(Clearwisdom.net) Eight-year-old Xuan Xuan told his mother what he saw in another dimension. I am writing it down here because I am hoping to get fellow practitioners' attention so that we all will improve together.

Dafa practitioners' Gong columns are only one step away from consummation. However, there is a wall that limits them. It is because fellow practitioners are not good at communicating with one another; they have failed to share their thoughts. They do not point out others' problems even when they are fully aware of them for fear that the other practitioners will, in turn, point out their own problems. In conducting ourselves this way, we are actually covering up the attachments that we are unwilling to let go of because we do not want our self-interest to be affected.

This wall is very thick. If practitioners could lay aside their self-interest and let go of their attachments, this wall would be broken instantly. After that, practitioners would be able to ride on their Gong columns to reach consummation.

Xuan Xuan also saw that Master was sitting in the middle of practitioners. Yet, because of this wall, our Gong columns are blocked. The wall is so thick that a hammer can't break it, but the hammer itself will break from striking it.

Recently, Xuan Xuan's mother also noticed that fellow practitioners do have this kind of barrier among themselves. In addition, we have the selfish intention of self-protection. We have failed to view things from the perspective of fellow practitioners and that of the whole body. When all practitioners can lay aside our self-interest and form an indestructible whole body, the evil force will be entirely eliminated immediately.