(Clearwisdom.net) As Falun Dafa practitioners are being persecuted, police and the public often say that practitioners are not leading normal lives. "Just look at his (her) house! Just look at his (her) dirty kid! He (she) doesn't care about the family. You should clean the house instead of practicing Falun Gong." These statements show that evil forces are confusing people and diverting them from the Fa.

However as practitioners, we should also look within. Are these statements made because some practitioners are not doing well in house cleaning and personal appearance? Teacher has lectured about this issue while teaching the Fa. If we practitioners are dirty the whole day, even smelling bad, and others stay away from us for this reason, then how can we tell people the facts? Will others be willing to listen to our words? From the standpoint of saving sentient beings, we should not set up obstacles that prevent us from clarifying the facts.

The ancient people said, "A clean, neat appearance reflects purity instead of magnificence." They said this because neatness reflects a person's character and morals.

As my level and education are limited, if anything is inappropriate, please correct me with mercy. Heshi!