(Clearwisdom.net) Since September 2001, when officer Zhao Xiaoyang took the position of secretary of the principle inspection committee in Shaanxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp, he has been following orders from the 610 Office. Together with the camp director Zhang Zhuoqing, he has further escalated the cruel torture against Falun Gong practitioners. They transferred two vicious guards, who were experienced in torture, from Fengxiang County's Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp and several officers from the administration section of the labor camp, including Liu Hong, Dong Yanling, and Liang Gang, as well as the director of the education department Li Zhen. They formed an organization that specialized in brainwashing. Under the orders of two policemen from the 610 Office, they transferred all of the determined practitioners from the north building to the south building and put them under forced "brainwashing."

Accounts of torture of Dafa practitioners

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Pengli refused to be brainwashed. As a result, the guards ordered inmates to carry her to the south building. Several guards assaulted her with electric batons until she was near death.

All of the practitioners transferred to the south building are forced to face the wall, stand for 24 hours straight, and are not allowed to use the toilet or sleep. They are monitored by a designated inmate. After standing for a long time, some practitioners could not remain upright, and their heads would bump into the wall constantly. Many had swollen feet and could not even put shoes on. Some fainted and fell to the ground. The guards then came up with new torture methods. In the morning, they ordered everyone to squat on the floor. At 7:00 am, they started playing videos that slandered Dafa. In the evening, they took each practitioner out to "have a conversation" with them. They combined all sorts of different tactics and threats and took turns brainwashing the practitioners. When this did not have much effect, they then started the most vicious torture.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Ailian from the Xianyang area insisted on saying, "Dafa is good. I benefited from Dafa. Good will be repaid with kindness, and evil will be repaid with evil." The guards were furious. They took a desk with two drawers, took out the drawers and handcuffed her hands to each leg of the desk. They then forced her head into the drawer space. Such torture would last for many days. It was truly excruciating, and those who saw this were appalled.

Guard Li Cailian handcuffed practitioner Ms. Xie Xiaofang from Ankang to the leg of a desk. She then assaulted her with electric batons until she was exhausted.

The instructor and guard Huang Pu struck practitioner Ms. Mei Hongying, who is over 60 years old, knocking out her front teeth.

When guard Zhao Xiaoyang slandered Teacher and Dafa in a meeting, practitioner Ms. Li Cuifang from the Baoji area publicly protested in order to protect Dafa. Several guards immediately beat her. She fell unconscious and lost control of her bowels.

In the summer of 2003, Ms. Li Cuifang was once again illegally arrested and sent to the labor camp. At the beginning, she was detained alone. She was subjected to a torture method called the "constriction uniform" and was handcuffed in solitary confinement for 29 days.

Practitioner Ms. Cai Suping from the Shangluo area was handcuffed to the handle of the office door. As a result, no matter who entered or left the office, she had to move accordingly. She was handcuffed there for 24 days. She still refused to be "transformed," and guard Dong Yanling ordered inmates to drag her to the wash room and beat her. They poured cold water under her collar.

On New Year's Day of 2002, the guards held a so-called "joint celebration" and forced practitioners to watch their show. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiuying from Xi'an City shouted, "We wish our Teacher a Happy New Year!" As a result, she was tortured and strictly monitored for a whole month.

One Wednesday in April 2001, all the practitioners were taken to the dining hall to receive so-called "lessons." At the end, one practitioner led others to recite Hong Yin and other writings by Master. The authorities were frightened but did not know what to do. Because all the practitioners were together, they could not do anything.

After New Year's Day of 2001, instructor Li Zhen from the Education Team thought he had contributed quite a lot to suppress Falun Gong. He made a flag and led everyone from the Education Team to raise it. Other teams saw this from their windows and wanted to join them. Li Zhen refused. They then did some exercises while the Education Team was raising the flag. Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts. When the flag reached the top, the rope suddenly broke and the flag fell to the ground.

At the end of April 2001, the whole labor camp was cleaned again and again. Everything looked tidy. This was to welcome the inspection of Director Wang from the central government's department of legislation. The welcome speech was full of praise and boasts. Then the inspectors went to different locations to look around. Suddenly practitioners from the third floor who were isolated shouted loudly. The inspectors were frightened and turned away. The head of the labor camp was furious and started a new round of torture against the practitioners, including beatings, handcuffing, and isolation.

Sixty-nine-year-old practitioner Ms. Jing Ziying from Xi'an City firmly refused to be "brainwashed." The police threatened her, "If you don't transform, we will detain you for another ten years. We will see if you are still this stubborn when you are 80 years old!"

In July 2001, everyone in the south building was taken to the courtyard. The guards took this chance to search the practitioners' belongings. They took away many Dafa articles and other items. When the practitioners returned, they found their cell a mess and all of their articles gone. They protested to the instructor but were ignored, so they sat in the hallway to protest and recited Master's Hong Yin and Lunyu for several days.

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Jiabi from Xi'an city was handcuffed to the leg of a desk and was not allowed to use the toilet, so she had to wet her pants.

Guard Zhang Xiaoling locked up practitioners Ms. Liu Youdong, Ms. Xue Yan, Ms. Cai Suping, and Ms. Wang Liting in the wash room. They were handcuffed to the door or windows and were not allowed to use the toilet or sleep. In order to try to force them to give up Falun Gong, such torture lasted for two months.

March 18, 2007