(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts' global tour performances not only caused a sensation in major cities around the world, but also reached the counties and towns and townships in the southern end of Taiwan. Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao Chi-hong and his wife, Pingtung County Police Chief Chen Chia-chin, the first woman police station chief in Pingtung County Liao Hsun-hui attended the performances and were interviewed by the reporter. They first expressed their respect and thanks to all performers, because through their performances, the audience understood the profound meaning of divinely-inspired art.

Police Chief Chen Chia-chin

The first police chief in Pingtung County, Liao Hsun-hui

Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao Chi-hong: Fortunately, I Attended!

Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao Chi-hong and his wife love nature and artistic and culture activities. They came to the Kaohsiung Social Education Hall on April 14, 2007 to appreciate the spectacular performance by the Divine Performing Arts.

After the performance drew to a conclusion, Pingtung County Magistrate Tsao Chi-hong, who sat at the front row, first stood up and enthusiastically applauded. The executive officer of the Executive Yuan Southern Service Center, You-hong, and other dignitaries in political, business, art and cultural communities also stood up and applauded enthusiastically. The warm applause affected the entire audience. The audience members all stood up and applauded. The entire performance hall was surrounded by a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Mr. Tsao originally did not want to be interviewed, but the performance was so wonderful and amazing, Mr. Tsao took the initiative to talk with reporters. He said, "Fortunately, I attended. It is really an unforgettable memory in my life to be able to see such a high standard performance that showcased loyalty, filial piety and respect and belief in Gods in Chinese culture."

Pingtung County Police Chief Chen Chia-chin: The Divine Performing Arts is Amazing and Inspiring

Mr. Chen Chia-chin is in charge of public security for the entire Pingtung County. He was amazed and inspired after watching the Divine Performing Arts' performance that showcased the loyalty and filial piety and respect for Gods in traditional culture. Mr. Chen said he was particularly impressed by the dance performance "To the Rightful Place."

As the police chief, Mr. Chen has been working hard so that the local people can live and work in peace and contentment, but the police officers of the Communist Party in the performance "To the Rightful Place" were so inhumane that they tortured a kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioner to death. The performance ended when the woman who was tortured to death for persisting in safeguarding the Fa moved Heaven and Earth, and Gods and Buddhas led her to Heaven, while the wicked police officers met with their retributions, as they were cast into hell to be punished.

Mr. Chen said such a profound and moving performance as "To the Rightful Place," is what the current society needs the most. If the bad people saw this performance, they would not dare to do evil deeds. Mr. Chen expressed his opinions about the entire performance by the Divine Performing Arts. He said every dance performance was exquisite and elegant. The men dancers' "Herding on the Mongolian Plains" demonstrated the beauty of masculine strength, and the women dancers' "Dai Ethnic Dance" displayed lovely and gentle feminine beauty. It was really pleasing to both the eyes and mind. The spectacular backdrop arrangements were even more impressive.

Mr. Chen was impressed that the director could integrate exquisite and superb dance art into cultural and religious dimensions, bringing peace to one's mind. It was not an easy task. He said he admired this achievement of carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and the human cultural spirit. Such a performance of high quality and standards should be widely promoted, so that more people's mind can be purified and elevated. The message of pure kindness and beauty will make the society even more peaceful and content.

Woman Chief of Police : I'm Fortunate to See the Divine Performing Arts' Performance

Ms. Liao Hsun-hui attended the performance on the evening of April 14. She was deeply impressed by alto Ms. Yang Jiansheng. She said, "My tears ran down my face while listening to her singing, because she indeed touched my soul, reminding me of those Falun Gong practitioners who were beaten and who suffered at Tiananmen Square. In the dance performance 'Candlelight Vigil' in the second half, a little girl held a candle. I was also crying. I was so moved."

She also noticed that so many programs highlighted the connotation of being loyal and filial, such as "The Loyalty of Yue Fei" and "Mulan" who joined the army instead of her father. She appreciated them very much. She said her current work is maintaining public security, and trying to become a leader as a woman, working together with men colleagues in the station. She said, "Through today's performance, my innermost being was uplifted, and I've gained even more inspiration from the teaching of traditional culture."

Ms. Liao said, "I feel that I was fortunate to come and appreciate the performance. I hope I will be able to come to appreciate the performance next year. I also hope that the Divine Performing Arts will have an opportunity to come to Taiwan again, so that more Taiwanese people will be able to view such an outstanding, high-level performance."