(Clearwisdom.net) This incident happened in the 1950's, when I was just 10 years old. My grandmother often told me that we should be good people, and we should keep our good conscience. God knows who is a good person and who is bad person since there are eyes all over the universe watching everything that happens in this world.

At the beginning, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) created its regime, the CCP carved up land and persecuted and killed the landowners. We received some horses, land and houses at that time. One night, my grandmother dreamed that there was a big eye in the universe. One corner of the eye was in the east and the other was in the west, and the eye watched every human behavior without even blinking. It could see very clearly. When my grandmother woke up, she discussed her dream with my father and said, "Return what we were given from the CCP to the landowners." The CCP movement had killed landowners, and my father did not agree with her. My grandmother then said, "They worked very hard to obtain their land, but we simply received it. If we keep it, we will be in their debt. If we don't return these belongings to their rightful owners, in the future we will have to repay them with our lives. We should not do that." My father then returned to the landowners what belonged to them.

One day my aunt returned from school and told my grandmother that she planned to join the Communist Young Pioneers. My grandmother told her not to join and said, "The CCP will experience a downfall. You must not join organizations related to the CCP. Otherwise, when the CCP falls, you will follow their demise. Later, there will be a real god to save sentient beings. He will renew everything including the sky, stars, sun and moon. You guys should believe in this even though the Great Law is currently silent. Once you believe in it, you will be saved. During the calamity, you can be saved. After the calamity, the people who are left will have a good future."

Luckily, I started practicing Falun Gong, and then I understood that what my grandmother said was true.

March 30, 2007