(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners Mr. Jin Chengshan and Ms. Jiao Xiaohua are a married couple living in Hulan District of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. They and two other practitioners were arrested by the Hulan District police on December 22, 2006. Later, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) Hulan District Procuratorate Department and Court illegally sentenced them. Mr. Jin Chengshan has severe paraplegia, and his health further deteriorated after the arrest because of the persecution he was subjected to.

Nearly 50 relatives of Mr. Jin and Ms. Jiao have recently filed a lawsuit seeking justice against those who persecuted this couple. Their letter of appeal follows.

Letter of Appeal

By relatives of Mr. Jin Chengshan and Ms. Jiao Xiaohua.


To appeal for justice against those who are responsible for the arrest, detention, and sentencing of the Jin couple.

They include: Wang Keda, Yan Tinghui, Xu Xingwu and others from Hulan Police Station.

Those in Hulan Procuratorate Department, Hulan Court, as well as those in the back building of the Harbin City Police Hospital are also being held responsible.


  1. Immediately release Jin Chengshan and Jiao Xiaohua, and drop the charges against them.

  2. Investigate the following peoples' crimes and bring them to justice: Wang Keda, Yan Tinghui, Xu Xinwu (these three are from Hulan Police Station), responsible personnel in the Hulan District Procuratorate Department and the back building of the Harbin Police Hospital.

  3. Provide compensation for the financial losses of Jin Chengshan and Jiao Xiaohua, as well as their family members; also return the 13,000 yuan, two computers and two cell phones that were taken from them.

  4. Restore the reputation of Mr. Jin Chengshan and Ms. Jiao Xiaohua in public.

Description of what happened:

Mr. Jin Chengshan, 46, handicapped, employee of Hulan Police Station.

Ms. Jiao Xiaohua, 45, employee of Hulan Candy and Wine Company.

At 3:00 p.m. on December 22, 2006, Wang Keda (the Assistant Director of the Security Division of Hulan District Police Station) and Xu Xingwu went to Mr. Jin Chengshan's home and deceived him by saying they were returning the 13,000 yuan that was taken from them in March 2005. After Mr. Jin opened the door, not even a penny of the money was returned. Instead, more than 20 police officers rushed in and carried out Mr. Jin. They also arrested his wife Ms. Jiao Xiaohua, and detained her at the No. 2 Detention Center in Harbin City, District 7. The officers carried Mr. Jin into the police hospital, which is often referred to as the "Hospital for Sick Prisoners," or the "Fourth Detention Center." There is no sign at the entrance, but this area is highly secured with a tall iron fence. Rooms on all four stories of the building are kept secret and dark by white window curtains throughout the year. This place is just like a prison�"after the "sick prisoner" is thrown onto a bed, hardly anyone will come to take care of him. Mr. Jin had severe paraplegia but through practicing Falun Gong, his health had improved. He hardly needed medication, and was able to control his bladder and bowels. After seeing the miracle in Mr. Jin, his wife also started to practice, which made their lives happier.

In the police hospital, however, nobody helped Mr. Jin to turn his body over, nor could he study the Fa and do the exercises. Therefore, his bodily functions and health became worse. Mr. Jin was in great pain; he had no choice but to call aloud, "Falun Dafa is good!" The hospital official thus transferred his wife to the same building. His wife is allowed to help him with defecating and urinating once a day; other than that, she is kept separately in another room. More than 60 days have passed, and Mr. Jin's skin has ulcers, and he is in extreme pain every day.

At around 10:00 a.m. on February 27, 2007, Hulan District Court passed a secret sentence for the couple in the police hospital. Since Mr. Jin could not walk, he was carried from the 3rd floor to a larger room on the 2nd floor. Only four family members were allowed to be present. Five people from the court were there. The so-called sentencing went on for more than two hours, with the officials saying it was illegal to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Many people have read the Nine Commentaries, which can easily be found on the street. It is a very popular book among the Chinese, and is a must-read. In the book it is said that the CCP will be disintegrated by the heavens, and one can have a safe life by quitting the CCP. So the persecution is not related to Mr. Jin and his wife. This couple did not write the Nine Commentaries, and there is no law in China that prohibits one from reading the Nine Commentaries. In fact, the Nine Commentaries is now read worldwide. In court, it was declared illegal for this couple to keep Falun Gong materials for their friends. This is a personal belief, and the materials are to tell people that Falun Dafa is good, so that one can have a safe life when catastrophes come. These materials also tell people the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. How can one say this is against the law? The constitution gives us the freedom of speech, publishing, belief, forming organizations, parading, etc. This means the couple did nothing against the law. In fact, it is unlawful to persecute them. The court could not reach a decision on that day.

It was said that this police hospital persecuted two young Falun Gong practitioners to death in the fourth quarter of 2006. Other than Mr. Jin and his wife, practitioner Cui Xin, who is unable to walk, was also detained here since December 2006. When a prisoner is ill, he or she may be temporarily released for medical reasons, but the Hulan District police now forcibly keeps handicapped people in the police hospital and leaves them unattended even with ulcers - isn't this killing?

The reason the Hulan District Police Station arrested Mr. Jin and his wife is because Mr. Jin asked that the money taken by the police earlier be returned. The police thus detained them, arrested them, brought a lawsuit against them, and attempted to sentence them. This is wrong. Practicing Falun Gong is a personal belief and it is permitted by the constitution.

We hereby call for the investigation of the involved personnel at Hulan District Police Station (Wang Keda, Yan Tinghui, Xu Xingwu), Hulan Procuratorate Department, and Harbin City Police Hospital. These people have violated the constitution and criminal law. They have committed theft, defamation, illegal detention, violating others' freedom, and dereliction of duty. We hope some officials will help to bring justice and immediately release Mr. Jin and his wife. We also request restitution for the losses that Mr. Jin's family has suffered, including 13,000 yuan and other confiscated articles.

This appeal is copied to the following agencies:

The Supreme Court of P. R. China
The Supreme Procuratorate Office of P. R. China.
The Supreme Court of Heilongjiang Province
The Supreme Procuratorate Office Heilongjiang Province
Harbin City Court
Harbin City Procuratorate Office
Harbin City Congress
Other justice and judicial monitoring agencies
Unions, law offices, and women's organizations
This is also forwarded to news media including newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

Written by the relatives of Mr. Jin Chengshan and Ms. Jiao Xiaohua:

Chen Lidong, Jiao Weiquan, Jin Xin, Jin Chengyu, Chen Guixin, Zhu Ping, Zhou Delong, Jiao Guangyan, Jiao Guangwei, Jiang Lijuan, Zhu Wanbo, Zhu Hongyan, Wang Wencheng, Zhang Quan,Jin Lifu, Jin Liwen, Chen Liqin, Hao Jingfeng, Hao Jingyan, Jiao Lei, Gu Xiang, Huang Zhiying, Huang Jiquan, Huang Zhiping, Huang Zhihe, Zheng Lijuan, Li Wenxin, Huang Zhifen, Huang Zhiru, Huang Lihong, Liu Zhongmin, Jiao Guangren, Fan Wen, Jiao Guangping, Hu Shuzhen, Jiao Guangbin, Li Guizhi, Jiao Shuqing, Li Jingchun, Sun Guimei, Jiao Guangdi, Jiao Yalian, Qu Kui, Jin Xiao Long, Li Tiancheng, Li Tian Xiao, Zeng Hui, Li Li.

On February 28, 2007