(Clearwisdom.net) Watching the program Recalling Experiences with Teacher With Gratitude, I was deeply moved. I could almost see Teacher appearing in front of me, for it is Teacher who directs our way back home. It is Teacher who directs us from this abyss of misery and digressions to the path to Godhood. It is Teacher who cleans us and directs the substances of ours. Teacher protects us all the time and saves revives us. Hereby, I shall write my experiences from the fifth Falun Gong lecture series in Guangzhou to share with fellow practitioners.

In 1994, with the guidance of local predestined people, I overcame obstacles to attend Teacher's lectures. Upon stepping off the train, I saw many Dafa practitioners holding a banner reading “Falun Gong” saluting the arrival of fellow practitioners. They also helped arriving practitioners with their luggage.

After the completion of every lecture, I would notice students staying behind to pick up rubbish in the classroom. Facing the entire audience, Teacher would announce that someone had handed in gold necklaces, money, and anyone who had lost those things could come to claim them. Teacher is taller than average. He carried himself very well. He appearing very friendly, easy-going and kind.

There was a practitioner by the name of Cai Shan who's daughter's third eye had been open since she was very young. Her primordial spirit could leave her body and traveled to the “perfect paradise”. She saw huge a Buddha, and it was said that she had cultivated over the span of nine lifetimes. Cai Shan's wife had studied a false qigong practice with her daughter. His daughter cured others on getting home but felt badly ill afterwards. She would also faint in class (she was in junior high school at that time). When she went to see the doctors, one doctor even said that she had cancer. The family burnt much incense and begged Buddhas in many temples. However, it was of no help. When the daughter was at death's door, one of her friends in Guangzhou came to our hometown from a great distance to promote Falun Gong. Through a three day introduction and persuasion, Cai Shan and his family went to Guangzhou to attended the fourth Falun Gong class. Cai Shan's daughter was carried there. However after several days, she recovered. Cai Shan also recovered from his headache, which had plagued him for several years. His wife usually would previously roll on the floor and shrieked after studying phony qigong. Through Teacher's aid, she returned to normal.

Cai Shan and his family were saved from a sea of misery by Dafa. However, it was a pity that the family did not want to clarify the truth about the practice after the persecution began in 1999. Yet our merciful Teacher did not abandon them. Teacher still continued to remind them to return to the Dafa in their dreams and lives. Once when Cai Shan traveled to a temple, they took a photo in front of four characters “Falun Chang Zhuan”(Falun rotates continuously) which was arranged as a square. After it was filmed, “Chang” faded. The other three characters“Zhuan Falun”remained clear. However, he still could not understand. It is my sincere hope that those practitioners who have detoured like Cai Shan can return to the Dafa.

We lived in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine so our room and board fees could be lower. There were many fellow practitioners from the Northeast. Most of them were diligent in their cultivation. We witnessed huge spinning Falun and colorful auspicious clouds in the skies of Guangzhou.

Teacher used various mudra, or great hand gestures. I felt that every cell in my body was immersed in Teacher's harmony and mercy. When quietly listening to teacher's lectures, I could only sense how nice teacher was. In 1994, when many types of phony qigong were spreading throughout China, people's morality slid to a terrible level. Teacher helped us manage a lot of bad things and told us that phony qigong teachers did bad things. Some of the teachers emitted black gas onto people when shaking hands with them. It was said that Zhang Zhenhuan died because of this reason. (Zhang Zhenhuan was the director of national qigong institute at that time. He was a director, and a major general in the CCP. He died in around 1994.)

When Teacher lectured on the attachment to meat, I went back and had a meal with meat. Suddenly there was a fishy smell, which made me give up eating meat.

I sincerely hope that those who have obtained the Fa can treasure this time of cultivating and safeguarding the Fa and do not lose this precious opportunity.

Remembering Teacher's likeness and smile today, it is as if the lectures concluded just yesterday. I had a dream in which I came back from Guangzhou and fell on my knees in front of Teacher. Teacher's appeared as he had in Guangzhou in western clothes. Teacher said to me, “I understand everything.” Teacher will always remain with us.