I started practicing Falun Gong after the persecution began.

When I began cultivating, it was not because of an illness, so I did not really like to do the exercises. The only thing I kept in mind was to not be selfish and to save people. Whenever I became busy with things, I could not find time to study the Fa and do the exercises. As a result, things did not go smoothly for me. In order to try to break through this, if I had not done the exercises for a couple of days I would take the bus to the county capital dozens of kilometers away to them with another female practitioner.

When I learned that Minghui Radio Station was broadcasting exercise music on its morning program, I realized that during the eight years of persecution, some practitioners in China were busy with saving sentient beings while others were despondent and used the persecution as an excuse to not do the exercises diligently. However, in the final stage of Fa-rectification, the assimilation of one's body is a must. So the exercise music being broadcast by Minghui Radio Station is like sprinkles of sweet rain upon China.

I had never participated in group practice before. I used to suffer from dysmenorrhea before I started practicing Falun Dafa. However, after cultivation, the pain lessened greatly. Due to my human notions and poor enlightenment quality, I seldom did the exercises when I had my period. On the first day of group exercise, however, I broke through it. Although I had to use the restroom during the fourth exercise, my abdomen didn't hurt at all.

On the third day of group practice, I got up an hour late since I didn't hear the alarm clock go off. At first, I didn't realize it was interference. My human notions dominated and I made plans to do the exercises in the evening. As it turned out, I only did the exercises for half an hour that evening because I was so busy. That night I listened to the Fa lectures for almost three hours while sitting in lotus position or kneeling. Because of limited time, I do not get to study the Fa for a long time every day.

On the fourth day, my legs hurt only a little bit after doing the fifth sitting meditation exercise.

Recently in the past couple of days, more of my teachers have come to learn the truth from me. Most have also quit the Chinese Communist Party and its organizations after learning the truth. Also, I found it easier to clarify the truth to students and there are more opportunities to do it.

There is an absolute different between a divine being doing things versus a human being doing things. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

"Buddhists believe in saving oneself and saving others, saving all sentient beings, so you don't just need to cultivate yourself, but you also have to save other beings. Other people benefit along with you, and you can adjust other people's bodies and heal other people without meaning to, and other things."

Above is my limited understanding of participating in the nationwide morning group practice. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Group practice creates a strong energy field. It really is a good opportunity to upgrade as a whole body. I hope that all Dafa practitioners, whether new or veteran, in China cherish this predestined relationship, do well, walk righteously during the last phase of Fa-rectification, cultivate more diligently and fulfill our mission!

April 13, 2007