I am a Dafa disciple in Chongqing City. Two months ago, 610 Office personnel destroyed all the truth clarification material production sites in our city. In order to guarantee the safety of the computer and printers that we just bought, another practitioner who had just learned how to make materials asked me to put these in a safe place temporarily. She said she would come and get them after she came up with a safe method.

Last week she came to find me and said, "Now I can take the equipment back." When we opened the door where the items had been stored, we saw that the three tied bags placed in the corner were in standing water. The computer and the liquid-crystal monitor were filled with water. The printer's ink box was also filled with water. Diluted ink was everywhere. The water inside the printer could not be poured out completely.

I thought, "This is bad. Everything is broken." I said, "I am sorry. When I placed the equipment here, it was dry inside. There was one discharge pipe, but how did it leak?" The other practitioner took out the wet items, but she did not appear worried. No matter what I said, she always replied with a smile, "It's all right. Do not worry. Our computer and printer are not ordinary people's machines. You see, the only thing that is not wet is the printer paper. Our equipment is protected by Master. If the paper is wet, it cannot be used. The other pieces of equipment can still be used after they are dry. You really do not have to be so worried."

Although I did not contradict her idea and knew she had the Fa in her mind and always looked at problems from the Fa, common sense told me that being in water for days, there was no way the equipment wouldn't have problems. How did so much water get in? Later on, a neighbor said that their kitchen drain had back up and they'd gotten someone to fix it, but they did not realize that a water pipe had broken.

After the other practitioner left, the incident was always on my mind. I did not know if the equipment she took back could be used or not.

Today, she especially came to tell me, "I know your heart was disturbed that day. I will tell you what happened. After I took everything back, it took one week for the water inside to dry out. After everything was completely dry, I connected the power and everything worked. There were no problems." When I heard this, I was moved to tears.

I had already planned to bring some money to get the machines repaired. I did not realize that the machine's owner relied on her firm righteous thoughts and Master's protection to make the electronic equipment work again. This itself is a Dafa miracle.

I decided to write about this experience and let Dafa disciples know how important firm and steadfast righteous thoughts are.

March 20, 2007