(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in the spring of 1995. Before then, I often felt weak in my limbs and suffered from cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder), skin disease, heart disease, and other illnesses, which restricted me from conducting daily work. I regained my health when I started practicing Falun Gong.

Because I did not want to give up my belief in Falun Gong when the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I was sent to a forced labor camp for one year and later illegally sentenced to four years of imprisonment.

At around 4:30 on the afternoon of January 18, 2001, Qu Xianfeng from the Politics and Security Department of Tangyuan County Police Station, Zheng Baogui, the Party Secretary of the Farming Mechanism Bureau, Liu Guo, the director of the Forge Factory, and others took me to the police station, telling me that they just wanted to collect some information. Upon arriving at the police station, Yang Jinshan, the deputy director of the police station, Qu Xianfeng, Deng Jianru, and two other policemen tortured me and tried to force me to report the source of truth-clarification materials and how they were distributed. When I refused to tell them, and said that I was not guilty of anything and would not listen to them, they jumped on me and beat me, then tortured me with "Flying the Airplane" [a torture method, http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/8/31/51920.html]. I was sweating heavily because of the pain. One officer used a basin to gather my sweat and said that they wanted the basin to be full of my sweat.

I was so thirsty that I asked the policemen for some water. They didn't want to give me any at first so I told them that I was ready to give a report. They were happy and gave me a cup of tea. After I drank it, they told me to start talking. I asked them what they wanted me to talk about. They got mad at me and started beating me again. Qu Xianfeng and Deng Jianru took off their belts and tied them around my feet, then dragged my feet apart as wide as possible while pushing my arms up as high as possible. Later, Deng Jianru was more violent as he stepped on my arms with the weight of his whole body. If I tried to move a little bit, the officers hit my head and lower back. They tortured me in turns until dawn. Yang Jinshan was very angry because I had not told them anything, so he told the others to beat me to death. They handcuffed me to a radiator when they went to have breakfast.

A while later, Zhou Tiegang, the head of the Politics and Security Department, came into the room and swore at me. Then he unlocked my handcuffs, spread my limbs and handcuffed me to the window frame. He asked me what I was thinking. I said nothing. He then took off his jacket and walked in front of me, and pointing his finger at me, he said, "We have watched you for over half a year and know everything about you. Did you know that?" He slapped me on the face dozens of times until he was out of breath. Thinking that was not enough, he hit me on the chest like he was hitting a sandbag dozens of times as well. Sweat covered his face as he said to me with hatred, "I will persecute you till your family is broken apart and you die."

Later, Xu Changfu, the former director of the police station, came in and asked me, "Do you know me?" I shook my head, then he said, "I am Xu Changfu, the director. Do you have anything to tell me? If you speak clearly, then I can let you go. You can count on my word." I did not say anything. He left the room after telling me that I had half an hour to consider his suggestion. After a while he came back and asked if I had considered it. I replied that there was nothing to consider. This made Xu Changfu very mad and he yelled at the policemen outside to take me away. Two policemen came in immediately and dragged me to the police crime group. On the way there, a person asked the two policemen what was happening. They said that I was being "taken care of" by the director himself.

I was handcuffed to the radiator at the police crime group until three o'clock in the afternoon. I requested to use the bathroom and a person unlocked the handcuffs for me. I was about to take advantage of this chance to escape but was reported by a caretaker named Li. Seven or eight policemen ran to me and beat me, then handcuffed me to the radiator again. A policeman of low rank said, "You want to escape?" Then he shocked me with an electronic baton on the head, face, ears, and hands. As if this pain weren't enough, he stuck the baton up my clothes at my back, and also into my pants. The officers tortured me until midnight. As they could not get anything from me, they put me in a forced labor camp for a year.

My family members went to Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp to try to visit me, but the guards did not allow them to see me. I was prohibited from talking to the inmates, studying the Fa, and practicing the exercises. The guards would handcuff me once they saw me practicing the exercises. On hot summer days, the guards handcuffed four or five imprisoned practitioners to one single bed to torture us with the heat. Guard Yang Chunlong said to me, "Others are handcuffed by one hand if they practice the exercises, but you will be handcuffed by both hands if you do so." I went on a hunger strike to appeal for the right to practice the exercises. Yang Chunlong force-fed me with dirty, thick salted water while saying that it was milk powder and that they were trying to save my life.

Because of the poor hygiene at the forced labor camp in the summer, many imprisoned practitioners had diarrhea for days. The guards forced us to take medicine. If we did not, we were not allowed to use the bathroom. Several practitioners and I had no choice but to soil our pants. One practitioner became very weak, so the guards took him to a room to give him an IV injection. Practitioner Wu Chunlong (who died of persecution) was tortured by the guards with the tiger bench method for four weeks because he was found practicing the exercises. His hands and feet were all swollen when he was finally released from the tiger bench. Practitioner Liu You was handcuffed in a warehouse with the windows and doors uncovered and with nothing blocking the cold from outside. We demanded the guards let go of Liu You--otherwise all the imprisoned practitioners would go on a hunger strike. In order not to make a big scene, the guards agreed to let Liu You go back to the regular cell.