(Clearwisdom.net) When a Falun Dafa practitioner was abducted by CCP authorities, his wife decided to expose the methods and manner employed to carry out the abduction and expose the guilty department. She hung a sign around her neck and went to the abductors' workplaces at the Residents' Committee Office, the local police station, the Office of Comprehensive Management, and the local law school, demanding her husband's immediate release. Initially the guilty parties were arrogant, but they soon became defensive and fearful.

When the woman stood in front of the Residents' Committee Office with the sign, the staff were panic-stricken. Their attitudes made a 180-degree change; they went from aggressive to timid. When she went to the brainwashing center to demand the practitioner's release and stood at the gate with the sign hanging from her neck they did everything they could to take it away from her. She was using the sign to expose their wrongdoings to the public. They twisted the law to avoid recrimination, and, saying she was disturbing the peace, they took the sign away from her by force, revealing just how afraid they were to have their evil conduct exposed.

When dealing with the perpetrators of the persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners' family members should expose their crimes in an open and honorable way. It's important that they not cooperate with the persecutors in any way and completely deny them, answering none of their questions. In order to overcome them it's necessary to take the initiative. When they ask who wrote the words on the sign, ask them, "Regardless of who wrote it, isn't it the truth?" When they ask who you are and where you live, ask them, "Who are you to ask me this. I'm the relative of the person you've kidnapped. I've come to demand my husband's release. Now I ask you, are you the kidnapper or the person in charge? You've broken the law. What's your name and police number, I'm going to sue you." When they participate in the persecution they seldom wear their uniforms or display their badges and I.D. numbers, preferring anonymity; they wear street clothes and don't give their names or numbers. Sometimes they don't even identify themselves as police officers.

When people passing by saw the practitioner's wife with the sign they seemed sympathetic. Many expressed their anger and outrage at the injustice the sign exposed, and made suggestions about how to find a solution or get assistance. Seeing this terrified the persecutors, because they realized that people were getting a clearer understanding of the causes of the persecution and the dirty tricks used against the practitioners.

As practitioners we must first of all study the Fa well. Cultivating Falun Dafa is the guarantee we'll be able to validate the Fa well. Secondly, we should adopt the methods used in human society. When problems arise Dafa practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts and working with the relatives to rescue abducted practitioners is a very effective way to overcome the persecution.