(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I traveled to Australia with a tourist group from China.

When I first arrived in Australia, I immediately felt the presence of Dafa practitioners validating the Fa -- from parks where Chinese tourists visit to Chinese restaurants -- everywhere I went I saw Dafa disciples clarifying the truth and pasting up banners to promote the NTDTV Spectacular. What was even more wonderful was to see western practitioners in Australia practicing the exercises in the parks, displaying boards, clarifying the truth, etc. All these really attracted a lot of attention from the Chinese tourists. Definitely, this environment of validating the Fa has a lot of impact on tourists traveling abroad, and it is also an encouragement for disciples in China. This is something that we should all learn from Australian practitioners.

Of course, Australian practitioners can also learn a lot from the experiences that we all have, like promoting Spectacular tickets, organizing group practices, and doing well the three things. I won't go into much detail here.

Rather, I would like to share a single issue with Australian practitioners: how to clarify the truth well to tourists from China.

Being a tourist from China, I also became one of the targets of truth-clarification for Australian Dafa practitioners, and thus I feel it is important to know how a Dafa disciple, who is also a tourist, feels about how Australian practitioners can better clarify the truth to tourists from China.

Forgive me for being direct, but I feel that there are several major flaws in how Australian Dafa disciples are clarifying the truth to tourists from China. There are two main areas.

The first is that the truth clarification is not carried out in depth. As an example, when I was in my tourist group with more than twenty people, we traveled to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast, and several other major cities in nine days (over twenty tourist spots in total), but not a single person in the tour group talked to a Dafa disciple face to face. It is imaginable how many Chinese people come to Australia every day -- hundreds, or even thousands. If all of them meet with the same situation as my tour group, how sad it would be for the sentient beings who've come from China. They would go back the same as they arrived. As Dafa disciples, we have really not fulfilled our prehistoric vows; we have not fulfilled our historic responsibility to save sentient beings. In reality, the fact that the evil CCP treats Australia as a main target for tourism shows that it has done a lot of evil arrangements in persecuting Dafa disciples and poisoning sentient beings.

For this, the Australian Dafa disciples have to deny all such arrangements! In fact, negating the evil, exposing the persecution, and disintegrating the evil Party is what all the Dafa disciples in the world are doing. Thus, I think, for Dafa disciples in Australia, in doing well the three things, it is important to study the Fa well, get rid of attachments to fear, be steadfast in one's will, have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and clarify the truth directly to tourists from China. This is an important issue, and it is something that requires serious attention by the Australian disciples.

The second problem has to do with the tour guides. Of the four guides that I met in my tour group, all were influenced by the evil Party. Almost every place they took us openly defamed Dafa. Some of them even shouted to us before we got off the bus at the tourist sites to not get close to the Falun Gong material sites, to not talk to Dafa disciples, and to not read the truth clarification information. Some of the tour guides are even more poisoned and scare the tourists, saying "Whoever gets one of those propaganda materials from Falun Gong will be photographed, posted on the net, and will meet with bad luck once the CCP finds out." Moreover, he would go on and on to give an example of how so and so from which company was imprisoned as a result. These tourist who have already been poisoned and threatened by the CCP might lose their predestined relationships after these further threats by the tour guides.

In reality, I think it is a very unusual situation for Chinese tourists to not give themselves a piece of freedom, to shun Dafa disciples, and to not dare to accept truth clarification materials, after traveling to a free nation such as Australia. And I believe one of the most important problems comes from these tour guides.

So, what is the situation of the Australian tour guides? Amongst the four tour guides I met in Australia, two were male and two were females, between the ages of 34 and 42. They had bachelor's degrees and had come overseas from China. Amongst the four of them, one of them works for a CCP organization, and the other three are just normal tour guides. These people are all products of the evil Party's education and brainwashing. Without knowing the truth about Falun Gong, they simply believe the propaganda of the CCP in order to earn a living, and they even use the CCP's lies to poison tourists.

In fact, the poisoning of tourists by these tour guides is truly nefarious. For example, when I reached the main gate of one of the parks in Melbourne, tour guide A said, "Attention all friends from China! Do not accept any materials from Falun Gong." As a result, none of the two dozen or so tourists accepted the fliers, even when they were handed the materials. Or, when I reached another park in Brisbane, tour guide B said, "When we go up the mountain, just ignore them." So the twenty tourists stayed far away from the Dafa disciples on the mountain. (Of course, I clarified the truth to all four tour guides and they are no longer in league with the evil. In fact, on the second day, I clarified the truth to a tour guide, and one of them began going online to study Zhuan Falun. As for the three others, except for saying Dafa-defaming words on the first day, they all admitted that they were wrong and displayed their compassionate sides the rest of the trip, bringing no more negative effects to the understanding of the truth by all twenty or so tourists in my group. At the same time, all of the tour guides told me when we said "Goodbye" that if they have the chance, they will all study Master Li's Falun Dafa well one day, and bring a good future to themselves.)

In sharing these experiences with Australian disciples, I am not saying this to show off. Along the entire trip to Australia, I had no intention of writing anything at all about it. The reason I am saying this, is to share my ideas as to how Australian practitioners should clarify the truth to tourists from China. (In fact, by extension, it is not just Australia. Aren't the disciples in other nations also facing similar problems in clarifying the truth to tourists from China?) Therefore, it is important to resolve Australia's problem in clarifying the truth to both tourists and tour guides.

The following are my thoughts:

(1) Look for tour guides and clarify the truth using the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party;

(2) Get to know more tour guides through one's family and friends, and indirectly clarify the truth to them;

(3) Dafa disciples who travel abroad in tour groups should clarify the truth of the persecution in China to tour guides by sharing their persecution experiences in China;

(4) If any Australian Dafa disciples have the opportunity, maybe they can consider becoming a tour guide, and be able to utilize your work to clarify the truth well.

Please feel free to point out if there are any inadequacies.

Feedback on the Effects of Truth Clarification by Overseas Disciples

By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

With the great progress of Fa Rectification and the disintegration of all evil gods in the Three Realms, it is no longer hard to clarify the truth to sentient beings. As an example, after sharing some things with a fellow practitioner, I felt that I needed to go out and clarify the truth.

When I reached where I wanted to go, an elderly lady came by after a while and I began to clarify the truth to her. She immediately replied to me proudly that, "I know what you're talking about. I've received calls from overseas and they tell me the same thing. Everyone in my family has already renounced our membership in the Party. All eight of us have withdrawn." I told her to pass on to her family members that "Falun Dafa is Good"and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is Good." She said she would and that she didn't waste her trip today. She left happily, while saying words of gratitude.

My family has also received a lot of calls from overseas Dafa practitioners. Once, a relative of mine was nearby and I quickly passed the phone to him. I was very touched by the tone and compassion of the practitioner who was calling.

In the village, another relative of mine also told me that she'd received calls from overseas. I was really thankful inside for I know that it was Dafa disciples using their hearts to do this.

I wish to say to all practitioners who have "obstacles" in clarifying the truth: do not set up an "obstacle" for yourself. Put down your attachments to yourself, for it is not your true self that is afraid to open your mouth to clarify the truth. Master has said in Zhuan Falun, "When it seems impossible to do, or just hard to do, give it a try and see just what you can do. And when you can really do it, just like that worn and weary traveler, you'll see, "the shade of willows, the blooms of flowers, a place to rest my head"!" I feel that most of the time, it is our own notions that blocks us and so we should look inward! Moreover, saving sentient beings is our prehistoric vow!