(Clearwisdom.net) When I was sent to a forced labor camp, over twenty practitioners were already detained there. In such a harsh environment, we studied Fa together, and exercised together. When one was singled out for persecution, the others would stand up and speak out to protest the persecution; we felt the mighty power of the whole body which shocked the authorities and suppressed their evil intentions.

A guard in the forced labor camp once told me that at the very beginning of the persecution, hundreds of detained Falun Gong practitioners stood together arm in arm to protect the practitioners who were doing exercises. Nothing could drive them apart, which was unprecedented in the forced labor camp since its establishment.

All practitioners who live in a relatively stable environment should care more about their fellow practitioners who have just come out of jail or labor camp. They endured countless hardships on their paths of validating Dafa, not for one or two days, but for years. Some fellow practitioners can't keep up with the Fa-rectification process when they are released, and some suffer financial difficulties.

When I got home, I lost contact with previous fellow practitioners, as some of them had become homeless and some of them were still in prison. I felt isolated and lonely even though I stayed with my family. Then finally a fellow practitioner knocked on my door, and said that I could contact him if I needed Teacher's new articles. Recalling this moment, I am still excited, since I could see fellow practitioners again.

Several days later, a fellow practitioner delivered lots of Teacher's new articles to me. I was so excited as if I was seeing Teacher in person. I knew I would make up the loss and keep up with the Fa-rectification process.

With the kind help of fellow practitioners, I went through a most difficult period after being released from jail. I still remember, on the eve of Chinese New Year, I had to leave home with my child because of harassment but I did not know where I would go. It was a cold day and snowing, and at that moment, I deeply understood how difficult it was for homeless fellow practitioners.

When local practitioners learned of my situation, some sent righteous thoughts for me, some attempted to host me. This warm help enlightened me that at this important time for saving sentient beings, why should I waste so much effort of fellow practitioners, I should look inward at myself.

During my nine-years of cultivation, Teacher's compassionate care and fellow practitioners' kind help have enabled me to steadily walk on the way to Godhood.

"Fellow practitioner" is such a sacred title. Maybe when we followed Teacher to this human world, we made a promise, "Fellow practitioner, please awaken me when I am lost; please give a hand when I am interfered with by the evil; please help me to take care of my child, the little fellow practitioner when I can not get back anymore..." We made countless predestined relationships in heaven and the human world. Let's cherish this precious opportunity and the predestined relationships to form an indestructible whole body and fulfill our vows made long ago.