(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) judicial and police organizations in Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province, recently held a secret court trial and illegally sentenced Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yin Jinlong to five and half years in prison. Mr. Yin was not allowed to hire an attorney or inform his family members. His family members found out about the trial only after making repeated inquiries. Mr. Yin is being illegally imprisoned at the Second Prison of Zhejiang Province.

Mr. Yin was arrested in the early morning on July 25, 2006. His family and relatives looked around for an attorney and found one brave enough to defend Mr. Yin close to home and paid him a deposit. After the attorney had already started to work on the case, the Lin'an City Judiciary exerted pressure on this attorney to keep him from defending Mr. Yin. They threatened him by saying that his career would be adversely affected if he were to take on the case, and even went so far as to imply that he might be sent to a labor camp. Bowing to this pressure, the attorney gave up and returned the deposit with apologies.

In January 2007, when Yin Jinlong's family members went to the Lin'an City Detention Center to bring him some clothes, they were informed by the guards that he was no longer there. After persistent inquiries, they were finally told that he had been secretly sentenced and transferred to the Second Prison of Zhejiang Province.

After repeated questioning by Yin's family, officials at the Lin'an City Court surprisingly claimed that there was no need to notify family members about an impending trial or to inform them about the final judgment. They further claimed that this procedure was not illegal. However, after the persistent questions from Yin's family, they started to hide inside their office building and did not dare to make a public appearance.

Currently, the people involved in Mr. Yin Jinlong's case work at the Political Security Section of the Lin'an Municipal Police Department, the Lin'an City Political and Judiciary Committee (also known as the 610 Office), the Lin'an City Judicial Bureau, and the Procuratorate.

At present, Mr. Yin is imprisoned in the maximum security section of the Second Prison of Zhejiang Province, where personal visits, basic rights, and eating or drinking are all seriously restricted.

The Second Prison of Zhejiang Province is located in Linping Town, Hangzhou City, near the Fourth Prison of Zhejiang Province. All male Falun Dafa practitioners from Zhejiang Province that have been tried are imprisoned in one these two prisons. The Second Prison is publicly known as the "Qianjiang Tool Factory of Hangzhou City" and the Fourth Prison is known as the "Wulin Machine Company of Hangzhou City, Limited."

Personnel involved in the persecution:
Political Security Section, Lin'an Municipal Police Department: Zhang Limin, Yao Bin, Hu Xiaodong, Guo Zhilong
Lin'an City Procuratorate Prosecutor: Wang Jiangwei
Lin'an City Court presiding judge: Yang Shuifa
Lin'an City Court agent: Chen Fei
Lin'an City Court juror: Hu Fayuan
Lin'an City Court clerk: Sun Ting
Maximum security section at the Second Prison of Zhejiang Province:P. O. Box 52-1102, Linping Town, Hangzhou City, zip code 311100