of “Zhuan Falun,” Teacher talks about loss and gain, and upgrading “xinxing,” and, overall, Dafa practitioners know how to behave accordingly. However, some veteran practitioners in my area who believe firmly in Teacher and cultivate Dafa firmly and who never yield to the evil even during persecution, neglect basic requirements in individual cultivation when Fa-rectification is approaching the end and are not disciplining themselves strictly in their everyday lives. Teacher requires that we start from being a good person, then become a better person, and then be a supernatural person. Teacher said that one can only consummate when cultivating without omissions!

In the “Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, USA,” Teacher said:

“Since you're doing Dafa cultivation, everything should be the most magnificent and the purest. None of the things we do are just about your personal cultivation. We have to also consider the Fa, and we have to consider the new beings of the future, and, at the same time, we have to consider the form of beings in the future. Because you're laying a foundation for them, the path we take has to be righteous. Whatever you do today, the future people will remark, 'That's how Dafa disciples did it back then,' so we can see that many things are major.”

So whatever we do, the first thing we should think of is the Fa. We must evaluate our thoughts with Fa and rectify our unrighteous thoughts and actions.

Our attachments can be reflected in trivial details. Fellow practitioners, rectify each word and action, and do not leave any room for the evil to utilize. Teacher is reluctant to let go even one disciple. We should remind each other, compare Fa-study and cultivation, be diligent together, do the three things well, fulfill our vows, and return home following our Teacher.