(Clearwisdom.net) I am a village council member. In the beginning, I had no impression about Falun Gong, but I watched them and wondered what were these people were up to. Through my observations, now I know that Falun Gong is a good practice and Falun Gong practitioners are good people. I also read material about Falun Gong from time to time. At the beginning, I did not believe it, but after I witnessed and experienced the personalities of several practitioners, I felt sorry for them. After reading the persecution facts in some (truth-clarifying) materials, I decided to write down what I witnessed and heard, hoping those who participated in the persecution could regain their conscience.

On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong. The government of Luocheng County, Shouguang city, sent people to gather Falun Gong practitioners to a village council. They then asked them to submit all of their books and write statements that they would "Stop Practice" otherwise they would not be allowed to go back home. Among the persecuted there was a family of five (Li Yiming and Li Yichang are brothers), their parents, and the wife of Li Yiming). Since Li Yiming and Li Yichang persisted in their beliefs and refused to write statements, they were held and taken to the county government. The county government asked them to pay 2000 yuan worth of fines and sent them back home. The brothers felt they had been wrongly treated, so they decided to appeal. However, before they did so, they were reported by the Village CCP secretary Sang Huidong. At midnight, the county government kidnapped all Falun Gong practitioners in the village and took them to the village council. They took off their jackets (it was the coldest season of the year) and made them freeze for an entire night.

Next day, the county government purchased 9 sets of handcuffs and some rope. They cuffed all the practitioners and strung them together with the rope, with one person every meter (three feet), and walked them to the county government.

There the practitioners were forced to hold a tree or pole with their hands cuffed together; displayed and humiliated in public. At night, they were cuffed onto chairs in a room with the windows left open. After two days, most of the practitioners paid fines and went home. Only Li Yiming and his wife refused to pay the money. So the persecution continued. During this period, Li Yiming's 7-year-old daughter was at home alone. After 5-6 days, the county government could not find a way out and sent the couple home. On the way home, the county sheriff said, "Sang Huidong reported you to get some money. Looks like he is not going to get any."

In mid-Apriil, 2000, Li Yiming and his brother went to Beijing to appeal. They were kidnapped by the county government and sent back to the county police station for detention.

After 15 days, they were sent back to the village council and suffered inhuman persecution there. 7-8 people stood in a trailer. The brothers were asked to lift up the trailer. If they could not lift it, they were beaten. One of Li Yichang's bones was broken. One person kicked Li Yiming so hard that the heel of his shoe snapped off. (only sketchy details of this time are available). Similar torture continued for half a month.

The authorities later kidnapped all Falun Gong practitioners again, taking them to the village council for brainwashing and torture. They were left outside exposed to the hot sun for extended periods of time in the heat of the day (it was above 30 degrees Celsius, about 90 degrees Fahrenheit). At night, they were not allowed to sleep. They were not even allowed to go home for meals.

The 4-person family of Li Yiming was abducted, so no one came to deliver food for them. The torture continued for 9 days. Most people paid money and went back home for wheat harvest. Li Yiming and his brother did not pay the money and were not allowed to go home. At that time, they already stayed in the village council for more than 20 days. All the families' wheat was harvested except for Li Yiming's. It was also routine that during wheat harvesting season the county would inspect the families' wheat crop. If any family did not harvest their wheat, it meant that the village was not managed well. The CCP secretary of the village, Sang Huidong was afraid that this would affect his "reputation" and "future development," so he took Li Yiming's TV set and recliner as mortgage and let them go home. Till now, the recliner is still in the office of the village council.

After 10 days, Sang Huidong and vice director of the village council Chen Denghe sent Li Yiming and his brother to the Beiluo Mental Hospital for "treatment". They tricked Fu Lianhua (another practitioner) and the wife of Li Yiming to the police station and did not allow them to go home. The following day, they kidnapped more than 10 practitioners in the county and persecuted them. Practitioners were exposed to the sun during the day. At night, they were beaten in the darkness. They were not allowed to eat or drink (not even cold water). People from the county government took turns in beating them. Even people from the birth control department and child care center also joined in the wicked persecution. At the beginning, government clerks did the beating. After they got tired, they hired gangsters from society to do the job. They detained more than 10 practitioners and confined them onto a small patio. Every practitioner was beaten by 3-4 people. The situation continued for 7-8 days. Most of the practitioners paid 15,000 yuan and went home. Only Li Yiming and his wife etc. (4 people) refused to pay the money. At night, they were detained in a room and had their hands beaten with wooden boards. However, they still refused to give up cultivation. They were then injected with drugs, disrupting their central nervous system. The torture continued for about half a month. The four of them were sent to the Beiluo Mental Hospital for more persecution.

After arriving at the mental hospital, the four of them were injected with drugs yet again. They lost consciousness. Since then, three times per day they were injected with drugs. They were also forced to take drugs orally. Some of them felt extreme pain after the injections and knocked things around. Li Yiming and his brother were also injected with and forced to ingest various drugs. They resisted but doctors and nurses beat them until they could not move, then injected them. After half a month, the brothers could not move their bodies or heads. The doctors realized that they could not hold it any more, so they stopped giving injections, but still forced them to take the oral drugs. In order to get their release, the elderly from the family paid 12,000 yuan to the hospital. The hospital agreed to release them but the county government refused. Finally, the only solution the family could find was selling their crops and borrowing money from others. They paid 9000 yuan to the county government. After this, Li Yiming, his brother, and their wives went home.

After returning home, Li Yiming and his brothers still experienced extreme pain from the injections. They continued to study Fa and do the exercises. After more than half a month they recovered. People from the county government kept harassing them. Li Yiming was forced to find a job elsewhere. Until the end of 2002, the county government sent people to watch and follow them. They ransacked Li Yiming's home twice. Finally they took away 2,000 yuan that was hidden away in a chimney. Those who ransacked the home even said, "This family is so poor, they've only got 2000 yuan." Afterwards, Li Yiming brothers and their wives were made destitute and homeless.

After becoming homeless, Li Yichang went to work at Changle County. In the winter of 2002, he came out at night to paint "Falun Dafa is Good" and was kidnapped by the Changle police. He was persecuted for about 3 months (no detail known about this) in the Changle Detention Center. Later he was sentenced 8 years in prison. Until now he is still in Jinan Prison. After he was sentenced, the village removed his residence registration. Li Yichang could not get a share even when dividing the land.

After becoming homeless, Li Yiming went to work at Guangrao. Since he refused to give up his belief of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance," the police and 610 office from Shouguang city kept following and watching him. Li Yiming was kidnapped by the Shouguang Police at the end of 2003. He was detained in Shouguang Detention Center for half a year and brutally tortured. It was said that Li Yiming was thrown into cold water and beaten until he lost conscious, after which they splashed him with cold water. Later he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. After the sentence, his family went to visit him and found that there were scars on his face. He is currently detained in Jinan Prison.

Li Yiming and his brother went through brutal persecution. They were sentenced to 8 years and 10 years respectively. Their parents could not sustain the incidents and became physically weakened. They passed away in 2004 and 2006.

Although I do not practice Falun Gong, I know the benefits of Falun Gong. As a witness of the persecution suffered by the family of Li Yiming, I write down their experiences. These are what I know and are all facts. There are also many things we do not know. I want to use these incidents to wake up those who still have kind hearts. By exposing these evil crimes, it also brings consolation to my conscience.

Names of those who participated in the persecutionof the family of Li Yiming.

1. Doctors and nurses of Beiluo Mental Hospital
Fu Chunying, Wang Jinyu, Wang Li, Yang Liping

2. Village council
Sang Huidong: 86-13686361998(Cell)
Chen Denghe: 86-13515405983(Cell)

3. County government
Director of Legal Department: Han Zhendong
CCP Secretary: Zhao Zhenxin

March 5, 2007