(Clearwisdom.net) On July 10, 2006, after four long years of jail term, a female practitioner finally came out of prison and returned to her home, which is now full of dreariness.

She is from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. Because she used to always be unwell, in September 1998 one of her acquaintances introduced her to Falun Gong. Ever since she started practicing Falun Gong, she had become healthy again and her home had been filled with happiness. Her son started practicing Falun Gong with her.

After the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) commenced the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, she was often harassed, watched and followed by the police. Her entire family was harassed. On January 10, 2002, she was arrested and taken to a detention center. The doctors in the detention center refused to accept her after giving her a medical check up. Chen Wanyou of the city 610 Office hurried to the detention center late in the evening and forced them to accept her.

Later, she became very weak and her life was in danger. She was sent to the emergency room of a hospital. The 610 official, Chen Wanyou, went to the hospital and found that she was very sick. To avoid any responsibility for her worsening condition, Chen asked her family to take her home.

Three days after she returned home, the local police unit asked her family to pay a fee to the police station. They refused. In retaliation, Li Wanyi of the Rural Internal Security Unit abducted this Dafa practitioner several times during the following months.

In the evening of July 16, 2002, police again took her away, leaving her son alone at home, since her husband was working in another city. The child refused to let go of his mother, so the policemen tricked the child by saying that his mother would return after a while.

The child never saw his mother return. The policemen sent her directly to the detention center. She said to them, "My child is only 14 years old. He is afraid to stay home alone. Don't you also have your own family and kids? Why do you do this to me?"

The policemen said, "Just accept your own misfortune. We need to take you in to beef up our numbers (of practitioners detained). We don't care about anything else."

She was wrongly detained until November 2 of the same year, then sentenced to an illegal four year jail term by the rural court of the evil Communist Party. At the courthouse she learned that she had already been sentenced to two years of forced labor in April. How ridiculous! She was sentenced while she was at home and without going through any legal procedures.

On July 31, 2003, she was sent to the Women's Prison of Heilongjiang Province in Harbin City. After a medical check up the prison refused to accept her. On the way back to Jiamusi, head of the detention center, Cui, and counselor Zhang Yanli, phoned the head of the Hulan Prison asking him to talk to Chu, head of the Women's Prison, to let the practitioner stay at the medical section of the Women's Prison. So, the practitioner was detained in the medical section for 15 days and was then returned to the training section of the prison.

From the time she was sent to the detention center until she was sent to prison, her family received no notice. On September 20, policewomen Niu Cuisong and Zou Nanfang took her to an office and forced her to write a "transformation" letter. She refused. The policewomen then offered to write the letter and forced her to sign. If she did not sign, they threatened to order her husband to divorce her. They would also forbid anyone to visit her and would lock her up in a solitary compartment until the end of her jail term. If she still would not convert, they would extend her jail term until she died there. The Dafa practitioner still insisted on not signing any papers. At this time, Niu Cuisong became very angry. She rushed over and slapped the practitioner on the face for a long time until her eye lids started bleeding and her cheek bruised. She was then sent back to her cell.

On November 19, 2003, the Dafa practitioner was sent to District #5 where they used a so-called "Five Connected Treatment" policy to torture Dafa disciples. The "Five Connected Treatment" policy was to have five people form a group. When one of the five people had any faults, the other four people got the same punishment. Each Dafa disciple was rolled into a group of other four inmates. They were closely watched by the other inmates.

In late November, the policemen and policewomen forced the Dafa practitioners to stand at the roadside at the northwest corner of the prison. The temperature was below zero. The practitioners were forced to stand facing the cold winter wind without mittens or hats. Their hair was cut and shaved into ugly forms; they were forced to expose their hands. Policemen kicked the practitioners' hands with their leather boots. Some victims had their fingers deformed and disabled. Their frozen hands and faces were whipped with bamboo sticks and bled.

Several days later they were tortured like this again without any sweaters or coats. The policemen even threw some women in their 50's and 60's into the snow.

Head of the prison, Liu Zhiqiang, announced to a gathering of all the inmates that physical punishment, beating, cursing, assault, battery, and trickery were all forbidden in efforts to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners. Such impressive speeches were even printed in the prison newsletter, but they were nothing but deceitful propaganda. What they were doing was totally different. The guards ordered the inmates to lock up the practitioners in a empty room and beat them up until they "transformed".

As for the 14-year-old child, ever since his mother was taken away from home he dared not sleep. He could not accept this fatal blow to his young heart. The child used to rank 2nd academically in his class. He lost focus in his studies ever since and even wanted to commit suicide.

The factory that this Dafa practitioner's husband worked for was wound down. After losing his job, he had to make a living by doing various odd jobs. In the winter when work was hard to find, the father and son often went hungry. The child always wanted to go to college some day but the detention of his mother had heavily damaged his self-esteem and confidence. During the mid-term exam, the child only answered a few questions and handed in the exam paper with most of the parts left blank. He could not handle the situation, so he confined himself at home, not seeing anyone. He burnt all his text books fearing that he would want to go to school again if seeing the books. He desperately thought that there was no hope in his lifetime. Four years had past, the child still could not come out of the shadow of this grief and misfortune.

This persecution of Falun Gong not only brings about great harm to the practitioners, but also huge sufferings to their families, causing incurable wounds to their hearts.

March 28, 2007