(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts has received extremely positive feedback in its tour in Taiwan. On the afternoon of April 16, 2007, students and professors of National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), Huagang Art School, music and dance groups in middle, high and elementary schools attended the show and gave glowing praise.

Students in the two most prestigious art schools in Taiwan, National Taiwan University of Arts and Huagang Art School, didn't want to miss the chance of watching Divine Performing Arts. More than 100 students enjoyed and learned from the show.

Students of Huagang Art School

Sophomore students in the Radio and TV Department of Taiwan University of Arts.

Professor of Music at NTUA: "I was touched!"

Professor Wei Dedong of the Music Department said that Divine Performing Arts had made a deep presentation of traditional Chinese culture and faith within a two-hour period. He was deeply touched by the heartfelt performance. He said, "I was touched! They had great training, but the performance looked completely natural. Their manner, costume and facial expressions were enhanced by their inner spirit. It was wonderful! Messages about loyalty, filial piety, Buddhas, and Gods were incorporated into the dances. It was very familiar to and in keeping with Chinese tradition. I believe that it will be a great opportunity to promote Chinese culture if the sponsor and trainers of Divine Performing Arts could establish a partnership with the art universities and schools in Taiwan

Sophomores from the Radio and TV Department: "Nothing Could Be Better!"

The entire sophomore class of thirty-nine students from the Radio and TV Department watched the show based on a recommendation from their professor. They loved the performances, especially "Ladies of the Manchu Court."

Some students especially enjoyed the rainbow dance. They had never seen such elegant performances by male dancers. They were also moved by the familiar stories of Hua Mulan and Yue Fei's loyalty. The dance "A Dunhuang Dream" was also warmly received.

Their comments included: "Nothing could be better!" "So moving!" "Creative!" "Superb!" "Very special!" "Lively music!" "Very touching!"

Student of choreography: "The audience could feel the dancers' heartfelt smiles"

A senior student of choreography said that he was deeply touched by the show, learned a lot and expanded his horizons. The dances went far beyond just pretty movements. The large scale dance presentation of Gods and Buddhas was thought-provoking, and the performances were rich and broad. He said that the audience could feel the dancers' heartfelt smiles. He also expressed his admiration for the tour group for performing all over the world

Student of the traditional music department:"We need this spirit of tradition now more than ever."

A student of the traditional music department praised the elegant costumes, the dynamic backdrop and the beautiful, original music. He said that the music composition was great, and commented, "We need this spirit of tradition now more than ever."

Student of the design department impressed by the drum performance

Another student said that her favorite was the "Victory Drums" performance, which included both drum playing and dancing. He said that he was very sad to see the Falun Gong practitioner in the dance die from the unimaginable persecution.

Students of Huagang Art School marveled at the great show

The Huagang Art School is well known for its training of actors and actresses, and its well-known graduates. It offers a high school curriculum and professional training. More than ninety students from the school watched the show.

Sophomore students of the Choreography Team in the Performing Arts Department at Huagang Art School

Sophomore students of the Choreography Team in the Huagang Art School's Performing Arts Department said that they loved the dances, which were unique and creative. The backdrop was perfect and lively. They said that they learned from the performances and would incorporate elements in their future work. After watching the performance, they said that they were energized to learn more and improve their own skill.

A student named Xu Menhuai said that he were surprised quite a few times during the show. He had thought the bowls were glued to the top of the dancers' heads in one dance performance. When they took the bowls off, he was shocked by how the dancers could keep the bowls balanced during the dance. He also commented on the deep messages conveyed by the dances and found them to be quite thought-provoking