Solemn Declaration

We were arrested when fellow practitioners and I went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa in July 2000, and later we were transferred to the local detention center for more than a month. During my detention, because of the loss of freedom, the pain, the interference from “qing” and coercion, I enlightened along an evil path. I bowed to the evil and signed the “Written Guarantee renouncing the Falun Gong Organization, and never to practice Falun Gong again”. Later, I verbally promised “Not to practice Falun Gong” many times. My “Written Guarantee” was published in the local newspaper that very same day. The evil used me as a typical example and publicized me on local television. They even coerced me to brainwash another practitioner. I told that practitioner what I had enlightened to along the evil path, seriously interfering with that practitioner’s righteous thoughts. I hereby solemnly declare that all my written, verbal “Guarantees,” and all the words and deeds that go against Dafa principles are null and void. I am determined to return to Dafa cultivation, scrub clean all my stains, and do the “three things” well.

Dafa practitioner Liang Fei

March 14 2007


Solemn Declaration

On February 9, 2007, I was abducted by the local State Security Police. The evil authorities tried to send me to the forced labor camp. Because I have a disabled elderly mother at home, and my daughter studying at high school needed care, I signed a “Guarantee Statement” under duress. I did something a practitioner should never have done. Due to my carelessness I did not safeguard Master’s picture and Dafa books, resulting in serious damage to Dafa. I feel very grieved. I hereby solemnly declare that all the “Guarantee Papers” that I signed under duress null and void. From now on I will be strict with myself, double my efforts to make amends to the damages that I caused, thoroughly repudiate the arrangement by the old forces, follow diligently the cultivation path arranged by Master, cultivate Dafa to the very end, and do the three things well.

Dafa practitioner Guo Qingfang

March 18 2007