(Clearwisdom.net) Since April 11, the Divine Performing Arts has held three shows in Taichung. All the tickets were sold out, and many people were willing to buy standing room only tickets. It has never happened in Taichung that a show sold out all tickets three days in a row.

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The theater is full three days in a row

The Divine Performing Arts manifests the divine Chinese culture and expresses respect for gods through dance. The fabulous performances touched many souls and made people think of such questions as "where am I from?" and "where will I go?"

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Audience is moved to tears.

Seeking the truth through art

91-year-old Pastor Zhao Yabo, the former principal of Weidao High School, is a famous philosopher. He expressed that all the formats of art, including dancing, singing and painting, are not just for entertainment, but for seeking for the truth and seeking god. After watching the show, he said: "Through art, we can find the true meaning of life and truth."

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Pastor Zhao Yabo

He said that art can help one to cultivate, and the ultimate goal of art is to communicate with god. He said that Falun Dafa is the truth today.

Spreading righteous belief

Mr. Chen Zhisheng, the Chief of the Culture Bureau in Taichung, expressed that what the show tries to manifest is not only traditional culture, but also righteous belief. He said that the performances have very clear themes and promote positive belief; meanwhile the performances open people's mind on different levels.

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Mr. Chen Zhisheng

Mr. Chen expressed that every performance was touching. For example, the dance "Creation" manifested the belief in Buddha, the dance "Yue Fei" manifested the loyalty to one's home country and "A Dunhuang Dream" manifested one's happiness in obtaining the Tao.

Mr. Chen emphasized that the art troupe promotes traditional Chinese culture, so they are very welcome in Taiwan.

The feeling of benevolence

Ms. Huang Biru is a very famous musician and singer in Taiwan. After the show, she said that she had very strong feelings of benevolence from the performances. She said that the dance "Creation" made a very deep impression on her, from which she felt that cultivators need to keep cultivating their hearts so that they will become benevolent and reach the ultimate goal of cultivation.

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Musician Huang Biru (right) and Zhong Changlin (Left)

A Shock deep in my heart

Ms. Cai Yicheng, the chief of Information Bureau in Yunlin County, said: "I was deeply touched by the dances "A Dunhuang Dream" and "To the Rightful Place." I cried. We need such beautiful performances in the modern society, because they bring peacefulness and happiness to people."

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Ms. Cai Yicheng

Ms. Cai believes that the true nature of human beings is benevolent and as long as people believe in god, they will have benevolence in their hearts. She said: "the dance 'To the Rightful Place' manifests a fairyland in the human world. The dance 'A Dunhuang Dream' manifests a cultivator's heart. They give me very good feelings."

Reminded what the true purpose of life is

Ms. Chen Sufang said that the show is very touching. Especially, Mr. Guan Guimin's singing reminded her of what the true purpose of life is. She said: "I cried when listening to his song 'Who am I?' I asked myself who I am. I wished that he could sing this song again and again at the show."

Ms. Chen likes the Day style dances, which combine tranquility and energetic movements.

Buddha will appear to those who believe in Buddha

Shi Jianyin, a monk, expressed after the show that the performance was very rare. He said that people don't have many chances to see such a remarkable show in the human world. He expressed that the scenes of gods and Buddha were excellent.

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Shi JianyinShi Jeanine expressed that, in the dance 'A Dunham Dream', the sculptor can see Buddha, because he respects Buddha. He said that if people truly cultivate their hearts, they can go back to the heaven. He said that he is already 70, and won't have many chances to see such a good show again, so he was very glad to watch it today.

Touched my soul

Ms. Lin Chianying, a jewelry designer, liked the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me", which describes the suffering that Falun Gong practitioners have endured, and the dance "Candlelight Vigl" which illustrates Falun Gong practitioners' courage.

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Ms. Lin Chianying, a jewelry designer

Ms. Lin said that the show deeply touched her. She said: "Through the show, I saw my previous lives, which made me cry. I really appreciate this chance."

Before coming to the show, Ms. Lin was afraid that she would cry. She read all the reports about the show. She said that what touched her were not the beautiful costumes and stage design, but the spirit of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" manifested by the performances. She expressed that the performances made her think of going back to her rightful place, which she has been looking for.

Ms. Lin said that the stage design and the background shocked her too. She has never seen such beautiful design as an artist.

She wrote a poem to describe how the show inspired her to seek higher levels.

She said that the show led her thoughts forward and made her want to cultivate. She felt that all the performers were pure and upright.

The Divine Performing Arts will have seven shows in Kaohsiung, Taipei and Chiayi next week. On April 24 and 25, they will give two shows at the Dome Art Hall Theater in Seoul, Korea.