(Clearwisdom.net) On January 4, 2007 of the lunar calendar, families were gathered together in celebration of the New Year, but Falun Dafa disciples Cao Jiwei and Li Zhenfang, who were homeless due to persecution by the Laishui County 610 Office and police department, were stopped and searched on the road near the Songgezhuang Reservoir by police officers from Loucun County. The officers beat them to the ground, took their Dafa materials and personal property worth about 3,000 yuan, along with 5,800 yuan in cash.

Deputy Chief Wang Jinshi of the Loucun County Police grabbed Cao Jiwei's hair, repeatedly slapped his face, fiercely kicked his ribs, rung his neck with a rope and stomped on his hand. According to witnesses Cao Jiwei's face and hands were covered with blood. Wang Jinshi took Cao Jiwei's shoes off and forced him to walk barefooted.

After Cao Jiwei and Li Zhenfang were illegally arrested they were taken to the Loucun County Police Station, where Deputy Chief Wang Jinshi assigned officers to torture them. They shocked Cao Jiwei with electric batons. Blue flames flashed as the strong electrical current burned his body again and again. Cao Jiwei had burns, bruises and other wounds all over his body. His eyes were black and blue, and so swollen he could barely open them.

After being subjected to these brutal tortures, Cao Jiwei and Li Zhenfang were sent to Laishui Detention Center that evening. At the detention center a gang of officers beat them. They handcuffed Cao Jiwei's wrists together behind his back, with one arm over the shoulder and the other arm behind. He is still cuffed in that position. He is extremely weak now and can't eat or drink.

While Cao Jiwei and Li Zhenfang were detained at the Loucun County Police Station and Laishui County Detention Center none of their family members were ever notified.

Li Zhenfang was persecuted to the brink of death and was rendered unconscious. Because Laishui County Detention Center officials were afraid of being held responsible for his condition they sent him back to Loucun County Police Station, but the officials there were also afraid to detain him and immediately released him, however Cao Jiwei is still being persecuted in detention.

Detention Center Officers Throw an Older Lady to the Roadside

On January 9, 2007, Cao Jiwei's mother, who is in her seventies, learned from relatives that he was detained. She went to the detention center with her daughter-in-law, granddaughter and some other relatives, and asked to see her son, but was refused. They denied responsibility and told her to go to the police station. When she arrived at the Loucun County Police Station officers rudely insulted her and sent her back to the detention center.

It's nearly twenty miles from the police station to the detention center, and the poor old woman had to be helped back and forth. Passersby denounced the evil behavior of the officers at the detention center and helped her negotiate. The older lady looked at the high walls with tears in her eyes and said, "My son is a good man, he is filial, reasonable and honest. Why do you always persecute him like this? He and his family were persecuted and treated worse than animals. I'm so old, why won't you let my son come home and take care of me, and stop arresting him? Is it a sin to be a good person?" Despite her words they showed her no sympathy, and cruelly shouted at her, "Are you leaving or not? If you don't we'll drag your son out here and shock him with electric batons until he can't stand up." Hearing this, the older lady's heart was broken, and she cried. The cold-blooded police officers dragged her to the roadside on Route 112 and left her there. The weak old lady was left trembling on the ground in the cold. It was after nine o'clock at night. Fortunately her relatives came and took her away from danger.

Cao Jiwei's Relatives Ask for his Release But Were Themselves Arrested

The next day Cao Jiwei's wife, Meng Qinglian, and two other relatives went to the home of Chief Wang Fucai of the Laishui County 610 Office. They asked to see Cao Jiwei and demanded his unconditional release. Wang Fucai was angry, and he called Dai Chunjie at the Laishui Police Station, who arrested Meng Qinglian and therelatives without notifying the family. Now no one knew where they were.

Loucun County Police Station: 86-312-4681065
Loucun County Goverment: 86-312-4683199
Deputy Chief Wang Jinshi, Loucun County Police Station (who lives at Manjinyu Team, Shiting Town, Laishui County): 86-13931247368 (cell)
Wang Jinshi's father: 86-312-4591415
Wang Fucai: 86-312-4532190 (office), 86-312-4526973 (home), 86-13932231936 (cell)
Wang Fucai's wife, Liang Zhenting (a teacher at No. 2 Middle School in Laishui County, west of Laiyang Rd. Laishui County): 86-312-4523336
Wang Fucai's sister Wang Guirong: Yongyang County Hospital