(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Guixia, 54 years old, a native of Beijing, was sentenced to one-and-a-half years of forced labor. The time was extended by an additional six months. She was ruthlessly beaten for a long time for her refusal to be "reformed." Drug addict inmates pulled out large hunks of her hair. The long-term torture caused Ms. Li to be stooped over and she developed edema in her legs. The authorities eventually transferred her to the "Training Team" where the guards tried to force her to "reform." She was forbidden from seeing anyone.

Ms. Wang Yunhua, in her 40s, a native of Fangshan in Beijing, was sentenced to two years of imprisonment. She has been imprisoned twice. No matter how the evildoers persecuted her, she would always shout, "Falun Dafa is good." She tore up all the propaganda materials given to her to read. Ms. Wang was eventually transferred to the "Training Team" to be further tortured. She escaped and remains firm and steadfast in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." The persecutors were unsuccessful in their attempts to "reform" her.

Ms. Yue Jun, 54 years old, a native of Henan Province, was illegally held in a detention center and held a protest hunger strike. A guard used an electric baton to beat her. Ms. Yue remained steadfast and survived the torture. Imprisoned with her was a practitioner from Shandong Province. The guards forced this practitioner to "ride the airplane" [a painful posture] shocked her with an electric baton, slapped her face, and opened the window to freeze her in the winter. When she was menstruating, the guards didn't give her any sanitary pads. The guards also took away all their money.

Ms. Zhang Shurui, in her 40s, is a native of Changping in Beijing. Because she remained steadfast in her belief, the guards shocked her with electric batons. She lost consciousness from the abuse for more than ten hours. Ms. Zhang was forced to face a wall for over a month.

Ms. Wang Yuhua, in her 50s, is a native of Changping in Beijing. Despite being illegally detained, she remained steadfast in her cultivation and refused to be "reformed." The guards ordered her to face a wall and did not give her food or water. She was forbidden to go to the restroom and forced to stand in the cold. A month later they transferred Ms. Wang to the "Training Team." Because she still would not be "reformed," the guards broke her legs. They sent her to a hospital from where she was able to escape.

Ms. Zhang Liqian, 36 years old, is a native of Beijing. Because she refused to be "reformed," the guards made her stand for a long time after eating. She was frequently beaten; however, the prison guards would not let her cry out. After beating her, the prison guards forced her to jump rope and would not let her sleep.

Ms. Qian Shufen shouted out, "Falun Dafa is good" and was therefore transferred to the Training Team. Her whole body twitched uncontrollably, but the prison guards said she was pretending, so they put her in shackles. In addition, they put a glass of boiling water on her foot, burning her.

Ms. Cheng Jianhua, in her 40s, is a native of Northeast of China. She worked in Beijing as a teacher. She was sentenced to the forced labor dispatching division where she suffered from inhuman torture. She was tied to a bed and prevented from using the restroom. It was so cold that she started to have a stomachache. The guards tried to force her to "reform," but she held a hunger strike to protest for over ten days. The officials transferred her to a police hospital in shackles. A mere few steps made the skin on her feet and ankles peel off. Ms. Cheng was locked up in a basement, unable to tell if it was day or night. A nurse said, "When you see us, it is daytime; if you do not see us, it is nighttime." When she slept in the evenings one of her hands was handcuffed, and she had to wear shackles day and night.

Ms. Liu Jirong, a native of Yanqing, practiced Falun Dafa with her husband. In the forced labor dispatching division, because she would not give in and renounce Falun Gong, the guards urged criminals Wu Jing and Xu Liyun to kick and beat her. Ms. Liu sustained back and leg injuries and was unable to squat when using the restroom. The forced labor dispatching division restricted her restroom use. The guards accused Ms. Liu of faking illness. She was eventually released on medical parole for treatment of a mental disorder caused by the severe abuse.

Ms. Zhang Litian is in her 30s. She endured barbaric torture because of her refusal to be "reformed." The tortures she endured led to her toenails peeling off. In the winter, the guards forced Ms. Zhang to run in the snow. If she refused to run, they would beat her until she started to run again. These long-term tortures also deformed her wrists from repeatedly falling down to the ground. Ms. Zhang's agonizing screams and painful cries were so upsetting to a criminal inmate that she became mentally deranged and did not recover even after being released.

April 11, 2007