(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Li Xiaoyan's mother, 70 years old, from Suizhong County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, went for the third time to visit her daughter at the First Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province on March 22, 2007. The camp is located in a suburban area of Jinan City, Shandong Province. Sun, the chief of the first brigade (the chief's name is possibly Sun Qunli - further confirmation needed), told Li's mother: "Since Li Xiaoyan hasn't been 'transformed' (successfully brainwashed) and has been very stubborn, she is under 'special detention' and cannot be visited." Family members also brought some spring clothes and shoes for Li; however, Sun refused to deliver them and said: "It's not necessary, we will provide her those things." The family eventually delivered clothes and shoes via another channel.

Li's family asked Sun about the meaning of "special detention." Sun refused to answer. When the family questioned the legitimacy of the policy called "no transformation, no visit," Sun replied: "You can report or sue us all you want."

Li's family members visited the Forced Labor Camp Management Committee of Shandong Province to ask about an appeal they had sent earlier, and also to question about the denial of visitation. The Forced Labor Camp Management Committee said they hadn't received any appeal request, and they also said that problems regarding visitation were under the supervision of the Bureau of Forced Labor Camps of Shandong Province. In fact, Li's family members had mailed the appeal form long before 2007 via express mail. It seems impossible that the appeal was not delivered.

Li's family then visited the Bureau of Forced Labor Camps of Shandong Province. Guan Sheng from the Administration Section, with another official (looked tall and slightly big), told the family: "The 'no transformation, no visit' policy is under a secret order, and we cannot show it to you." When the family members asked who signed and authorized the secret file, they replied, "The file was signed by the 'Shandong 610 Office' and the 'National 610 Office'."

In the afternoon of the same day (March 22), Li's family members visited the camp again requesting to see Li Xiaoyan in order to have her sign an application for a second appeal. Sun refused to let Li sign the application. She told the family members: "Appealing is Li's own business, and besides, the deadline for a second appeal has expired." The family members then further appealed and requested Li Xiaoyan to write a statement about her situation. Sun replied, "Such a statement cannot be done without an attorney." She also added, "The 'no transformation, no visit' policy was set by the camp itself. It's a secret order and cannot be publicized."

In the afternoon of March 23, Li's family members visited the camp again with a letter to Sun. (The letter titled "A Letter from Li Xiaoyan's Family to the Person(s) in Charge of The First Women Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province" is available in Chinese at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2007/3/29/151668.html#2007-3-28-chlet-1). The family members again requested to see Li Xiaoyan and waited for an answer. As an excuse, the receptionist said that chiefs as well as the head of the camp were all in a meeting and made the family members wait.

On March 24, for the fourth time, Li's family members visited the camp. Once the security person at the gate learned that it was Li Xiaoyan's family who were visiting, he replied: "The top management said that we could not let Li's family get in." Later, outside the gate, the family members met Sun and asked for an answer to the letter sent the day before. Sun replied: "I haven't seen the letter, and I am just about to get off work. Li Xiaoyan is not in danger or facing a life threatening situation." Such a response from her was likely a reaction after reading the letter however. Sun was then in a hurry and rushed into her car, ignoring further questions from the family.

Li's mother visited the camp two more times on March 28 and 29, waiting for an answer from the chief or the head. As an excuse, the camp's response was "officials in charge are not available." The camp refused to give any response to the inquiry.

On December 13, 2006, Dafa practitioners Li Xiaoyan, Wang Yingwei (from Jinzhou), Li Guang (a.k.a. Li Mengting, from Nanpiao District, Huludao City), and Zhou Yingchun (from Suizhong) were kidnapped on a train by railroad police from Jinzhou. They were sent to the Railroad Detention Center of Jinan. Li Xiaoyan was then transferred to The First Women's Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province on January 11, 2007. At the camp, she was illegally sentenced to 18 months of forced labor.

Below are the updated (additional) telephone numbers and mailing addresses, which haven't been published on Clearwisdom.net previously:

Bureau of Forced Labor Camp of Shandong

2 West Yanzishan Road
Lixia District, Jinan (City)
Shandong (Province), 250014

Names and phone numbers of persons in charge:

Person in Charge of Bureau, Zhang Shengzhong: 86-531-88197998 (Office), 86-531-88195288 (Home)

Administrative Office, Yang Zaien: 86-531-88197910 (Office); Hu Huaide, 86-531-88197910 (Office); Guan Sheng, (Phone number is not available.)

March 30, 2007