(Clearwisdom.net) The US Divine Performing Arts was very popular in Taiwan for an entire ten days. Since April 7, 2007, the Divine Performing Arts has staged performances in four cities including Taipei, Tainan, Taichung and Kaohsiung, and been enthusiastically received by a full house at every performance. At least 30,000 audience members attended ten shows and witnessed the elegant grace of the Divine Performing Arts. The Divine Performing Arts returned to Taipei on April 16, and staged a performance at 7:30 p.m. at the Taipei International Convention Center. People from all circles showered it with rave reviews.

Dance performances presented by the Divine Performing Arts were innovative and splendid. The backdrop designs and combination of Western and Chinese music were innovative, all performers demonstrated solid skills, and the inner meaning containing the essence of Chinese culture was amazing. All of this caused the performance to be a sensation across Taiwan. In particular, artists, including renowned dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, costume designers and other experts and personnel in performing arts circles, along with university professors and students from different arts disciplines, all came to attend the performances. The Divine Performing Arts presented two performances at the International Convention Center on April 17, and will head for the southern area of Chiayi on April 21-22, then tour to South Korea to perform on April 24-25, 2007.

Numerous guests highly praise the additional performance staged on April 16 in Taipei

Dignitaries who attended the performance on the evening of April 16 included Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation Chang Chun-hsiung, Vice Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Tung Chen-yuan, well-known Taiwan performing artist Pai Pingping, Kuomintang's Central Standing Committee member Tsai Cheng-yuan, chairperson of the National Women's League Cecilia Y. Koo, and renowned architect Han Bao-de and others.

Vice Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC): [The Divine Performing Arts' performance] is a Eulogy to Gods

Vice Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Tung Chen-yuan said in an interview that the Divine Performing Arts' performance is a eulogy to gods and a perseverance in truth. The entire presentation was very successful, full of virtue and morality, and displays a human being's perseverance in truthfulness, compassion and beauty. He mentioned the content of the dance performance "To the Rightful Place," the huge red specter in the drama that haunted over the vast land of China and has done all evil things. He hoped that the huge red specter would be driven away soon, and a colorful life would reappear in the vast land of China.

Vice Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Tung Chen-yuan

Former Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation Koo Chen-fu's wife: The Divine Performing Arts Showcases Profound Principles of Buddha

The wife of former chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation Koo Chen-fu, and chairperson of the National Women's League Cecilia Y. Koo, along with league members attended the performance by the Divine Performing Arts. She complimented that the US-Chinese dance group was able to dance so well, and thoroughly showcase the Chinese culture. They are really remarkable.

She was impressed by the performances about Yue Fei and Hua Mulan, that manifest ancient Chinese people's loyalty to the country and filial piety.

She was moved by the singing of several singers, including Jiang Min, Yang Jiansheng, Bai Xue and Guan Guimin. She was particularly impressed by the lyrics in the song sung by Bai Xue, "Finding Truth," "When disaster descends, It favors neither rich nor poor." She felt it contained profound principles of Buddha.

Madame Koo also said that "The Loyalty of Yue Fei" promoted our Chinese 5,000 years of culture overseas. There are so many good young people overseas who are talented and have influenced the whole society. Moreover, the troupe is well synchronized. When playing drums, dozens of drummers performed in sync with each other. The tacit cohesion is very important.

Veteran Painter: The Overall Manifestation of Chinese Classical Beauty

Eighty-seven year-old veteran painter Mr. Kuo Tao-cheng has been putting all his effort into artistic creation and education. He attended the first performance by the Divine Performing Arts on April 16, 2007. During the break after the first half of the performance, he kept asking, "Does the Divine Performing Arts really come from the United States?"

Veteran painter Kuo Tao-cheng

Mr. Kuo said, "It is the best performance I have ever seen since I came to Taiwan. Not only the costumes were well arranged, but the backdrop, including design, color, sound and lights were high-class and original, and should be honored with the highest award for stage performance. Such a high-standard of performance is rarely seen in Taiwan."

The Divine Performing Arts completely manifested the Chinese classical beauty. Such a performance with educating meaning should be encouraged and supported by the government.

Legislators in Kuomintang: Compliments to the Divine Performing Arts for Carrying Forward China's 5,000 Years of Culture

Legislators in Kuomintang, including Tsai Cheng-yuan, Kuo Hsu-chun, Bai Tian-chi, Wu Chi-yang, Wu Cheng-dian and Lee Ching-yuan attended the performance by the Divine Performing Arts in Taipei. They enthusiastically expressed that the performance was very successful, and it was an honor for the Taiwanese people that the Divine Performing Arts staged many performances in Taiwan.

Kuomintang's Central Standing Committee member and legislator, Tsai Cheng-yuan

Central Standing Committee member Mr. Tsai Cheng-yuan pointed out that the Divine Performing Arts' performance was very good, and manifested a high realm. His favorite was the dance performance "A Dunhuang Dream." The sculptor was inspired by Gods and Buddhas for being sincere in worshiping Gods. Mr. Tsai thought the performance had a strong historical sense.

Ms. Kuo Hsu-chun understood from watching the performance by the Divine Performing Arts that China's 5,000 years of culture should be passed down, not only relying on visible resources, but also requiring spiritual communication and growth. She felt that the organizer put in much effort in this respect.

Kuo Hsu-chun complimented that the performers composed of Chinese people living in the United States, carried forward China's 5,000 years of culture, which shows that they have not forgotten their roots. The performance helped people realize the importance of carrying forward culture, and the younger generation should pay particular attention to it.

She also expressed that several dance performances depicted principles showing the clear distinction between good and evil and the universal salvation of sentient beings. They play a role of advising people to be kind, which is very conducive to educating children.

Legislator Bai Tian-chi

Bai Tian-chi complimented that the performance was of an international standard, and the dancers were talented and their smiles sweet. His favorite performance was Qi Xiaochun's Erhu (Chinese violin) solo, in which both high and low tones were very clear.

Wu Cheng-dian said that he had seldom watched a performance from beginning to end in the past years. Today was really a rare opportunity for him. The entire performance was carefully arranged, regardless if it was music, dance or drama, and the general impression was very good. He was particularly impressed by the showcase of backdrops.

Curator of the Museum of World Religions: The Spirit of Carrying Forward Chinese Culture is Touching

Curator of the Museum of World Religions, renowned architect, and scholar in architecture Han Bao-de, said that the performance was a large spectacle with many performers, and was different from any other general performances. How it utilized the large screen to display backdrops was an innovation with a sense of realism. He recognized that the overseas Chinese descendants engaged in carrying forward China's authentic culture.

Curator of the Museum of World Religions Han Bao-de recognizes that overseas Chinese descendants engage in carrying forward China's authentic culture

Mr. Han liked the dance performances representing characteristics of different nationalities. He said these dance performances showcased artistic rhymes and beauty of skillful movements. They integrated traditional ethnic dances with western music, turning it into a new form of art, and interpreting modern ethnic dances.

President of the Department of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of Arts Lin Chang-hu Commends that the Divine Performing Arts' Performance Showcases In-depth Cultural Connotations, Rarely Seen in Taiwan.

President of the Department of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of Arts commends that the performance conveys in-depth cultural connotations

Lin Chang-hu, who majors in Chinese painting is familiar with Chinese culture and is quite concerned about carrying forward the traditional culture. He commended the Divine Performing Arts for doing well in preserving our culture. He appreciated the Divine Performing Arts' performance for its large spectacle, synchronization and thorough training. He complimented the performance as being professional, exquisite, and marvelous. The whole impression was very good. The ethnic dances were very special, and the momentum of drum play was overwhelming. He said it was obvious that the troupe had put a great deal of effort into the performance.

Mr. Lin commended on the Divine Performing Arts for being suitable for both refined and popular tastes, and entertaining for both the young and old. The performance was quite successful.

Famous Beijing Opera Artist: The Divine Performing Arts Thoroughly Showcases China's 5,000 Years of Culture

Famous Beijing opera artist Kuo Hsiao-chuang said that she was moved, particularly by the young dancers who live abroad who were able to introduce traditional Chinese culture and arts to the international community. As a performing arts artist she appreciated their contribution.

Beijing opera artist Kuo Hsiao-chuang (second left)

Ms. Kuo said she had watched a lot of artistic performances but had never seen such a large scale dance performance as that presented by the Divine Performing Arts. It really belongs to traditional Chinese culture. Each program was typical, rich and colorful, covering Chinese culture and history, very significant.

She complimented that the performance thoroughly showcased China's 5, 000 years of culture. She particularly liked the dance performance "Candlelight Vigil," which had both singing and dancing. It was an impression of life, very touching, particularly the little girl representing hope and continuation of life (Audio [in Chinese])

Ms. Kuo was moved upon seeing the young dancers carrying forward Chinese culture. During the performance, every dancer consummately expressed him or herself, and at the same time the general impression was very good. Each program told a story, which shows that the choreographer put great effort into them.

In addition, the way to integrating China's most traditional arts and culture with multimedia was very vivid and lifelike. She said the person who composed and designed the performance was remarkable.

Liu Neng-cheng said he likes the backdrop's use of multimedia to achieve a dynamic effect - very admirable

Liu Neng-cheng, who accompanied Kuo Hsiao-chuang to attend the performance, is currently studying at the Art Institute of the Culture University. He said he liked the backdrops, utilizing multimedia to achieve a dynamic effect. It was very admirable.

Veteran Broadcaster: A Very Good Performance

Veteran broadcaster Chang Chen, who was honored as being the 41st Broadcasting Non-popular Music Program MC, said that the performance was very exquisite. The arrangements and stage design utilized multi-media, and the performers were very dedicated. The most precious point was that the performance showcased Chinese dances using modern multimedia, bringing the audience closer and making it easier for them to understand the artistic conception that the performers wanted to convey. He commended the vocalists' singing for its good rhythm and lyrics. He felt that "Rainbows" was a very good dance performance, manifesting the traditional rainbow dance with modern means. The dance performance "A Dunhuang Dream" was also very good, allowing people room to imagine embodying an ancient grotto and personifying images of Gods and Buddhas.

Teacher at the Department of Chinese Music at Taipei National University of Arts: Really Remarkable

Mr. Wei De-dong, teacher at the Department of Chinese Music at Taipei National University of Arts, said that he was moved by the Divine Performing Arts' performers, who showcased the traditional Chinese culture and their belief in gods. He said, "Their dance movement skills are very good. The entire momentum, their costumes, and mainly their heartfelt expression was great. They really integrated the filial piety and loyalty, and Buddhas and Gods in Chinese culture into their dance performances, in an amicable and suitable way for Chinese people's tastes."

Retired Professor: Presents Professional Spirit

Doctor of Drama and Applied Linguistics from Brigham Young University in the United States, and honorable retired professor from National Cheng Kung University, Yan Chen-ying, praised the performance for making full use of modern stage techniques such as lights and sound effects to handle the eternal and traditional subject matter.

Costume Designer: Human Beings Should Have Faith, and Bear Buddha in Mind

Founder and chairman of Long Di Corporation, known for its popular Chinese costumes in Chinese market, Ms. Tsai Meng-hsia, commented that the US Divine Performing Arts performance conveyed "Divinely-inspired culture." She said the costumes of every dance performance fully expressed the diversity of Chinese nationalities. Dance performances such as the "Bowl Dance" and "Herding on the Mongolian Plains," conveyed meaning to the audience through costumes. She believes that human beings should have faith, and bear Buddha in mind, so that they can do things with principle and the world will be peaceful.

Honorable Chairman of Young Women's Association: Very Successful in Showcasing Stories about Gods and Buddhas

Honorable chairman of the Taipei Young Women's Association Hsu Lin-hsiu liked the performance very much and commended the performers for their diligence and solid basic skills.

Ms. Hsu complimented that the performances of "Creation" and "A Dunhuang Dream" were very successful in depicting stories of Gods and Buddhas, because words and language are not enough to convey the part about faith. Body language is an expression without words, leaves the audience with an even bigger imagination.

Huang Da-cheng: Taiwan Very Much Needs Such Performances

Folk song singer Huang Dacheng commended that the performances, both singing and dance, are able to arouse one's enthusiasm that has long hidden in one's heart. He appreciated and admired alto Yang Jiansheng's singing very much. He said no second person is able to sing in such a mellow and full voice. Marvelous!

Performing Arts Artist: No Other Performance this Good Can be Seen in Taiwan

Artist Pai Pingping said that any performance that is well received has its unique characteristics. This performance perfectly interpreted different cultures. She said she liked Erhu solo very much. She felt great to be able to watch such a performance with a showcase of loyalty and filial piety.

Artist Pai Pingping

Feedback from Primary School Students: Indescribably Beautiful

A fifth-grader whose surname is Chen said his favorite programs were Mulan and Rainbows. He said that the performance was unspeakably wonderful, and he had never watched such a wonderful performance before.

Another second-grader whose surname is Sun said he liked all of the performances. He liked the arrangement of backdrops and stories, which fully presented the stories. His favorite performance was "Creation," the story about Buddhas was very good.

Feedback From Other Audience Members

Many other audience members said they were deeply moved by the performance. The entire arrangement of stories, scenes, and characters was perfect, the content rich, and the performers demonstrated solid basic skills. The costumes were brilliant, and the inner meaning and realm presented by the Divine Performing Arts were touching. They hoped to attend the performance again next year.