(Clearwisdom.net) Today I visited a fellow practitioner who has sickness symptoms, and unexpectedly found that this practitioner's condition was not good. When I entered the room, the practitioner was lying in bed with both eyes closed tightly and his state of mind was unclear. His family members and another practitioner told me that this practitioner has not had a clear mind recently. Many practitioners came to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts, but his situation had not improved, and they felt there was no way out. During our conversation, I found that fellow practitioners still had warped notions from the old cosmos's law and unknowingly agreed with the arrangements of the old forces, walking the path arranged by them. Even more seriously, some practitioners who came to share with him also had the same kinds of problem. Moreover, many practitioners in the area are in such a state. Therefore, I would like to share the following with everyone:

For instance, when encountering an ordeal, we need to look within. Through studying the Fa, we realized that Falun Dafa practitioners must look inwards, get rid of attachments and assimilate to Dafa. We look within not because an ordeal occurred; we look inside regardless of an ordeal. When we look within it has nothing to do with the arrangements of the old forces! This is the mechanism of the Fa, the process of Dafa practitioners assimilating to the Fa! Our cultivation has no relation to the old forces.

I enlightened through Fa study: Dafa practitioners will complete cultivation regardless of this arrangement. Without these arrangements, every life can have a compassionate solution and return to their original place. Fellow practitioners, only through the Fa can we improve in cultivation. Definitely no arrangement of the old forces can do this. While cultivating and through studying the Fa, we comprehend Dafa's inner meaning, abandon human attachments, assimilate to Dafa and improve. We do not want any arrangement from the old forces, none of their arrangements has an improving effect on us. Our cultivation has no relation to the old forces.

For example, every Dafa practitioner who visited this fellow practitioner had sickness symptoms, and everyone thought that they must cultivate while encountering this ordeal. These thoughts provided coverage for the old forces! The old forces might say, aren't you cultivating within this? They will then evolve every kind of condition for the practitioner and give him sickness symptoms that will affect his heart, until his heart is no longer moved. But even if the heart is calm, this is cultivation under their arrangements and it is interference. Then we walk on the path arranged by the old forces. Therefore, we must clearly distinguish that this is persecution.

These are my personal understandings; if there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.