(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on March 24, 2007, Jilin Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Liqiu's mother received a phone call from a kind-hearted person, saying that Wang Liqiu was holding a hunger strike in the detention center. She often had heart attacks and her health condition was very serious. The caller also told the family members that they should go to the detention center and request Wang Liqiu's release. After receiving the phone call, Wang Liqiu's 77-year-old father and 74-year-old mother were very anxious. They had no choice and decided to go to the detention center to ask for their daughter's release.

Wang Liqiu's elderly father and mother missed their daughter day and night. After people who visited the detention center told them that Falun Gong practitioners suffered a lot in prison, they became even more anxious. On March 23, Wang Liqiu's parents went to the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department to ask for her release. They called 86-432-2409796 and tried to contacted Di Shigang, who was in charge of Wang's case. The person who answered the phone said that he was only a guard, and that others were in a meeting. He refused to meet with them and said that Wang's case had already been transferred to Changyi. Ms. Wang's parents said that they had gone to the procurator, but the police department was in charge of this case, so they went there. After hearing this, the person hung up immediately and no one answered subsequent calls.

On March 24, when Wang Liqiu's mother received the phone call and heard that her daughter had gone on a hunger strike and had a serious heart attack, she was very anxious and concerned about her daughter's health. She discussed the situation with the family. Ms. Wang's family called Du Xingze from the National Security Team of Changyi Police Department in Jilin City and Yang Daguang, the deputy director of the Changyi Police Deaprtment. Yang Daguang said that he was not in charge of Ms. Wang's case, and that the Jilin City Police Department was in charge of it. He promised to monitor this case. However, when Ms. Wang's family called him again, his cell phone had already been turned off. Ms. Wang's family called Liu Peizhu, deputy mayor of Jilin City, and also the director of the Jilin City Police Department, along with deputy directors Jiang Jichang, Han Weimin and Yue Zhongtian, but no one answered the phones. Ms. Wang's family called deputy director Liu Wei, and his daughter answered the phone. They asked her to tell her father about Ms. Wang's situation and ask him to handle this life and death issue. Liu's daughter agreed. They called deputy director Yu Zeli. Yu answered the phone but said that he was not in charge of the case. However, after seeing the anxiety of Wang Liqiu's family, he told them to call Xing, the head of the Appeals Office, who was in charge of the case. Xing's cell phone was turned off.

Because they did not have phone numbers for Lin Guorui in the Jilin City Police Department or Di Shigang, who was in charge of the case, they had to call the leaders of the detention center. Either no one answered the phone, or the person who answered the phone denied he was the person that Wang Liqiu's family was looking for. If it was the leaders' wives who answered the phone, they claimed that the leaders either were in the hospital or had already left that department. Wang Liqiu's family did not know what to do, and they finally decided to go directly to the detention center.

Wang Liqiu's father, mother and other relatives took a taxi to the remote Jilin City Detention Center, but the guard did not let them in. The cold wind gusting in the entrance made them shiver. Wang's family members asked the guard to open the door, to at least let the older couple in to get warmer, but the guard refused their request again. Afterwards the family members became upset, and told him that Ms. Wang Liqiu was holding a hunger strike and had a serious heart attack, and that if he did not notify the officials in charge, the guard would be held responsible should any serious problem develop with Ms. Wang Liqiu. When the guard saw the couple speaking angrily, he called the detention center office.

A woman answered the phone. She identified herself as a team leader and told Wang's family not to worry. She said that Wang Liqiu had stopped the hunger strike and that her health was fine. Wang's family did not believe her. The woman said that they should not stay there but instead go to contact the department in charge of the case. Wang's family repeated their concerns about Wang Liqiu, and they were not willing to leave. The woman then said that she was not the right person to answer this phone call. Wang Liqiu's mother talked to her for a while, and kept crying when talking.

After the phone call, the guard asked the seven members of Wang's family to leave right away. Wang's family members said they were worried about Wang Liqiu, and they wanted to at least get a glimpse of her face before leaving. The guard was not willing to pass their request to the higher authorities at that time.

On the night of February 13, 2007, Dafa practitioner Wang Liqiu went to visit a person and was arrested by officers from the Jilin City 610 Office and the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department, who were waiting there. She and other Dafa practitioners, including Mu Chunhong, were illegally detained in the Jilin City Detention Center. Wang Liqiu's family and Mu Chunhong, Zhao Guoxing and Liu Yuhe's families looked for them. Beginning at midnight on February 14, five Dafa practitioners' families had gone to the Xiangyang Police Station, the Chuanying National Security Team, the Jilin Detention Center and the Jilin City 610 Office to ask for the five practitioners' release. Later, they went to the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department many times and asked for the practitioners' release. However, all of these departments just shifted their responsibilities, gave vague answers or threatened the practitioners' families. No one was willing to say a just word for the victims' families. Since the next day was the Chinese New Year, they went to the reception room in the building where the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department is located. They waited there to meet the director or other officers in charge because they hoped to learn information about their family members, and to request their release. However, the guard in the reception room did not pass any of their requests inside. The passing-by officials also did not pay any attention to them. The practitioners' families could not help but wait for a long time, and returned home disappointed.

Chinese New Year is the Chinese people's biggest holiday for family reunions. January 15 of the lunar calendar is the day when families gather together. However, these five practitioners' families passed the holidays in sorrow and worry. Good people who conduct themselves according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance do not violate any laws, but are persecuted just because of their personal beliefs.

After the five practitioners were missing for more than 20 days, Wang Liqiu and Zhao Guoxing's families received the criminal detention notification regarding Wang Liqiu and Zhao Guoxing from the National Security Team of the Changyi District Police Department in Jilin City. However, Zhao Yuhe and Mu Chunhong's families did not receive any such notice. Their families went to meet Du Xingze, the head of the Changyi National Security Team, and told him about the benefits that practitioners received from practicing Falun Gong. They asked Du not to follow Jiang Zemin and not to persecute Falun Gong. The practitioners' families thought Du might try to help them or at least tell them their family members' situation. However, after the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department forced him to submit the case to the Changyi Procuratorate, he made excuses to avoid meeting with the practitioners' families. The Changyi Procuratorate refused the case, using the excuse that it was not in its jurisdiction, so the case was transferred to the Jilin City Procuratorate. In order to reach their goals in persecuting practitioners, the National Security Team of the Jilin City Police Department and the Jilin City 610 Office fabricated lies and issued arrest warrants for the five practitioners on March 22. The five families suffered much harm. They personally experienced the unjust law enforcement situation in China. They now worry about their family members' safety even more, and they don't trust the public security officials.

Wang Liqiu's parents saw their daughter benefit both physically and mentally from practicing Falun Dafa. What they saw was definitely different from the lies propagated on TV and in the newspapers. They knew that their daughter did not do anything wrong, and they did not acknowledge the illegal arrest. Now their daughter is detained and has held a hunger strike, and she is susceptible to heart attacks from her old heart problems. The Jilin City Detention Center has tortured four Dafa practitioners to death. The older couple cannot trust the detention center any longer.

The couple said, "No matter how much effort we have to make and how much pain we have to suffer, we must get our good daughter back home. As long as my daughter has not returned home, we will not stop going to the public security departments to ask for her release. We believe that we can move all people who still have a conscience. We definitely can move heaven and earth. All kindhearted people in the world, please offer your help to rescue our daughter, Ms. Wang Liqiu, and all good people who are illegally detained because of their beliefs. Let justice and goodness prevail."