(Clearwisdom.net) We live in a great era, following our esteemed Master to rescue sentient beings and validate Dafa. Moreover, we do this amid persecution, something very difficult to do. Considering all of these factors, this moment in history is precious beyond measure.

The persecution is still going on in mainland China, and is even very serious in some areas. We cannot lower our guard. To transmit information and truth-clarification materials, our fellow practitioners have essentially used the method of one-to-one contact. The reason is to prevent evil factors from taking advantage of our loopholes and doing damage. However, some practitioners have not done well in this regard. They occasionally or unconsciously tell other practitioners, even non-practitioners, about their own matters of what they have done, or those of others. Everyone knows it is not appropriate to do so; even if one has no concern for himself or herself, he or she must consider others, the sentient beings to be saved, and Dafa.

Besides other issues, I think one of the reasons for not doing well in this regard is perhaps the "show off mentality," just like "earning credit" or "I know more than you do" so common in everyday society.

I have done it myself. When I accomplished something, I tended to tell others at experience sharing meetings "what else I have done." Of course there is no problem if our intention is for mutual encouragement, but it is unnecessary to explain things in great detail. Sometimes it wasn't necessary to mention it to begin with. In my view, the fundamental reason for this behavior was a human mindset of "showing off" and "earning credit."

I once wrote some articles using a pen name and had them published on the Internet. I later told several practitioners about it. I didn't realize the inappropriateness and the showoff mentality behind it until quite some time later.

From time to time practitioners in my area would ask me to help submit their experience sharing articles over the Internet. They would make a special point to remind me not to mention it to anyone. On one hand I understand the practitioners' rationality, discretion and humility. On the other hand I have come to see my own shortcomings: If I had done well, others would not have to "specially" remind me like that.

We are in a critical historic moment, and any attachment could become the reason for our failure.

March 29, 2007