(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Lijun, Dean of General Affairs at TV University in Li County, Hebei Province, called the “610 Office” after being prompted by Zhu Guoyu and Li Hailiang. After plotting with Wang Junchang, Li County 610 Office agents Wang Jianying, Xu Yonggang and Tian Lijun abducted Ms. Zhao Limei from her work unit around 10 a.m. on April 6, 2007.

They put Ms. Zhao in handcuffs at her workplace and then took her to the Xiaobailou Brainwashing Center in Baoding City. Cui Wukui, Assistant Principal of TV University and two teachers attempted to brainwash Ms. Zhao at the behest Li Hailiang. Ms. Zhao demanded to be released. She didn’t eat anything all day. A physical examination revealed that Ms. Zhao had high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. In the evening the people from the university took her back home. At her doorway the villains tried to take Ms. Zhao’s keys, and she was injured in the struggle.

Ms. Zhao Limei was forced into a divorce, and her mother, who’s in her seventies, suffered a lot due to the persecution.

While she was still at the Xiaobailou Brainwashing Center they kept asking Ms. Zhao about her son, trying to coerce her into abandoning her practice of Falun Gong.

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