(Clearwisdom.net) Authorities at the Linxia Prison in Gansu Province tortured Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Xuegui to the point where he lost his ability to walk. Mr. Yang Xuegui was transferred to the Forced Labor System Hospital in Lanzhou on December 5, 2005. Linxia Prison authorities transferred Mr. Yang to Lanzhou Prison in May 2006.

Mr. Yang Xuegui stayed in the hospital for seven months. The prison authorities sent him to the No. 11 Ward of Lanzhou City Prison on July 5, 2006. Mr. Yang refused to acknowledge himself as a prisoner, didn't allow his hair to be cut, didn't wear the prison uniform, and went on a hunger strike in protest. The prison guards instructed prisoners to tie Mr. Yang to a "death bed" with handcuffs. A month later, Mr. Yang Xuegui's illness - a form of hepatitis - relapsed. They took him back to the hospital, and forcibly administered intravenous drugs, but he pulled out the needle every time. The authorities sent him back to the prison about twenty days later and locked him in a solitary confinement cell. Mr. Yang's entire body had turned yellowish. Inmates dared not touch him for fear of getting infected, but he recovered in two weeks with no medication, and his skin turned back to normal. This really made some of the prison guards and prisoners believe in the healing powers of Falun Dafa.

Mr. Yang Xuegui was on hunger strike for seven months. He didn't eat until late January 2007. He is still very weak. Two prisoners supported him when his family members visited him, as he cannot walk on his own.

Note: the Minghui website has reported more facts of the persecution that Yang Xuegui has suffered since July 20, 1999.