(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners have not paid much attention to Fa study for young practitioners due to their busy work schedules and truth-clarification activities. But no matter how busy we are, we should not forget that these young practitioners came here to obtain Dafa. It requires extra efforts from their parents. I found that some young practitioners who live abroad are not good at speaking. I think that one of the reasons for this is insufficient Fa study. Since they came to harmonize with the Fa, what can they talk about when they don't have the Fa in their minds?

Helping young practitioners to study the Fa is also a kind of cultivation. I once taught a three-year-old practitioner to read Zhuan Falun and it removed many of my notions. In the beginning I mixed up Fa study with ordinary people's study. I let him rest for a while after reading one paragraph. One time he told me that it was not necessary to rest since he was not tired at all. All of sudden, I realized that it is what his life desires. How can we limit them with our notions? I was delighted with the little disciple's progress. He learned how to read Lunyu in one morning.

Of course, there was interference during the process. This requires parents' efforts on resolving such issues. It is especially more difficult at the beginning, but helping their children to study the Fa should be the parents' responsibility. In the meantime, it is an issue for our own cultivation, as well. For those young practitioners who still have not started to read Zhuan Falun, I strongly recommend that you start to read the Fa to them. Parents should not delay their child's harmonizing with the Fa due to their notions. If not done, this would be one's biggest loss. Reading can start from stimulating their interest first by using cards and pictures. As long as you make a commitment, you will see a little noble disciple who is fully harmonized with Dafa.

In addition, many young practitioners abroad rarely send forth righteous thoughts. Actually I think that many things can be resolved by themselves as long as the children learn how to do it. Dafa practitioners who have young practitioners at home have a significant responsibility. Your children do not only belong to you. They are also lives created by Dafa. We need to help them harmonize with Dafa as soon as possible. We should put their Fa study ahead of our work and housework. Then Master will make arrangements for things to turn out well.

This is just a little suggestion. Please kindly point out any mistakes.