(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since Jiang's regime began to use the Communist Party to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Shandong Province Second Forced Labor Camp located in Wangcun has turned into a den of evil that detains and tortures Dafa practitioners.

All practitioners sent to the camp are first subjected to forced brainwashing. The police guards force practitioners to watch videos slandering Dafa and Master, in an attempt to influence practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and to write the so-called guarantee statements to renounce their belief. If practitioners refuse to cooperate, the police immediately exploit a variety of torture methods. They beat practitioners fiercely, force-feed them, hammer bamboo sticks under their fingernails, hang them in the "cross" position, put them on the death bed, deprive them of sleep, and pinch their flesh using metal clamps. The police invented the "metal clamp pinching" torture method on their own. I have personally witnessed how this cruel method caused practitioners excruciating pain. There were many incidents of persecution. Here I will give two examples.

Practitioner Mr. Zhuang Qi was a bus driver. He used to be arrogant and rude before he started to practice Dafa. Almost everyone who came into contact with him was afraid of him. After he became a practitioner, Mr. Zhuang respected Master very much and strictly followed Master's teachings. He became a good, friendly person who treated others kindly. People at his place of employment praised him. However, the police arrested him in 2002 for practicing Falun Gong and sent him to the Second Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province. He knows in his heart that Dafa is wonderful; with firm belief in Dafa he refuses to be "reformed." Police and collaborators (former practitioners who went to the opposite side) beat him viciously. They shocked him with electric batons first and punched him in the head. During the beating, the police taped his mouth shut to prevent him from making any sound. In the end, they pinched his legs with metal clamps that twisted the flesh badly. They also refused to let him sleep. He suffered such torture for over two months. He once lost consciousness for two hours. When he came to, he found himself lying on the ice-cold concrete floor.

The prolonged inhumane torture severely damaged Mr. Zhang's lungs and legs. In addition, he developed a continual runny nose and leg pains, which he still has. When Mr. Zhuang left the labor camp he was lame and could not walk normally.

Mr. Kong Haitao is a practitioner from Heze City. He is an honest and kindhearted young man, very quiet in nature. The camp guards tortured him brutally simply because he persevered in his belief and refused to say any slanderous words against Dafa and Master. Once the guards shocked him with six electric batons at the same time. I happened to witness the tragic scene as I passed by the torture room under police escort. The electric batons sizzled, making a hissing sound. Mr. Kong moaned miserably from the unbearable pain of the intense electric shock. They beat him very hard. They were so relentless that they became exhausted from beating him. Guard Zheng Wanxin threatened me afterwards, "You cannot tell anyone what you have seen! Do you get it?"

The guards often yell at practitioners, "We will beat you to death if you refuse to be 'reformed.' It will be counted as suicide!"

The Chinese Communist regime has turned these people into unfeeling, unthinking automatons to carry out the persecution.

These are two persecution incidents I have personally witnessed at the Shandong Province Second Forced Labor Camp. They constitute only a tiny fraction of the malfeasance in this camp. As a matter of fact, every practitioner who has been held in this camp has witnessed the cruelty and viciousness of the guards in this dark den.