(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ouyang Wen is a 60-year-old Falun Dafa disciple and a resident of Yueyang City, Hunan Province. On February 11, 2007, policemen arrested her at her daughter's home in Changsha City, Hunan Province. The officers were Head of the Yueyang City “610 Office” Qi Guangyi (male), Li Yonghui (male), Jiang Chao (male), and others from the Political Security Office of the Yueyanglou District Police Department in Yueyang City. The police also searched her home in Yuyang City without a warrant and stole her private possessions, which were in total worth thousands of “yuan”. She is detained in the Yueyang City First Detention Center.

Ms. Ouyang is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. She had intestinal cancer and uterine fibroids, as well asother diseases. She passed out frequently. Her story was posted on the Minghui website. All of her diseases were cured after she practiced Falun Gong. She is grateful to Master and Falun Dafa for giving her a second life.

In July 1999, the former president of China Jiang Zemin issued an order to persecute Falun Gong. Ms. Ouyang and her son went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. They were unlawfully detained. Her son Meng Kai, who had just graduated from Wuhan University Law School, was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for insisting on practicing Falun Gong. He is in Jin City Prison in Hunan Province. A warrant was sent out for Ms. Ouyang after she pleaded innocent on her son's behalf. She was forced to leave her home and family to avoid being arrested.

On December 8, 2004, the police arrested her after she exposed the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners at Chishan Prison. Full of mercy and righteous thoughts, she kept telling the police, people from the 610 Office, and the CCP Political and Judiciary Committee the facts about Falun Gong. She was released after 16 days of detention.

In October 2006, Ms. Ouyang went to Changsha City to take care of her sick granddaughter in the hospital. She lived there for a couple of months. During her absence, the Yueyanglou District Police Department installed surveillance cameras around her home in Yueyang City and monitored her telephone.

Yueyang City 610 Office head Qi Guangyi: 13907302277 (Cell)
Yueyang City 610 Office: 0730-8823172
Yueyang City First Detention Center: 0730-8435084