(Clearwisdom.net) I was born in Hanzhong City, Foping County, Shaanxi Province. We have our own family business, and we are the only family with no casualties during the big flood back in 2003.

In early 2003, I went on a trip out of town. During the trip, I met some Dafa practitioners while visiting a relative's home. The practitioners talked to me about Falun Dafa and left some Dafa cards for me before they left. Though I did not take the Dafa cards at the time seriously enough, I distributed them to my family members—even the housekeeper we hired got a Dafa card as well.

Strangely, on June 9, 2003, in the evening, all the members of our family except me had business to take care of, so they were away. Only a few employees and myself were home. In the middle of the night, while I was using the restroom, I realized that there was lots of water on the floor. I immediately woke up all the employees and escaped from the big flood in time.

More strangely, the escape route we took was uneventful, without any trouble at all. Almost all other people who escaped around the same time had accidents, and many of them lost their lives as a result. For instance, some young people carried their kids and ran towards the mountain, but the stones rolling downhill hit them. Others climbed up into the trees, but the roots of the trees did not hold during the flood, and many trees were uprooted entirely and fell. There were also people who tried to drive their cars to escape but were washed away by the water when trying to cross the bridge. It was an awful scene.

After the flood waters receded, nearly 2000 dead bodies were found. Countless others had been washed away by the water or died of other related causes. The actual number of deaths was hard to calculate. Frankly, no one had the fortitude to actually do a thorough count, because the government officials from all three levels—the county, the city, and the province—warned people not to tell the truth to outsiders. As a result, the “Great Flood of ‘6.9’” reported only 150 casualties.

Several years have passed. Recently, a relative of mine, a practitioner, again told me about the importance of quitting the Communist Party and its related organizations in order to save my life. He said that the Party was originally an evil red dragon that destroyed traditions and ethics. In short, from its inception the Party had never cared at all about human lives. I told him that I saw with my own eyes that the flood had taken away many people's lives, but that the Chinese Communist Party only reported 150 deaths. They surely did not care about human beings.

So my entire family has now quit the Communist Party and its related organizations, and I am here telling people from the bottom of my heart, “Please quit the Communist Party and all of its affiliated organizations as soon as possible. Dafa practitioners are telling the truth. They are truly saving people's lives!”