(Clearwisdom.net) I started cultivating Falun Dafa in October 2006 and have practiced for nearly six months.

My mother started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1996. At that time, I was still in junior high school, so I occasionally practiced the exercises with her, but seldom studied the Fa and had a shallow understanding of Dafa. After the evil persecution started, I completely stopped the practice. In those years, I knew that Dafa was good and I also benefited from the practice. When I went to school, I had serious headaches, and every time I had a headache, I had to use my hand to cover the back of my head. It felt so painful that I could not even open my eyes. When I went to the hospital to be checked, I was told that it was a spasm of blood vessels in my brain and I was only given some pain-killers. When I went back home during the summer vacation of my third year in college, I started having the headaches again. My mother told me to sincerely say "Falun Dafa is good," so I continued saying it while I was yawning, having the usual nasal mucus and tears. I felt much better after about five minutes and after a while I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was completely recovered. At that time I felt it was really mysterious. From that moment on I never had another headache, and I deeply appreciate Master Li from the bottom of my heart.

After I graduated, I found a job that many of my classmates envied. I think it was also a benefit from practicing Dafa, because I had withdrawn from the Youth League of the Chinese Communist Party a long time before that. One day during lunch break, I accidentally started a software program that could break through the Internet blockade, and I clearly saw the grand examples of how Falun Dafa is spread far and wide in other countries in the world. I also read the cultivation experience articles by other practitioners, which deeply touched me. In the following few days, I went to visit the Minghui/Clearwisdom website whenever I had time. The more I read it, the more I felt, with a sense of urgency, that I would miss this unprecedented opportunity if I didn't practice now. Then I downloaded the book Zhuan Falun from the Internet. After I read it, I found that I was far away from the standard of a genuinely good person. Many things that I had done before were below the bottom line of morality. The unscrupulous and unseemly behavior during my college years created a lot of karma for me. If I could not pay it back, where would I go after I died? It was too horrible to contemplate. Therefore, at that time I decided to become a genuinely good person by following this standard. Of course, now I have understood that cultivation involves more than just being a good person. It includes returning to our original true selves and saving sentient beings, which are also the prehistoric wishes that we had before we came to the human world.

I remember that shortly after I started to cultivate, one morning when I was still half asleep I had a dream that after a heavy shower, countless Falun rotated from different directions, and countless stars combined to form the words, "Falun Dafa is good." There were innocent young boys and girls in ancient dress around the words, and at the same time there was melodious music. The people on earth were waiting, but I was so anxious that I cried because I felt there was no longer any opportunity. I asked the three people beside me in military overcoats to withdraw from the CCP, but they all refused. I was so anxious that I woke up. After I woke up, I still didn't know what was happening. Though it was a dream, it felt very real. I realized that Master Li was giving me hints to strive forward more diligently. At that time, I felt very touched.

On my path of cultivation, at the beginning, qing presented a big barrier for me. When I had just decided to cultivate, my boyfriend at that time did not understand me. He thought I was unreasonable and he was determined to separate from me. I felt that I had finally awakened this time. No one could shake my will to study Dafa and I knew I should not miss this opportunity, so I agreed. Less than two weeks after we broke up, I heard that he had found a new girlfriend, and I felt indignant and wronged. I knew this was a test for me to see if I could let go of my sentimentality, but I didn't pass the test very well and sometimes fell down. Master also often gave me hints in my dreams to let go of this qing. I gradually discarded this attachment after diligently studying Dafa. At present, I feel quite calm and his affairs no longer move my heart. Sometimes when I see my classmates being emotional, I feel they are pitiful and don't know the real purpose of their lives.

A few days ago, my sister asked me, "Do you really believe in Dafa and Master?" I thought about it and said, "Sometimes I also have doubts, but what Master Li says should be true. Sometimes I cannot understand it, maybe because my level is not high enough." As I was puzzled like this, that evening I had a dream that I was sitting in a classroom with a book in my hand, and the author of the book was Master Li. I opened the book and didn't understand much after reading it for a long time. I thought I should not behave like that, and I should be more serious. Then I read one page carefully. When I raised my head, I saw Master sitting beside a platform. I took the book and went to Master and said, "Teacher, I feel that your book is extremely well-written and I am also very much willing to learn it, but why can't I completely believe in Master and Dafa? I know that my level is limited, but is such a state of mind not good?" After hearing what I said, Master asked me, "Have you read the book?" I said yes, then Master asked, "Do you read the book carefully? Are your thoughts always sneaking away?" I said, "No, I have been reading the book quite carefully." Later Master thought about it and said, "The sentimentality had nothing to do with you." I appeared to understand it but did not really understand it, and nodded my head. Then Master took out two articles to show me, and I saw the question was, "Write down your experience of seven months' work" and there were a few sentences below the question. I looked at it and said with a smile that there was only a limited amount of experience gained after cultivating for over half a year. I said that I had cultivated for half a year and I could write several experience-sharing articles. Master smiled when he heard what I said. Then I also woke up. Later I told my mother about this dream. She encouraged me to write about these experiences and share these dreams in which Master gave me hints, with other practitioners. She suggested I should especially share with those young people around my age and hope that they won't behave unseemly due to their young age, and won't be deceived by the CCP's atheistic theories. I should encourage them to believe that there are Gods, Buddhas and Deities in the world and that Falun Dafa is the only way to purify our bodies and minds and become higher level beings.

There are many other cultivation experiences I could write about but I will stop here. I appreciate Master Li from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the genuine meaning of being a person and helping me benefit physically and mentality from Dafa. I am a new practitioner but I am also very fortunate that I could enter Dafa before the Fa rectifies the human world. Though there are many things to be regretted, every day is an opportunity before Dafa's rectification of the human world. I will make the best use of my time to do the three things well and not let down Master's compassionate salvation.