(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, while a practitioner in my city was clarifying the truth to people, she was followed by plainclothes police officers from the 610 Office. Four or five police vehicles approached from several directions and drove directly toward her in order to surround her. She was still clarifying the truth to two young men and they expressed their gratitude and admiration. They said with their thumbs up, "Aunt, you are right, we all support you!"

The police officers then seized her. While they illegally searched her home, she compassionately and peacefully clarified the truth to them. One young policeman who was alone with her for some time casually asked her, "Aunt, is Falun Dafa really that great? " The practitioner replied with a smile, "Young man, believe me, I would never deceive you. Falun Dafa is really good." Later, this young policeman quietly asked her for a Dafa truth clarification amulet.

After being taken to a police station, the practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts and compassionately clarified the truth to the police officers. The officers who were involved in "illegally arresting" her wanted to take her to a brainwashing center. However, the officers from her residential area wanted to take her back to the local police station. Finally, she was taken to the local police station.

On the way back to the local station, she continuously clarified the truth and sent forth righteous thoughts. When they arrived, her family members demanded that she be released. Just like that, with Teacher's merciful protection and her strong righteous thoughts, the practitioner walked out of the local police station that same day.

Shortly before she left, a local police officer quietly told her: "Do you know why we insisted on taking you back? Because those police officers who arrested you while you were clarifying the truth wanted to take you to the brainwashing center. We had to take you back to our police station so that we could release you and keep you from being persecuted."

The practitioner was delighted that more lives had been saved. Covered with Teacher's mercy, she went home and again resumed her efforts to clarify the truth and save the world's people.